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Header Tags Plugin

The Header Tags plugin gives you more control over the heading tags (h1-h6) in your website. The plugin searches for existing heading tags within the selected content area and handles them according to your specifications. So if want all the H4 tags in your site to be changed to H3, you can!

The default behaviour after installing the plugin, is checking if there is a H1 tag in the output of the component. If none are found, the plugin changes the first H2 tag into a H1.

The content area is where the plugin searches for heading tags. The component output is like the main content section of your website. This way the plugin ignores any heading tags which may exist in your template or modules. If you want to control ALL the header tags of your website, select entire page.

For each tag you can specify if the tag is mandatory, so the tag should exist at least once. If it doesn't, you can select from which tag the first one should be changed.

You can also select how many times a tag is allowed, and to what the excess tags should be changed to.

Exclude (new feature!):
Sometimes the plugins finds more heading tags than you'd want to handle, and this can be excluded but therefor the tags must have some signature. For now the plugin supports excluding by either a class or an id attribute. To exclude tags, enter the value for the selected attribute, you can specify multiple values to test against. Any values entered horizontaly devided by a space must ALL exist in the attribute, any value enter on a new line may EITHER exist for the attribute value to be excluded.
I.e. if you enter on one line 'class_a class_b', only the heading tags which contains BOTH classes (in any order) will be excluded. If you enter class_a and class_b on two lines, the tags containing either class_a OR class_b will be excluded.

A big thank you to everyone leaving these great reviews! It's awesome and keeps us motivated!

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Reviews: 2
If you are working with K2, this extension is must have. I haven't had to overide components, just added extension and it worked fine. Good work!!!
Reviews: 8
This extension is one of the MUST HAVE of Joomla.

I'm using it with Phoca Download which by default makes H3 title, thanks to this extension, I don't need to enter the source code of the component.

Thank you for your great work.
Reviews: 4
What a great extension. I usually have to jump through hoops and employ script tricks to concert my Article titles to h1 tags, but this extension did it with ease. Thanks so much for the great extension.
Reviews: 1
The easiest thing to use.!!!!
Sebastiaan was a big help in the forum, I still can not believe the quality of the support (did I mention it was free?), very descriptive. I highly recommend this extension. Like someone else already said: "SHOULD be a standard joomla function", thank you joomla specialist! You rock!
Reviews: 3
First, this plugin works straight from the box, excellent.
Second, if you use K2 you need this! Category titles are rendered in K2 as h2 and Item Titles as h3. This plugin has resolved the tedious solution I had implemented on other sites.
Reviews: 1
I would give 6 of 5 stars if I could. Works perfectly.
Reviews: 8
I've simply used the default settings on half a dozen websites and it's great.
Reviews: 5
Your extension is perfect for what I needed -- to change and control header tags! Very impressed w/ your work and very appreciative, too! The control is awesome, too. I'm able to select which com's I want to use it on and those that I don't. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
Running Joomla 3.0.4, all we wanted was for all Article Titles to have H1 tags instead of H2 tags. This plugin does exactly that by default (and no more unless specified) by simply enabling the plugin and saving (nothing else needed). Without this plugin, the options in Joomla make absolutely NO SENSE. IE Try turning off Article Titles at the Article level. The option is there but doesn't obey. Ok, let's try via the Menu Item instead but lets choose Page Display Options. WTF JOOMLA!!! That sets an H1 tag ontop of an H2 tag but if you turn Article Title off via menu, nothing shows. Makes absolutely no sense and seems broken to me. Many thanks to the Author of this plugin. Simple and Effective. Very much appreciated.
Reviews: 5
The extension worked great for me. The support is fast and very friendly.

Use it!

Perfect and for free
Reviews: 2
Very useful plugin! Thank you very much, I would like to Joomla! default could manage tags H1 H2 ...
Reviews: 4
I guess I can agree with everybody here with their reviews, this should be included in the core Joomla! You guys did a wonderful job on this plugin and saved alot of time on many people strugling with the tags.
Thank you so much, Dank je wel jongens
Reviews: 1
This plugin works good, and best of all very easy to deal with.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this product and the developer was very helpful. New to SEO and this was a great experience!!! Thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
Great work, it really helped me by saving some template editing time.

Joomla should include this feature by default. And not just for the content section but the whole Joomla framework.
Reviews: 1
Quickly and easily turned first h2 tag to h1 in joomla 2.5. Great plugin but this SHOULD be a standard joomla function and STILL be in sh404SEF!
Reviews: 4
I've been struggling to get H1 tags to work along SEO guidelines. I couldn't get my website's combination of core Joomla, an Artisteer template & an SEO extension to output a single H1 tag reflecting the page title. This extension did the trick in a couple of minutes. What can I say, but Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Reviews: 1
Due to a strange template I was using, the plugin didn't work right out of the box.

After contacting the developer, he made a special custom version for my page in one hour for free! This is simply incredible and unbelievable!

It works great and the support is something we don't see too often these days anymore. PERFECT!
Reviews: 7
This plugin solved a problem I had been having for a while. Many of My Pages had h2 tags instead of h1

Within 2 minutes the issue was resolved.

Just wish the Joomla core had better control over the h1 / h2 tags.

This extension worked great for me.
Reviews: 3
Version 1.1 didn't work for me, yet I contacted the developer via the contact form on their site, and the response was quick, investigating my site, and providing a new version to address my problem (the content titles are links on my site, and the plugin did not cater for such config).

The updated version (1.2) works perfectly for me, so I happy with both the plugin, and with the support I received.
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