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ITPMeta ComponentPlugin

This extension puts META tags into the header of the pages. You can select from Facebook, OpenGraph, Google, Twitter Car, Dublin Core, SEO tags and more. You are able to use that semantic data to describe objects on your pages.

These meta data are used by Facebook, Twitter and Google to collect better information by your products and blog posts.

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Reviews: 6
this tool is perfect for all webmaster
very powefull and simple to use
A very nice Cobalt cck integration too
thank you
Reviews: 34
powerfull and very flexible
we can manage meta data very easy and the cobalt cck integration work fine
thank you
Reviews: 4
Works really well, had a couple of custom settings & requirements & Todor sorted them for me promptly so I would recommend for anyone who is looking for complete control and flexibility over their meta data.
Reviews: 24
Really useful extension. As i said, works like expected and out of the box. Saves many handwork and hacking, specially on adding metas to defined URLs.

Users, NOTE: if you have your Joomla installation in a subdirectory, if you add URLs for adding metas, you must add subdurectory name to the URL Path too. In the URLs manager write something like /subdirname/your-defined-page-for-meta.html. If you don't add subdirectory name to the URL path, the added metas will not be attached to your defined page despite you add them in URLs and meta manager!
Reviews: 4
I needed to place "Meta Property" in the Head of my K2 pages in order to add moderation to Facebook comments plugin. First went to Settings and ennabled Facebook Scheme, then went to "Global Tags", pressed New, then pressed "Facebook" menu on the right panel, and data was filled in one clic. I just had to paste my Facebook app ID into the "Content" box and meta-tag was created (don´t forget to save). Tried other plugins, this one did what I needed.
Reviews: 5
The products are great and seem to work reasonably well. OK to install and configure allthough still haven't figured out ITPMeta fully.
The main issue I have is with the support forum. Author doesn't respond even after fair waiting and prompting, therefore use at your own risk.
Owner's reply

Hi BodgeIT,
Thank you for the review.
All is OK now. :)

Reviews: 1
The author has it right! Open Graph will become the most important thing for webmasters to care about in order to have the best seo for there websites.
So keep it up!
A great thing would be to add the possibilty of making an open graph tag applying for a category or a component (all urls created by the component should contain these tags)