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SEO Boss provides a rich set of tools and configuration settings which are indispensable for site search engine optimization (SEO).
Using SEO Boss you can:
- Change meta tags like Title, Keywords, Decription on any content page (Articles and Categories).
- Generate Meta Tags automatically.
- Easy find which pages have weak meta information (empty values in meta tags).
- Automatically hilight all keywords on your page by specified tags (strong, for example).
- Auomatically replace specified patterns by H1..Hn tags.
- Track you site position in Google search result list for different keywords.
- Manage outgoing links. It can replace specified outgoing links to some page on your site, which will actually redirect users to original URL.
- Override any meta tag on you site or add new one. For example, you can specify what should be displayed in your 'meta name="Author"..' or 'meta name="Generator"..' tags.
- Automatically ping Google Blog Search Ping Service when new article is created
- Provides SEO management for K2, VirtueMart, JoomSport, Cobalt7 components

Starting with SEO Boss 1.4r34 external links manager used rel="nofollow" atribute for the internal links

Version 1.4:
-Multilingual support
-Several bug fixes
-Frontpage metatags management(limited)

Version 1.4r2:
-Home page Meta Title Tag fix

Version 1.4r3:
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian)
-Google region server fix
-Bug fixes
-Menu Items Metadata editing

Version 1.4r4:
-Several bug fixes
-Code optimization

Version 1.4r5:
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian, German)
-Improved plugin management system

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Reviews: 3
It's an amazing plug-in; it's easy to install and easy to use.
All your site's meta data info are gathered on a single page which makes it very convenient to manage all necessary info in an effective way.
I highly recommend this software.
Reviews: 4
I do not like to post negative review, but if I am sure that something is important for Joomla! JED users I must share own experience with components I properly tested and explorer.
This Component, SEO Boss, I tested for 2 months on Joomla 2.5.19. This component has free tools that can be used for SEO process, like keyword tracking, ading meta description on one single page..etc. But this component and authors proudly promote Spam option integrated in the core of the component. They call it external link. To explain, this option allows user to hide external links and make them internal, but when user click on some link he goes to external page properly. For to months period Google indexed my pages, but he also indexed those external link that I make internal with SEO Boss functionality. I created page that is about my partners and for 2 of them I published separated articles, with description of their history, business culture and at the and of those articles I included links to their facebook pages, twitter accounts, youtube channnels ect, and make them internal. This function up Flow and saved space for Page RAnk. But on the other hands Google consider those links as internal pages and indexed them. So in SERP, visitors see my partners article main title, description I put in articles and link / and when user click on such results he goes to link that is indexed, for example my partners facebook group istead of page he except. So it try to play with Google rules, websites visitor, etics, profit of websites...ect. Insted of SEO Boss it comes to Black SEO or Spamy SEO component according Google Webmaster recommendations, and can be disaster for ecommerce websites as I build now. The first seo rules is not to create spam on website. If You don`t believe me, than I will provide link to google spam policy and this component can be categorized in more that 1 option. Please, remove external links as function from component immediately and apologize to all of your customers.
Owner's reply

External Links Manager - one of several features provided by SEO Boss component. As any SEO tool you should use it carefully and you should have an idea what you are doing.
External Links Manager is not designed for Page Rank saving( however it could be useful in this aspect)
The main goal of this feature is to hide outgoing links which are not related with the theme of your site. Such links can worsen your site ranking.
If your site users can post contents, they can leave such kind of links and you can hide them using External Links Manager feature.
In any case you can hide redirect page using robots.txt

Reviews: 5
Brilliant free tool that allows you to change all meta keywords in a singe administrator page view. I wish I could manage in the same way the full text of an article in html code... Very useful for SEO purposes...
Reviews: 4
Don't waste your money on iJoomla SEO. This is faster, smarter, easier and no tutorial necessary. I love it with over 9000+ articles finished within a few minutes and I have time for coffee :-) Best Joomla software by far!
Reviews: 7
easy to understand, functional, smart functions designed to save time. A must - have.
Reviews: 3
I've tried all the free seo extensions and have found this one to be the most useful. I did consider buying the pro version but I agree with others that it is just too pricey.

I love the Meta Tags Manager that lets you view all the tags for every page on one screen so you can easily see what needs doing and cut and paste as necessary. The only improvement I would suggest here is a character count on the description. Actually I did a mod to the default.php page to make all the data boxes bigger (50 wide by 3 rows) so that does give me a rough indication of the description length.

Overall though, a great extension that I will be using as standard on every site I develop. Thanks.
Reviews: 114
I personally do all the SEO on my client websites, but it takes a lot of time and to find something that makes my life easier is always a good thing.

Functionality: Perfect, wouldn't change a thing, loaded on 2.5 first time and has already picked up some missing meta data which is great.

Price: Overpriced in my opinion. If it was $39.99 I would consider it, but £49.99 for the PRO version is steep.

Styling: Perfect! Great layout and forward thinking development.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 17
I use this extension and don’t have any problem. The only thing that misses is an automatic word limit for the description, but the rest is very good.
Thank you SEO Boss team, if my site have some success I will donate. Thank you
Reviews: 3
I do only the first steps in SEO. This component has all the tools that I need to optimize the pages of my site.
I used to spend a lot more time to edit the meta data for each page.
Thanks to high-quality technical support installation and configuration did not cause any difficulty.

Thanks for your extension!
Reviews: 17
This is a very usefull solution for SEO mamagement of your site.
In my case I have some sites with many authors and often they forget to insert keywords and descriptions in their articles. With SEO Boss I can complete and optimize the missing parts in a short.
Support is good, I had some problems, solved with a new release in a few days.
Reviews: 5
Initially it would not save the meta info properly for my install. I use virtuemart and I also couldnt change page titles without also changing the product names. not what I was wanting.

Been fed up with the lack of support with a few plugins recently.... installed this and immediately had problems, tried to get support but received no answer for 24hrs + and just thought 'oh not again'.

I was wrong.
Shortly after I got a reply with a request for more info. I replied with the info that was needed. I got a swift response to say they will resolve my problem. I thought 'yeah right, here we go'.

However the next morning I had an update, and there was a 'fix'. I upgraded and it kinda fixed my problem, but there was another little error with page titles. I posted another message and was told that it would be fixed by Monday.

Monday morning and there was another update available. I installed and tried to save my info again. YEEHAA it worked. I am delighted.

The support was initially a little slow, and I thought I was going to be let down due to previous experiences with other developers. However my faith has been restored, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this plugin/developer to anyone.
Reviews: 3
But still i am in this category.

I have problem with it functionality.
Category filter, and search fitler are broken, they do exactly nothing when i use it with K2 on my site. It means, to edit meta tags in single article, i am forced to go trough 6 pages of articles and looking for them.
It could be great, but since there is this problem, i am going to remove it. I can find articles WAY faster with normal k2 items, since i can just search it there.
This component also see no difference between published/unpublished content, so i spend most of the time looking for article i want to change meta tags for.
Owner's reply

Hello SuccessSite,

Thanks for your feedback.
The K2 filtering feature is fixed in SEO Boss K2 plugin version 1.1. You can download it from SEO Boss Integration page. Also you can post any suggestions and requests for new features at our forum.

Best regards,
SEO Boss Team

Reviews: 4
Install was a breeze, all the labeling for the component is intuitive, and it 'looks' to be everything I could hope for in an all-in-one SEO solution. It is so tedious to hit every page separately to update keywords and metatags and judging by the other reviews, I am very much looking forward to seeing what this component might do for the site I am currently constructing. Fantastic.
Reviews: 8
I am now able to add the tags easily without having to modify the template files! Fabulous considering upgrading to paid version!
Reviews: 2
i would like to Say well done to the developer who developed this component. i used this on my website and i have got very excellent rankings in google in less than 2 months of period.

WELLO DONE AGAIN and waiting for a new version for this extension..
Reviews: 1
SEO has allways been a pain for me. With SEO BOSS things are easier for me now.
Thank you whoever is on the other side !
Reviews: 1
Good component. Installed it on Joomla 1.5.18. No problems. It supports only articles content.