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System - Meta Character Count Plugin

Search engines limit the amount of text in each SERP result. Meta Character Count displays a live word and character counter for the title, description and keywords fields in Joomla Global Configuration, Content Categories and Articles (frontend and backend) and now also Menu items!

Be certain that your most relevant content ends up on the SERP and doesn't get truncated.

Update 1.2 2/10/12: Added counters to menu items and added title counts to all existing counted forms.
Update 1.3 resolved a JS issue with external URL menu items - and moved JS to a class
Update 1.4 added more counted fields in more forms. fields which use HTML editors must toggle the editor off to get a current count.
Version 1.5 updated to allow live counting of TinyMCE content in articles and category descriptions.
Version 1.6 fixes an issue introduced in the latest Joomla 3.0.3

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

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Reviews: 1
I have been using this plugin for a while and its very great. Its also easy to instal and does not have errors. It does what its supposed to do.

My only wish is that it could be extended to offer support for K2.

CISI Kenya
Owner's reply

So, you make a feature request in a review - and choose to reduce my rating at the same time?

Thanks! I always wanted a lower score!

Reviews: 1

Great extension. I just added it to my default instalation. I think it could be even better, if it would count the title as well and show the recommended values for the title, meta description, and keywords.

Owner's reply

I hesitate to make suggestions on the length within the plugin output, simply because it is a moving target. Each of the search engines have their own preferred length, and those lengths are arbitrary (there is not a standard that defines them), additionally - those lengths may change as the search engines adjust their SERP page layouts, or their indexing techniques.

Character counting in the title is a good idea. It will be in the next version.

Now, I might consider making a setting for each of the inputs (title, description, and keywords) which allows an administrator to define a target maximum length - which would somehow alert when that length is exceeded.

Thanks for the suggestions and the review!

Reviews: 4
Most Essential Plugin For Joomla SEO. However, the plugin must count a word separated by comma in 'Keyword field'.
Owner's reply

I just tested that out, and as long as the keywords are entered in as "word, word, word, word..." the plugin counts them correctly. If you don't add a space after each comma, the plugin considers them as one word. So, add a space between the comma and next word.

Reviews: 24
Great plugin, simple and useful to count number of wors and characters in meta tags and keywords! Thanks, it works perfectly!