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jAutoMeta Plugin

jAutoMeta is a Joomla plugin that automatically generates description and keywords metatags from your page content to help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It will explore your page content and will generate meta description based on the content of your current page and unique meta keywords based on the title (or content, or both) of the page.

Features include:

* Generate meta keywords and description for current page automatically.
* Automatically create meta keys and description for each page when you create new article or update one.
* You can configure the length of description meta tag, the categories to be interested by the auto meta generation, the encoding charset.

Note: The plugin does not store any meta tags in the database but generates them dynamically.

** Update
jAutoMeta 2.2 generates unique keyworks and you can configure the number of the generated keywords and the minimum number of chars for keyword.

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Reviews: 2
I was looking for a plugin wich creates/generates a meta description for every article.
First it worked half. But with lots of help and a custom made plugin I have now the plugin wich genarates a meta description for every article.
Thanks you for the great help and fast answer of my emails
Reviews: 1
First off, the description and directions to use this extension are in Italian, so you'll have to translate the page if you want to know what is does and how to use it.

Also, this extension generates keywords on the fly, so they don't actually exist in the article and can't be used for relating articles by keywords.

But most importantly, and disappointingly, is that the keywords are not filtered at all! They keywords generated are simply whole sentences from the article. They contain about 5 instances of "the, of, it, is, to, on, etc." It doesn't even filter the word "a". You would achieve the same thing if you simply pasted the first sentence of your article in the keywords.