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Meta Robots Plugin

Add more Meta Robots options to Joomla Metadata parameters.

A woman in the forums asked "Why can't I set noarchive in meta robots?" I thought to myself, yeah - what she said.

Although a little complicated, it turns out that it can be done with minimal fuss. This plugin extends the follow/nofollow + index/noindex options to include unavailableafter, notranslate, noimageindex, noydir, noodp, nosnippet, and noarchive.

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Installation is easy. Install the plugin, enable it, and edit your robots parameters. The plugin functions in Global Configuration, Menu Item Edit, and Article Edit views.

Update 1.3 - resolved issue that occurs when menu type == external URL - rewrote javascript into mootools class
Update 1.4 - Added more forms where robots are extended

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

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Reviews: 21
Thanks for this handy plugin. Adding it to my site has saved a lot of time.
Reviews: 2
One of the best Meta-Tools. Thats what i looking for. You can change the follower and noindex attribute in the articles not with an extra Component. It save time.
Reviews: 10
Looks pretty sweet so thank you. I read the forum where this idea was brought about and think its great that someone needed help and you created a plugin. Outstanding.
Owner's reply

It was a good idea, and I had the ability.

Glad you like it!