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SEOSimple Plugin

This Joomla (1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3) plugin simply takes the starting chunk of text from the page’s content and applies that as the value for the meta description tag in the page’s head. Search engines often use a Web page’s meta description in the SERPs, and as such it is important that these meta descriptions have relevant text related to the page’s content.

NOTE: This plugin generates the meta data "on the fly" when the page is loaded, it does not save the meta data to the content's meta data fields seen in the Joomla editor. These fields can then be used to override the auto-generated meta description generated by this plugin. To see the plugin at work, you must view your page's source in your browser.

** SEOSimple 2.0 Features **

** Ability to customize how the front page meta description is handled. You can choose between having it auto generated based on the front page's content, or using the default Joomla site-wide meta description.
** HTML page title configuration. Set your page titles in three different ways:
3. [CONTENT TITLE] (Joomla 1.5 default)
You can also customize what the separator is (in this ex. it's a pipe |, but can be any character).

** Additionally, you can customize the front page of your site's title tag in a number of different ways (or not at all). Layouts include:

[Disable - Use Joomla Default]
[Custom Title] | [Site Title]
[Site Title] | [Custom Title]
[Custom Title]
[Site Title]
[Site Title] | [Default Title] *NEW*
[Default Title] | [Site Title] *NEW*
[Custom Title] | [Default Title] *NEW*
[Default Title] | [Custom Title] *NEW*

** *NEW in 2.0* We have added the ability to set your category pages to "noindex, follow" -- a common meta robots setting for such pages to avoid duplicate content penalties.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and will go towards making future versions even better. Enjoy!

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Reviews: 2
Instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. I implemented SEOSimple easily after reading the documentation with no problems configuring the plug-in.
Reviews: 1
This plugin works really nice. It does what the author says it does, thanks for sharing this useful tools to improve joomla in the SEO area.
Reviews: 6
Very nice extension, saves you a lot of a time.
I have a small problem with the description not showing properly but I'll try to get some support.
Otherwise it's clean and neat.
Reviews: 8
Saves hours of hard work. Very easy to use and effective. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 9
Does exactly what I wanted. Simple, easy to understand, just great.
Reviews: 3
Thank developer. This is most simple and effective SEO plugin for Joomla site. It done excellent job when rewrite meta description, meta content on the fly by grabbing site(article) title. Don't need to generate any meta information and import to database. Great idea, simple, effective - 5 star for this Plugin.
Reviews: 1
Joomla seo is very difficult unless someone is a programmer genius. Doing SEO is very difficult with it but this little plugin works wonders. SO I am not a programmer thus the rating for this is excellent 6 stars. Easy and painless. Self explanatory just by looking at it. Cheers
Reviews: 1
Nice extension but it's in conflict with K2.
Reviews: 1
wished i found it days ago when i tried alot of other ones. !!! its unreal. thanx guys
Reviews: 2
I checked the source code before installing and after installing and activating.
The only change I could see was att the "generator" and the cange was from joonla to SEOSimple.
Title and description meta was the same before and after installing and activating.
So Im thinking this is a cheap way for the author to get free advertising for the extension and the webbsite!
Please correct me if Im wrong, and do tell me what this extension really do!
Owner's reply

Hopefully you don't just install plugins without first asking yourself if you need them and then reading about how they work. The instructions for this plugin are clear, as are how it works. The credit meta (a useless piece of meta that serves little in the way of advertising) can easily be turned off via the plugin's options.

As for what it does -- it does what it says it does -- automatically generates meta descriptions on the fly for Joomla articles, saving users the need for manually entering meta descriptions for each article.

Reviews: 5
easy to use
Reviews: 5
Does what it says...... simple and quick!
Reviews: 1
Seems like a great plugin. I am wondering though if the meta data gets applied to exiting content or just to new content created after installing. This isn't clear, and I don't yet see meta data on my old content items.
Owner's reply

Hi dmohr, the plugin "simply takes the starting chunk of text from the page’s content and applies that as the value for the meta description tag in the page’s head". It does not write anything to the articles themselves. It does this all dynamically when the page loads. Simply view the source of your page and you'll see it in the HEAD tags.

Reviews: 12
This is a super plug in, really does a nice job of detailing individual page info automatically. Don't forget to configure and enable one installed though.
Reviews: 4
I had great success with the SEO portion of the plugin; my websites do very well on seo rankings and attribute the success to this plugin. However, it has adverse effects on back-end stuff; for example it conflicts with Communicator, another critical tool.
Owner's reply

Thanks Max. The conflicts with 3rd party extensions in the backend should be resolved in the next version (v1.5) of the plugin, which I'm hoping to have time to release in the next several weeks.

Reviews: 3
You have certainly done a great job on this. It's so much easier than filling out meta data/descriptions for every single article :)
Reviews: 3
Pretty Cool, easy and effective. Thanks!!!!
Reviews: 1
Easy as few other extensions to install, this SEO plugin just works! I mean in a positive way!!!
I don't know if really the search engin aren't looking for meta keywords, so I'm hoping the next version will have at least for the long articles some keywords generation features!!!
Good job!
Reviews: 2
This is the first and the ONLY plugin which I have bothered to comment on. This plugin is something which I was dreaming about and YES, I found it now. Very simple and the BEST !!!
Reviews: 9
This has earned a spot in my basic Joomla package I use for all my clients. It's simple and it just works. Excellent extension.
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