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JosTag Plugin

This content plugin lets add any tag in the head of the page loading the article. This can be a meta, a link to a CSS or JS file, etc. Example

->Released on July 19th version 2.0 optimised for 1.7 and 2.5.
English and French languages included.

NEW: Verson 2.2. released correcting .js files loading

Version 2.2 is compatible with 3.0

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Reviews: 28
Very useful extension and easy to use even with no experience to control and add meta tags.

Thank you very much for this excellent extension!
Reviews: 2
I always use this plug-in on my Joomla sites. Great for adding rel="canonical" on my pages! Thanks again for this great extension.
Reviews: 15
It does exactly what it says.
Very easy to use and configure.
Worked immediately and without problems.
I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I spent all day trying to get rel author in the head of individual blog posts. This is googles way of tracking content authorship.

This extension works perfectly and is simple to use!
Reviews: 36
Fast and simple way to put code in the head of a page; the only way I know in Joomla 1.5.
Many thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 5
Want to add any code to your ... section? A plugin that works with the latest joomla 2.5.1 (at the date i'm writing this review), this plugin you need, it does what the developer says. Great job and thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 2
Hello, i have tried the plugin and works, but when using it in TinyMCE editor, a is generated in source html code web site page, as TinyMCE generates a paragraph with each new line. Is there anyway to use the plugin without creating a new paragraph in the source code?, all text does go down one line. The only "fix" i have found is to put the tag in html comments, in html view in tinymce, to not generate a new paragraph and don't see the tag text in the article.
Reviews: 1
Quite useful and practical
Reviews: 1
I can say only good things about this plugin:
it works right out of the box;
so far haven't have any problems with it;
is applicable in all kinds of header customizations;
If you need to just add a script or say some lines of style in individual pages, this is the plug-in for the job!
Many thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 30
This is such a nice and simple plugin.
I needed to add a nofollow tag to some individual articles (I didn't want to have a global nofollow tag). With this plugin activated I put the following in my certain individual articles:
{tag}{/tag} -- and, PRESTO!, after saving the article in the source code was

Reviews: 1
This was just what I needed to put geo meta tags on a list of 14 salons. Took just minutes to set up and couldn't have been easier. Don't be put off because the developer's site is in French - the instuctions are in English and are simple.