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Tag Meta allows to efficiently manage all site's meta information. With Tag Meta, as example, it is possible to set the tag 'title' or the meta tags (e.g. from the most common 'description', 'keywords', 'robots', as well as the recently 'content rights' and 'external reference') or link 'canonical' on any page, just specifying the URL or a part of it. This provides a swiss army knife to improve site positioning in SEO optimization. But Tag Meta also supports regular expressions in the matching rules and this allows to match a group of URLs with a single rule. In this way it is possible to manage metadata from a single control panel.

Multiple rules can be applied together, so if more than a single rule matches with the current URL, these are applied in cascade using the ordering set, except if a rule is declared as ‘last one’ (in this case the process stop).

And that’s not all. Tag Meta comes with support for macros. This means that meta information can be generated dynamically for each page.

To allow complex transformations for data to use as meta info there are the placeholders. Placeholders allow you to define a set of values where each value is associated and identified by a name and is used in the definition of other placeholders or in the definition of meta info (practically they are based on the same principle of the variables in programming languages).

With support for link 'canonical' it is possible to specify the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content. But there is still other, Tag Meta comes with support for an ontology database of synonyms, that allows to automatically generate and add new synonyms of existing keywords in any page.

The plugin, finally, has some useful options to set custom global information like Generator, Author, Copyright, or to set and align the tag ‘title’ and the meta tag ‘title’ in many ways.

- Support for tag 'title' and meta tag 'description', 'author', 'keywords', 'robots', 'content rights', and 'external reference' on each page
- Support for Robots options Index, Follow, Snippet, Archive, Odp, and Image Index
- Support for link 'canonical'
- Support for global meta tag 'generator'
- Possibility to add site name to tag 'title'
- Possibility to align meta tag 'title' with tag 'title'
- Possibility to preserve tag 'title' on each rule from global settings
- Support for global meta tag 'author'
- Support for global meta tag 'copyright'
- Possibility to add a note for each item
- Possibility to apply multiple matching rules
- Use of regular expressions into matching rules
- Case-sensitive option on the matching source URLs
- Request only option to match the full URL or just the REQUEST_URI part
- Decode URL option to decode URLs before to check if match with rule
- Last rule option to break application of matching rule
- Support for placeholders
- Use of macros to specify meta info (dynamic meta info, 33 macros)
- Ontology database for synony

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Reviews: 13
If you have some knowledge of regular expressions this plugin makes anything possible to add individual META-informations to any of your pages, that otherwise would show the default site METAs. I just made 2 small 1-minute-hacks to have a TEXTAREA instead of a limited INPUT field for META-descriptions.
But that's no reason to vote worse than 5 stars!
I have to copy many pages from an old internet site with very good SE rankings (incl. category, section, sitemap views) to Joomla. This component helps us to retain our rankings and additional informations for users and bots on ANY page.
Thank you, developer!
Reviews: 8
Thank you for this wonderful tool. It's absolutely necessary to cover the lack of Joomla native section and category meta description availability. Sections and categories must have their own meta in order to avoid that google detects duplicate titles and descriptions!
Reviews: 17
What a great extension!

It puts pay to the annoying missing META tags in section and category blog views. This is something I keep trying to improve on. I have tried virtually all the tools available, to beat this problem while sticking with the core sef. Even numerous combinations of tool at times and all had a weak point.

What I have been trying to achieve is a low/no maintenance automated solution to this poor SEO behaviour.

This extension doesn't fully automate the process but it dramatically reduces the time required maintaining it. Unless you are regularly creating new section and category blogs, in which case you will need to put in some effort.

The new Pro version released today, extends the options available in the community version.

For many users the community version maybe enough as it is an extremely powerful meta tool with it's feature set. However the cost of the Pro version, comes to little more than buying the developer a couple of beers, upgrading to pro is a no brainer!

The power of this tool is in the application of regular expression to control the actions of the plugin.

The developer has applied sound logic to this problem. Less is more with this extension! The developer has designed this tool to work in harmony with the core SEF/SEO. What this means is, content rendered in article view needs no extra intervention from this meta tool, Joomlas core manages it just fine.

At the most basic level you just need to apply this extension to menu items for section and category blogs.

The beauty of this product is that you can get more involved when and where you chose.

The developer also offers a url redirect tool called ReDj, available as a community or Pro version with the same pricing policy. The tool uses the same regular expression and macro techniques to redirect incoming urls.

The combination of these two extensions provides amazing control of meta data and urls.

Now here is the deal closer, you can use it to apply meta data to components, which don't allow for inclusion of meta data and with ReDj you can control the url, the pro version allows this to be done using server side redirection (nice).

All for the price of a few beers!

Other commercial solutions have a hefty annual fee, require a reasonable amount of maintenance and in some cases additional plug-in support, for other joomla extensions and they still have their own little quirks.

I hope I have done justice to the genius behind this solution.

If you are worried about the thought of regular expression rules don't panic! The documentation explains in more than enough detail, how to manage your urls for everyday use.

I would like to make one suggestion to the developer. I think it would be nice to have an input field with a radio on/off, which allows for a pre-append to the end of the site url. This would allow for site development on sites in subdirectories.
i.e http://domain.not/dev {siteroot} (as far as I can work out) doesn't allow a rule to be applied like so ^/section/blog.html$ the rule required would be ^/dev/section/blog.html$ in which case, moving to a live server in public root or a subdirectory of a different name, would require a change to /dev or its removal. I hope that makes sense.

Sorry for such a protracted review. With so many extensions available on here gems like this are easily overlooked by old and new hands at joomla. IMHO the combination of these two products, will give many old faithful SEO/SEF extensions a run for their money.

Great work, and thank you for making the price point of the pro versions accessible to all.
Owner's reply

Really, really thanks for this review. About your suggestion, in the next release there will be an option (global) in the plugin to specify the base path. In this way all the items will be "portable" and the problem is solved "one-shot" (I think there's no need for an option for each item, because they all need to be moved). I had planned portability for the destination through the macro {siteurl}, but I realized that it must make the source portable too. New versions for both extensions will be available in a few days. Thanks again for all.

Reviews: 1
I just installed Tag Meta and it works right away. It's easy to figure out how to do things with it, even without reading the manual. Recommended extension.
Reviews: 1
Did exactly what it said it would do, I needed a seo component that would allow meta tags in multiple pages. Took me awhile to find one that offered the capability...

Reviews: 8
I have used quite a few meta tag management extensions, however most others are too complex or have a few issues that that are yet to be resolve, this one is by far the simplest and easiest to use and it functions as it says it will.

If you use this extensions, make sure you READ the instructions available in the PDF file downloadable for this extension and it will save you time and allow you to really use this small tool to the maximum benefit.

The use of the '$' syntax at the end of each URI enables you to control each and every items matadata, it cannot get any simpler :)

Well done to the Dev's on this one (donation has been sent) and I look forward to any future updates and other any other extensions from you.
Reviews: 2
It take a little bit of getting used to but it does exactly what I want it to do.
Thanks for a very good extension!
Reviews: 9
Easy to install. Easy to use. An absolutely indispensible SEO tool for any Joomal! site running one of Joomla!’s many SEO unfriendly extensions. Many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use
Reviews: 9
I must say I am impressed with this component. If you are carefull when developing your website and you use a good template and you use sound building practices, this component can help you fill in the gaps for section an categories SEO and also for the components for which the SEO doesn't seem to be important.
Congratulations to the developer, I am an extension developer myself and I very much like this one.
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
This extension should be part of Joomla! core. Have not encountered anything negative in regards to this plug-in. It is worth the effort to learn how-to set it up, as the author has taken time to understand Joomla!, and delivers this functional extension free-of-charge with free support (unlike many other extensions).
Would like to thank the author(s) & developer(s) of this extension, as it is among the top 3 extensions in the “must have” category for any web site, regarding SEO.
Reviews: 2
Hi; I downloaded this component few days ago, installed and it did not worked (because I was not following proper instructions, wish there is better manual). After that I searched on net for other solution and thinking to spend some money, but decided to try it again, followed instructions and worked like charm. Great component: that works as expected.
Reviews: 3
I installed this component on my test server and had it running in less than 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, it was running perfectly in production. If you have a small or medium site, this component is great for fixing those meta descriptions. Super simple to install and use.
Reviews: 1
Simple and efficient. Good work.
Thanks to the author.
Reviews: 1
One of the main problems with Joomla's built-in SEO is that there are lots of "gaps" where various components don't provide the opportunity to set the browser title, and meta descriptions and keywords.

(Note: Google has announced officially that Meta Keywords are NOT used to influence search rankings, see )

e.g. on a category "blog" or "list" page there's no place to add these important bits of SEO information, even though individual article pages *do* have a place to set it.

TagMeta comes to the rescue and allows you to set browser title etc for absolutely ANY URL that's used on your site, including the front page.

It's great to be able to view all the meta information for all the pages that you have set it on, in one place. You could even use this to set the meta information for individual articles rather than setting it in the article itself, but you can do it either way.

Something I found out the hard way, as someone else pointed out in an earlier review, is that when you enter the URLs for matching, that the URLs use "regex" syntax, and also don't have "http://" in front of them.

So, if you want to match an exact URL you need to put ^ in front of it, and $ at the end of it, and don't forget the leading slash... like this:


If you just put "forums" as the URL, then this rule would match any URL that contained the word "forums" in it, e.g. you might have an article with that in the title and therefore URL. So the ^ and $ "anchor" the start and the end of the string so that it doesn't do a substring match.

Therefore for the front page, the best URL to use is ^/$ which will match only the very front page and nothing else.

It would be great to have an option when you are creating each rule, to use regexes, or "starts with", or "contains", or "matches exactly". That would make it a lot easier for most users who don't need the power of the regexes.

As someone else mentioned, some characters in URLs need to to have "\" in front of them in order to work, most notably "?". There are others too, like "." that otherwise actually matches *any* character, not just a dot.
Reviews: 2
I was using author's other extension REDJ. An amazing component, now i tried this one and this is also excellent.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
Worked perfectly, Thanks for the notes in the reviews from others,
I was able to download, install, actavite plugin, go to componet add page(not full url) /page-name
refresh page and view source Done!

Reviews: 1
OMG thank you so much for this plugin! I've been spending forever trying to make Joomla accept a custom meta description for the frontpage (which is pretty much THE essential page for SEO). And then I found this plugin and all my problems were pretty much instantly solved!

Plus, I can finally opt out of odp descriptions (a noydir option is still missing though) and play around with the follow/nofollow, index/noindex settings. An essential SEO plugin!

(oh, and for the negative reviewer below who couldn't work out how to use Tag Meta on the frontpage - it's easy, just type "/" as the URI and hey presto!)
Reviews: 10
Works well and does the job!
Only drawback, if you have sites with hundreds of pages, it would be a long winded task to change every one.
I was looking for something to just enter the meta title in each article, there must be a quicker way............
Reviews: 1
This is my first review, but i wanted to help others who are confused about this extension like i was.

Quick How To:

Install plugin (enable it)

Install component (you dont have to link a menu item to the component)

Go to the component and now enter in the URL. This doesn't work by putting the full URL. for me, i have a HOME , CATEGORIES, etc pages

So instead of putting the URL in the component i used:




and now whatever meta tag that you put in will show up, go refresh your website page and check the source and see your meta tag showing up.

for the programmer, i suggest adding a quick "how to" in the forum, because i went to check hoping there was one to help me figure that out but there was none.

Thanks for the plugin though works good when its set up correct.
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