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Tag Meta allows to efficiently manage all site's meta information. With Tag Meta, as example, it is possible to set the tag 'title' or the meta tags (e.g. from the most common 'description', 'keywords', 'robots', as well as the recently 'content rights' and 'external reference') or link 'canonical' on any page, just specifying the URL or a part of it. This provides a swiss army knife to improve site positioning in SEO optimization. But Tag Meta also supports regular expressions in the matching rules and this allows to match a group of URLs with a single rule. In this way it is possible to manage metadata from a single control panel.

Multiple rules can be applied together, so if more than a single rule matches with the current URL, these are applied in cascade using the ordering set, except if a rule is declared as ‘last one’ (in this case the process stop).

And that’s not all. Tag Meta comes with support for macros. This means that meta information can be generated dynamically for each page.

To allow complex transformations for data to use as meta info there are the placeholders. Placeholders allow you to define a set of values where each value is associated and identified by a name and is used in the definition of other placeholders or in the definition of meta info (practically they are based on the same principle of the variables in programming languages).

With support for link 'canonical' it is possible to specify the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content. But there is still other, Tag Meta comes with support for an ontology database of synonyms, that allows to automatically generate and add new synonyms of existing keywords in any page.

The plugin, finally, has some useful options to set custom global information like Generator, Author, Copyright, or to set and align the tag ‘title’ and the meta tag ‘title’ in many ways.

- Support for tag 'title' and meta tag 'description', 'author', 'keywords', 'robots', 'content rights', and 'external reference' on each page
- Support for Robots options Index, Follow, Snippet, Archive, Odp, and Image Index
- Support for link 'canonical'
- Support for global meta tag 'generator'
- Possibility to add site name to tag 'title'
- Possibility to align meta tag 'title' with tag 'title'
- Possibility to preserve tag 'title' on each rule from global settings
- Support for global meta tag 'author'
- Support for global meta tag 'copyright'
- Possibility to add a note for each item
- Possibility to apply multiple matching rules
- Use of regular expressions into matching rules
- Case-sensitive option on the matching source URLs
- Request only option to match the full URL or just the REQUEST_URI part
- Decode URL option to decode URLs before to check if match with rule
- Last rule option to break application of matching rule
- Support for placeholders
- Use of macros to specify meta info (dynamic meta info, 33 macros)
- Ontology database for synony

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Reviews: 1
I've been always wondering why we can't customize the meta title for each articles in Joomla. Thanks to this small component, simple and effective, it's possible now.

Thanks a lot :
Reviews: 10
Right away it was pretty easy to get this working on my site and now have titles and meta tags on pages that I could never get them on before with any other components.

One item of note: If you are working with a URL that contains a questions mark you must escape it.


should look like this in tag meta:

Just add the backslash before the "?" and that does it!
Reviews: 1
This extension gives you full control of your meta data allowing you to have different keywords for
each page on your site. An absolute 'Must Have' for any site that wishes to have SEO friendly URL's
(that would be everyone, no?). The component is a little hard to work out for joomla novices, but once you get to grips with it it is quite simple.
The support from Luigi is the best support I have received from any service provider. He is a friendly and patient guy, who can be trusted in your 'Back End'!
Reviews: 1
Getting the right words in your page title description and keyword fields is vital for serious Search Engine Optimisation. This was the first plugin I found that actually performed the task and did it with stupid ease.
The only minor drawback I encountered was the lack of proper documentation. In practise that could easily be rectified with a single tool-tip as there is only one thing to do wrong.

DO NOT ADD FULL URL when adding pages. ie for you only add /photographs into the box.

Oh and a longer keyword field please!
Owner's reply

Thanks for using Tag Meta.
In the next release there will be larger fields (e.g. keywords) and a manual with detailed examples. I see that all negative feedback are due to a lack of documentation, and it's a pity because Tag Meta works well if you know how to use it.

Reviews: 1
hi i unstall this component

and i give the component url and give to it title

but there is no change title of component

so please how can i change my component title
Owner's reply

If you need help there is a forum where you can find it. And we'll help anyone. This is a review list, not a support desk. You don't feel you merit support... sorry!

Reviews: 1
Installed easily. Slight problem with configuration because I specified the entire URL instead of skipping the root portion . Great support. The developer was very helpful in helping me along the way. This is just what I needed. Thank you.
Reviews: 4
Installed with no problems at all. I've yet to find a page that I can't change the title, meta description, and meta keywords for. Seamless and using to use once you figure it out. However, there are tricks to using this mod. You must use /*$ at the end of each URI to keep the title/meta data specific to that article or page. Otherwise all the descending pages will get the same tags. For example /pageone/*$ and then go /pageone/health/*$ and so on. This keeps each page data unique. If you don't mind descendants of a category or section having the same data, then simple type /pageone. Thanks for a great mod!!
Reviews: 2
This product works great right after installation and does what it says. The plug-in author is VERY active, responsive and willing to help if you ask for it in the forums. Also works well with other SEF extensions. Nice job!
Reviews: 2
Tag Meta doesn't work for the home page. It works perfectly for every other page but it refused to recognize index.php or home.html. I cannot use this because it won't work on the home page, the most essential of all pages for SEO results.
Owner's reply

If "It works perfectly for every other page" maybe the problem was YOU. RTFM.

Reviews: 22
Just wanted to get rid of the generator tag and add site name to each title. Talk about easy, quick ....thanks. Goes on all my installations now.
Reviews: 1
After trying out other extensions to have unique meta tags and page title for each page of website, this extension was the only one which meet up to the expectations.

It really works well! Moreover developers support is is quick to respond your queries. If we can see this feature by the side of article or some other way it would be great in handling meta management for hundreds of articles.
Reviews: 2
It is some time sens i search for a component like this. It make a very good job till now after 2-3 hours of tests.
Reviews: 1
Of all the Metadata extensions I've tried, this one was the most painless for simply adding Title, Keywords, and Description. The extra option of disabling the generator metadata is nice, as well. I was able to use it right away with no hidden tweaks necessary.

There are a few things that would improve this extension in future releases:

- increase the field limits for title, keyword, and description (I find customers still wanting very long entries here)

- add the ability to copy/clone items into new ones (many times the metadata is very similar for pages and this would save much time!)

- add the ability to create the URI based on a 'point and click' selection of articles, sections, categories, etc.
Owner's reply

Nice tips for next release. I'm workin on. Many thanks!!

Reviews: 3
This is a simple straightforward extension, very easy to set up. Excellent work. Fills in a huge gap in default Joomla set up. With this extension you can finally set your SEO meta in sections and categories, as well as component pages. Works with Joomfish sites as well. Thank you very much for this must-have.
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