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HD-Open Graph Plugin

HD-OG is a plugin that embeds Open Graph metadata into your web pages. This is the markup used by Facebook to map and categorise websites into it's own social search engine. The metadata includes standard information (such as page title, type, URL, description & site name) as well as location information (latitude, longitude, address, region and country) and contact details (email address, telephone number & fax number).

Google may dominate the search engine scene and attract more traffic than any other site but Facebook comes a close second. The Open Graph Protocol is an attempt to link Facebook with the rest of the web, creating Facebook’s own extensive and highly interactive version of a search engine.

This plugin ensures that the correct data is displayed when someone tries to share a link to your site on Facebook. The graph "type" ensures that your site is categorized in the correct section (eg. website, blog, product, food, sport, news) and it also includes metadata to mark up your location and contact details.

Latest version now supports the Article Manager's "intro image" facility. If the page is article based and an "intro image" is found, this will be displayed as the Facebook thumbnail image. If no "intro image" is found, the default selected image is used instead.

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Reviews: 4
This extension works great with joomla articles + + + + +.
Pitty, it doesn't support images from some extentions -.
Reviews: 10
Not great, but works. Uses images from Article Intro Image feature of J2.5+. If you don't use it or have a lot of content that doesn't then stay away from this plugin. I have a lot of old articles which don't have article intro images and I will see the default image on all of those pages. As far as I can tell it does not support external images from hosting sites like flickr either so if you use a CDN this plugin won't work, you will only get the default image.
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin. It does exactly what it says which was exactly what I needed.
I downloaded, installed and set it up in under 5 mintues.
It does not just show one picture it allows you to choose from a range of pictuers when you post on facebook, giving the poster total control over the image that shows.
Nice to get some control back from facebook.
Highly recomended.
Reviews: 15
Just what i was looking for.
I did not see an image button so asked support.
Got an answer within 15 minutes!
Very helpfull....and it was not the extentions problem ;)
Keep up this good work!
Reviews: 2
Very nice plugin, easy to configure, does its job very well.
Reviews: 1
Works great refresh very fast in less than 2 mins grats!
Reviews: 25
Testing out of the box and the plugin installed was enabled and immediately started generating og tags. Unfortunately it does not create the correct "meta property" tags, instead creating "meta name" tags. Not the best experience for an out-of-the-box test. Needs some changes to replace the appropriate text on a page after render.
Owner's reply

This is incorrect. The plugin creates "meta property og" tags, as per the Open Graph specifications.

Reviews: 3
This is the easiest way to control what Facebook scrapes from your website. Especially handy if you want to control the image FB grabs. HD-Open Graph was installed and configured in 5 minutes. It simply adds the necessary meta properties to your header. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This is THE extension! I spent hours trying other extensions but they were messing with the title and other meta tags as they wanted. This extension is simple and does the job right!

It also indicates the Facebook URL Linter link which a very good thing to have when dealing with OG tags, something other extensions don't mind telling you. The Facebook Linter not only lets you debug but refreshes the info of your page.

Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 9
I recently installed the extension on my private website to replace another similar extension.
Installation and configuration went without any problems. The plugin is intelligent enough to pull OG:description and similar from article's metadata and also the og:url is correctly the actual URL of the respective article. Opposed to the extension it replaced, this extension does NOT need to be configured for each and every article separately. Everything goes fully automatic and intelligent, which saves the webmaster a whole lot of time.
The only thing I would do different is as follows:
Some tags are arranged in groups in the configuration, e.g. the localizing tags. One can only enable or disable the whole group and if one then fills e.g. only the og:country field, all other localizing OG tags are still in the header of the site but empty.
I would use an intelligent solution without those group toggles but simply if a field is filled than it appears in the header and if it isn't filled, it doesn't appear in the header.
But this is a minor beauty-flaw. Nothing functional.