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Easy Open Graph Plugin

With e-max easy open graph joomla plugin you can customize in your website the facebook open graph protocol tags easily and in a complete way.

With e-max easy open graph joomla plugin, in few simple clicks, you'll have a perfect integration with facebook open graph protocol in your joomla website.

Now you can control completely your contents in social networks sharing with open graph protocol.

With e-max easy open graph joomla plugin you can manage many facebook open graph protocol tags in your joomla site

We have developed this plugin for our client's needs, and we hope you'll find it useful.


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Reviews: 3
I use this extension quite a long time - it works perfectly and out of the box. Some days ago (maybe 2?) I wrote an email to the developer, asking for adding the still missing parts that AliceT was writing about as a feature request. Today I got an email back, informing me that the extension got an update including the requested features - great support! Keep on the good work.
Reviews: 1
Congratulations, I really like the extension, it works out of the box with joomla 3.3.3, is a perfect free solution to other paid extensions.

Documentation is not really needed if you do some minimum investigation about Facebook Open Graph, in fact after a few minutes I had the extension up and working.

The only couple features missing are the possibility of automatically select the "og:image" from the article intro or full text image, plus the addition of the "article:publisher" and "article:author" tags. Other than that this extension does what it promises.

I made some custom modifications and additions to make it work as needed. I am not a Joomla developer, but I can say the code is well formatted, readable and easy to customize.

Good work guys, keep it going :-)
Reviews: 4
No support documentation on this extension. If you want to use this, you had better know exactly what it should do and how to use it...otherwise, find another extension to do the job.
Reviews: 25
Testing out of the box - The plugin installed was enabled and immediately started generating og tags as I expected it to. Unfortunately it has the same problem as some other plugins in that it does not create the correct "meta property" tags, instead creating "meta name" tags. Not the best experience for an out-of-the-box test. Needs some changes to replace the appropriate text on a page "after render".
Reviews: 1
Hi eveyone,

regarding the hidden back link mentioned above, it doesn´r happen anymore, at least on the last version.

I´m facing a problem in version 1.7. It shows the static description (if you choose it in administration) but not the article description. It is not capturing the article description. That configuration "Use statice description ()yes ()no" is not working propoerly as far as I can see.

Besides this problem, this is one of the most complete plugins to opengraph protocol and you put that back link if you want only.
Reviews: 8
Great plugin, practical and easy to configure.
Reviews: 2
Thank you and a big handshake to the author, I tried another OpenGraph plugin which had a flaw. This one does the job for 1.7.
Regarding the negative reviewers, I think the dev is being honest, if they spent many hours creating this, why not allow them to include a link back? (Personally I removed the line in the PHP file, cos, well, I want stuff for free and don't want other peoples' links on or near my site).
That said, if they had a donate button I'd buy them a beer!
Reviews: 1
PHP code is commented, and easy to read/follow.

I did not get correct OG data for my category main links, but I can't place meta data in the category description either, so that sounds like a Joomla limitation. Same with my K forum, but the OG page titles are still there.

The author link back in the code is nothing to get excited about, everybody does it. Changing that line of code takes two minutes. it is near the bottom of the php file.
Reviews: 7
Everyone understands that free extensions are appreciated and that it takes time to develop, however, there is an ethical line that cannot and should not be crossed. If JED hadn't alerted anyone that the backlink was there, people would be leaking Google page rank all over the place with everything shared on FB. If the one reviewer had not mentioned it, and the developer replying, we might not know where to look to remove it.

But I noticed something even more insidious and unethical than that. Even when you choose NO for the static URL, it put the developer's website in! So if you were to choose 'no' and save & close it, thinking (silly you!) that the choice you made would 'stick.' HA!

It automatically puts *their* website in the field, no matter what you choose. Even if you put your own URL in, if you save & close and then open it, guess what? That's right. The developer's URL is in the static URL field! Even if you go into your database and change it by hand, the next time you look at it, it has been changed back to their URL!

This is a seriously dirty trick to pull on people and the developers should be ASHAMED of themselves!

I don't want to email the developer, I don't want assistance from them; I uninstalled this plugin and will never use anything from this group again.
Reviews: 7
The plugin works as it says, but they inject you with hidden links, which sometimes even show on some of my showcase modules. I do not recommend, there are other options just as good without the hidden links.
Owner's reply

We're sorry about your complain, cause this plugin has made with hours of work and is completely free, the only credit we ask is the backink.

In the editor's note up in this page is specified that a hidden link is in the code, and the code is completely open source so you can easily delete the backlink (in easyopengraph.php file). So, please, maybe next time you'll judge other people work try to think the reasons of your complains.

For us is a way to promote our work and to help other people to develop their sites at the same moment.

Reviews: 1
This plugin works out of the box, nothing more to do than just publish it - also on category view (in 1.5 excellent, in 1.7 unfortunately with duplicated tags :-().

All in all: Download it!