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Open Graph Protocol Solution ComponentPlugin

Open Graph Protocol Solution for Joomla is a pioneering Joomla Component that give full control over Joomla content for all kind of Open Graph Protocol customization.

Available now both for Joomla 2.5 and 3 version

Since the rise of sharing over social media and web2.0 sites, Open Graph Protocol technology has recently become very important for websites. Open Graph Protocol (OGP) enables developer or website owners to integrate their site / page / post into the social graph. Using OGP a good amount of information can be passed such as Title, Description, Image, Geo Tagging information, Author etc. OGP has become essential to make your website pages Social Media friendly.

Open Graph Protocol Solution for Joomla component once installed adds a OGP icon to the bottom of Joomla backend article editor from where you can give input to all kind of OGP tags. Also this component gives a listing option of all the articles for better management of OGP tagged articles.

Watch video demo here for admin walkthru:

===Basic Options
= Remove On Popup yes/no
= Remove From RSS yes/no
= Remove From Ajax yes/no

== Supported Components

= Com_Content (Article Manager) – Enable/Disable
= K2 (Com_k2) – Enable/Disable
= Flexi Content (Com_Flexicontent) – Enable/Disable
= Zoo Component (Com_Zoo) – Enable/Disable
= DJ Catalog2 (Com_Djcatalog2) – Enable/Disable
= Virtualmart (Com_Virtuemart) – Enable/Disable
= Tienda Shop (Com_tienda shop)
= RedShop (Com_Redshop) – Enable/Disable
= Quick FAQ (Com_Quickfaq) – Enable/Disable
= Enable or disable any component for admin or front end part separately
= Admin configuration option for the default setting of open graph tags

Supported Open Graph tags
Open Graph title (OG title)

Open Graph object type
Open Graph object description
Open Graph object image (Multiple images)
Open Graph local objects
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Street Address
- Locality
- Region
- Postal Code
- Country
Open Graph Person objects
- Email Address
- Phone Number
- Fax Number
- Open Graph Video Objects

- Video Height
- Video Width
- Video Type
- Video Duration
- Video Release Date
- Video Tags

Open Graph object for Audio
- Audio URL
- Audio Title
- Audio Artist
- Album Name
- Audio Type
Open Graph Tag for Product object
- UPC, ISBN, EAN, Availability, Quantity, Price,Currency Code and Brand name
- Supports Pinterest Product Tags

We almost added all available OG tag options , if you need any custom object/application object tag contact us @

version 2.3 for Joomla 3

1. Fully re-written for j3.x
2. Joomla 3.x native compatibility
3. More easy way to add open graph images

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Reviews: 2
This components doesnt work for me .

I sent 3 emails to via support with no response.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear about this. Our dedicated support team is always trying their best to solve any issues. Your email must have missed our support inbox somehow.

Reviews: 1
Even if your site does not do open graph, Facebook still let you upload an image to go along your post. Google+ does not. Hence i needed something that would enable g+ to pickup the image i wanted instead of the first one it finds. Most free plugging out there let you do that for regular article but I needed one for K2 articles. This great plugging does this. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
This is the only OpenGraph extension that actually allows you to customize each page's tag. Others just auto-populate tags, with no customization capabilities. Support has been excellent; had one minor issue that was addressed immediately and professionally.
Reviews: 17
I had bought the plugin Social Share and Vote Button, which I found very useful, but I had a problem with the part of ShareThis.
The support team recommended to me acquiring this extension and ... works great!

Without it, the whole issue of open graph is a headache. It is useful, easy to use and configure, and very affordable.
Reviews: 12
I love this product and use it on every site I can at this point. Just recently I came into a problem with it causing tab issues in VM2.0.20b and currently awaiting a reply. The developer tends to reply within an hour and thats great IMHO.
Reviews: 1
That component is great. Now all my video files includes in Yandex-Video. Thanx for support and your work.
Reviews: 1
I had some initial problems getting it to work on Joomla 1.5, but after updating JCE Editor and activating Mootools Upgrade plugin, it now works perfectly.

Most users would probably be quite satisfied with one of the free alternatives, but if you need the ability to define open graph tags on article level, this is the one you should go for.

Great support from developer. Answered emails within minutes on a Friday night.
Reviews: 1
I tried all Open Graph expansions, and with all was dissatisfied, they didn't give possibility to specify to me those parameters which were necessary, the majority put not that picture, many had no possibility of editing of Open Graph, and the most important, you specified parameters and they were placed on all pages on a certain template that is simply inadmissible. And here when I spent a heap of time and tried all free expansions before me there was a question about purchases of the only thing of the presented paid. Money it was a pity but I decided, and nearly didn't regret about it. I use the K2 component and for me it was important to edit every line Open Graph on each page K2, setting it unique parameters. This expansion allows to do it very simply, pressing of one button. As in expansion huge possibilities on the Open Graph control are presented, it is possible to choose that field of Open Graph which you want, instead of that to you is put on the automatic machine for each page of a site. The sympathetic support service also pleased, I had some questions on adjustment of the program and technical support immediately solved them, plus still gave not big consultation according to the Open Graph protocol that is very important. Open Graph Protocol Solution most is better the decision today in my opinion.