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Page Analysis Component

Joomla 2.5 PageAnalysis component released. Measures 'download speed time', keywords density, html source code, meta keywords used, total number of words and also the applications used etc. This is useful for the webmasters to check the density of keywords used, whether used in a optimum way.
Check the demo and you will come to know the value of this component. You have options to change background color and many other parameters in the backend. This will make your viewers understand how they can improve their SEO scores for that webpage.

Note:-Support for Joomla 1.5 is closed. But you can download it following this link

Report Extension



Reviews: 12
I think it is a brilliant application but one thing i would love to see is storing of analyzed sites in the database and to be accessed via a url such as ".com/analyze/"
Owner's reply

I too had a plan to save in database but had forgotten. Very soon your suggestions will be implemented. Also it will become easy for a webmaster to check the improvement after they makes certain changes to their site.
SEO Admin

Reviews: 20
Excellent, very good and very usefull
a MUST HAVE thank you for your good work
Reviews: 3
I tested it on my new page as I was keen what would be the outcome.

Unfortunately it does not ignore the &shy hypenation, so it is quite difficult for viewing exact keywords.

My proposal would be to replace all &shy content with "" to view the keywords as the are. Like google "ignores" it too.

Thanks very much

Owner's reply

Dear Dirk_Muc,
Thanks a lot for that review. That's what I want. Even if my component review is given poor, I wont mind but it should be helpful to others and I should get a feedback, and afterall suggestions are always welcome. I will definitely try to improve on your ideas and would be happy if you can point out any other bugs/errors in this component. Feel free to contact me at