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Advanced Title Manager ComponentPlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Advanced Title Manager is a native Joomla extension that allows you to fully control the title of your web site. Joomla does not currently provide a way for an administrator/manager to do that without changing the Joomla core files.

Advanced Title Manager helps you achieve the titles you want in a very convenient and flexible manner. It is appropriate for both simple and complex web sites.


You can control the title by choosing the parts it is assembled from. There are some built-in title parts and you can easily define your own in a simple and intuitive way.

Built-in title parts include:

* name of current article
* name of current category
* name of current section
* name of current menu
* name of current menu item
* current menu path (Example: Main Menu – Submenu 1 – Submenu 2)
* name of the web site
* default Joomla title

You can define your custom title parts using:

* Text
* SQL query
* PHP script


User Manual and video tutorials are available from our web site.


* SEO – titles are used by search engines to determine what the page is about. Having relevant titles makes your pages appear sooner in the search results.

* Professional look – it is much more professional to have appropriate titles on your web site.

* Reporting tools enhancement – if you use reporting tools, such as Google Analytics, having adequate titles makes it easier for you to read your reports.

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Reviews: 4
I just attempted to use this component. Unfortunately it broke my entire site and I had to go into my database just so I could attempt to get rid of it.

Nowhere on the joomla extensions site, nor the main component site, does it mention you have to have IonCube installed and if you do not, you will break your entire site, and have to hunt down what was installed where, just to get the errors to go away long enough to uninstall it.

Expect lots of problems using this addon.
Owner's reply

You have installed the evaluation version - it is encrypted and requires ionCube. This is stated very clearly when you are downloading the installation package.

The full version does NOT require ionCube.

We have no other reports of our evaluation version breaking the entire site. But these things happen - different PHP versions, configurations, etc. You could have contacted us, we would have solved it quickly.