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Title Manager Plugin

Title Manager is the most popular Joomla plugin to manage your page titles for better SEO.

Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3!

With this plugin, you can display your site name in page titles with a lot of additional features for different needs.

You can:
* Use a custom site name leaving the default site name untouched for mails etc.
* Use a special page title for your home page
* Change the separator between site name and content titles
* Choose where to display your site name. Before or after your content titles.

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Reviews: 1
In my case I have several css classes with the name eg m_title and what makes this title extension (title) is replaced by empty spaces left me bone m_ ,which took away almost all style of the web (ie in the backend). The frontend was very slower than normal, uninstall it and restart the web and fixed. Not recommended at all, must correct these serious mistakes.
Reviews: 1
I was having problem with my multilingual site. for native language page title was broken. this extension fixed it.
Reviews: 2
I'm sorry, I was hoping to have found the right extension, but I'm still on my blog (version Joomla 2.5.16) the word HOME! I'm desperate ...
Reviews: 4
I was having an issue with the default way Joomla sets page titles. I didn't want ' - Home' to show on my homepage after the website title.

I think this extension was created to fix mainly that problem. It's very simple, and doesn't allow you to have completely different titles for each page - just in case that is what you may be expecting.

I downloaded, installed, configured in 2 minutes.
Reviews: 3
Installed & made effective within minutes. A must have for any serious Joomla! site webmaster, specifically if you care how your page title looks. We are planning to use it on all our clients' sites.
Reviews: 4
Absolutely excellent plugin. This plugin is so simple yet so powerful in letting you to control how you control YOUR page title. This should be made as part of Joomla core package.
Reviews: 13
Thank you for this extension. Using it on a 3.11 and 2.5 site and makes altering the site titles easy and very effective.
Reviews: 8
This is an effective little plugin that I used on many Joomla sites. I can't imagine not installing it. I just miss the option to use it on multilingual websites where "only site name on default page" is not supported for diferent languages.
Reviews: 4
This extension should replace Joomla’s default page title option.

Thank you!
Reviews: 5
This is one of these extension that are small, simple but very usefull.

If you need tool to solve title issues. This is the extension for you!
Reviews: 3
Yesterday I emailed Ercan asking if he was going to do a Joomla 3.0 version. Inside 24hrs he had it ready to go. I needed to ask a question (reflects that I am new, no problems with the extension), I got a quick reply with the answer. This is a neat and easy to use solution to getting your page title sorted. Thanks for this.
Reviews: 3
I had a title problem with the virtuemart home, and with this plugin, in a 5 minuts , fixed!!!

Reviews: 1
I've encountered a lot of issues to define the correct title page name for every component, menue item and article.... I waste 2 hours searching for something useful but non worked in my case.
Amazingly this extension does the JOB AS IT'S A JOOMLA CORE. Wonderful job. you really deserve 10 stars.
Reviews: 29
It is very simple but useful extensions. Joomla has option to show Site name in page title but if a developer of component did not implement this option then it would not work. And this plugin is a better solution because it is independed.
Reviews: 8
I was almost at the edge of giving up, to kill the "home"-display on my startpage in front of my website name.

Then somebody told me about this plugin here. I installed it and 10 seconds later my problem was solved.

And this all for free - thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
Spent hours trying to replace titles created by a realty component that used property addresses that needed to remain private.
Then I found this plugin, and four minutes later - problem fixed! Project saved! Tiny tweak to the php and this plugin now replaces the original with a generic.
Great plugin, beautifully simple & effective!
Reviews: 2
Such a shame! It is such a nice plugin. But it is not working as expected in my website. I have left a detailed issue in the github issue tracker list for you to look at. If a solution is received soon, I will use it . If not, I will look for alternative solution.
Reviews: 7
I've used this little plugin on all my sites for several years. I'm SO glad that it's available for 2.5. It's super easy to install and configure. (Just remember to enable it after installation; it's disabled by default.) The "Site Name" in Global Configuration doesn't work with some of the other extensions like JDownloads pages. Title Manager fixes that - puts your site name (which can be customized) on EVERY page before or after the page title. Thank you! Thank you!
Reviews: 10
Very easy to setup, great plugin. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
So simple to use, yet so necessary.
Thank you so much for this free extension!
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