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Title Manager Plugin

Title Manager is the most popular Joomla plugin to manage your page titles for better SEO.

Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3!

With this plugin, you can display your site name in page titles with a lot of additional features for different needs.

You can:
* Use a custom site name leaving the default site name untouched for mails etc.
* Use a special page title for your home page
* Change the separator between site name and content titles
* Choose where to display your site name. Before or after your content titles.

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Reviews: 6
So simple to use, yet so necessary.
Thank you so much for this free extension!
Reviews: 2
Did exactly what I needed it to do. Simple install and usability. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
It quickly solved an important gap of "Joomla!" and it took just half a second to configure!

GREAT JOB! Thanks a lot!!!

Reviews: 114
GREAT little Plugin. Loading it into a few sites now and it is FREE. What a massive BONUS. thank You for making a "real" OS Plugin.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 3
Just what the doctor ordered. Particularly good for forum sites that use Kunena
Reviews: 1
Top stuff! had been having problems with the titles for ages on the site, this made it much easier
Reviews: 5
This is what we need. Thank you so much. You're great. :)
Reviews: 6
Excellent job...thanks fo the effort.
Reviews: 7
I've been using this extension for a couple of years now, and I can't say enough about how easy to setup and use it is. It works beautifully out of the box. I've never had /any/ issues with it.

I install this plugin on almost every website I build. An essential tool for any Joomla Dev.
Reviews: 4
Superb, simple to set-up. Maybe this should be integral to Joomla?
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this - so simple and effective and just what I needed. 2 seconds to install like everyone says.
Reviews: 5
This is exactly what is missing in the standard Joomla! features
Reviews: 3
Does what it says...

Installed, configured in less than one minute and works great.

Thanks !
Reviews: 106
It does exactly what I wanted. Say your site is titled "Joomla" and then you have some forums, the output would be "Joomla | Forums" or what ever you wanted the separator to be. Thanks for the extension.
Reviews: 1
I was able to install and configure very easily.

Did just what the description said it would do.

Great Extension.
Reviews: 2
Installed this plugin that works seamlessly with core Joomla and with a couple of configurations I was able to add my site name to every page (before or after the page title). An excellent, easy and critical plugin. Highly recommend.

Reviews: 9
I had a problem the site was reading "My Site" Open Source Home Page.

I couldn't describe the problem for proper forum search after 2 hours I found this extension.

Took maybe 3 minutes to download, install now the tab reads "My Site".

Perfect for those of us newbies who do not understand code.

Thank You.
Reviews: 3
simple - took minutes to install and set up, thanks
Reviews: 16
I use this plugin and really like it, but it has one flaw (in my opinion). With this enabled, the Joomla menu "Parameters (System) > Page Title" becomes useless. I feel the plugin should be overridden if this core Joomla functionality is used. I don't want all my main menus to have my site title included but do want my site title included after all other pages, articles, components, etc.

Other than that - excellent.
Reviews: 2
You'll be installed and done with it in under a minute
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