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Canonical Url ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

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Canonical Url is the best solution for duplicate urls in your website. It helps you deal with unwanted urls or query strings by adding the meta tag of the main url. Then google will keep only the url you want in its index and your site will not be considered as a spam content anymore.

- Help you manage duplicate urls
- Set and keep only the main url for google index
- Print canonical tag to you html header by Canonical plugin.
- Import new canonical component to use with Canonical component.
- Update canonical component setting by Import feature.
- Support other components with install xml elements canonical url.
- Support manage the duplicate contents in the menu links.
- Support module links or other links via link creation in Canonical Url.

Update v3.9.2
# Fixed category id grouping of links in com_content (in the plugin)
# Fixed display of link sef (in the module)
# Fixed display of link sef in custom links (in the component, admin side)
# Fixed filter box in Manage Link page when searching from more than one page

Update v3.9.1
^ Changed generate link compatible with create link
^ Changed plugin retrieves url from query in the uri class
^ Changed elements to suit display in the module

Update v3.9.0
+ Added support module links or other links via link creation in Canonical Url.
+ Added "Canonical link help module" to help input customs link feature in a

Update v3.8.4
# Fixed canonical tag at com_content view article item.
# Fixed display SEF URL in Canonical - Manage Link Page.

Update v3.8.3
^ Changed to can add custom link in to none duplicate url.
# Fixed to support Content - Pagebreak plugin.

Update v3.8.2
^ Changed index method performance.

Update v3.8.1
# Fixed canonical tag at com_zoo view frontpage.

Update v3.8.0
+ Added xml element support com_easyblog view search.
+ Added xml element support com_zoo view item layout item.
+ Added xml element support com_users view login.
+ Added Update Link , Delete toolbar at Canonical - Manage Link page.
+ Added function support menu link from inside the component.
+ Added Generate New Link toolbar at Canonical - Manage Link page.
# Fixed missing Itemid from menu for multilingual site.
# Fixed missing Itemid from menu.
# Fixed canonical tag at com_content view article print page.
+ Added Elements page.
+ Added caching menu link by "Generate link" to improve performance.
# Fixed the issue of unable to create SQL DB functions in the database.
^ Changed helper function for created easy element xml file.

* Notes : This version is not compatible with old version and old xml element, please make sure to reinstall or remove the old version first and import new xml element after installed package file.

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Reviews: 1
Very easy and complete extension for canonical url management. It works well with other extensions as easyblog or Virtuemart.

The support team is great. Good delay time and detailed explanations.

Thanks for that time saver plugin.
Reviews: 5
I would like to thank the support team of Dev CMSPlugin for the great support they provide.

Response time is beyond my expectations and the detailed explaination about every question I've asked is super professional.

Thank you very much for everything !
Reviews: 1
I've tried all the others, the free ones don't work because they don't put the canonical URL in the correct format. This one does and it's not expensive. Buy it, install it, activate it and forget about it and let it do it's job. At least someone got it right!

Many thanks for saving me a big bag of time with not having to code the canonicals in by hand.
Reviews: 1
First of all these component is same as Joomla core canonical, it is adding rel=canonical on every link that you have on site, nothing special specially for SEO.
That is smaller thing, big down for support, they are not responding om emails, it seems like they only wanted to take your money and no answer from them, 'cos there is no any money back guarantee,at least support need to be responsive
Owner's reply

Regarding the Canonical in Joomla core works by bringing the link or url of the current page turned on and create tags. It is just adding rel = "canonical" in every pages that already turn on.

The tag is create from a plugin system - sef which unlike Canonical Extension of CMSPlugin.
Because our system creates a tag canonical by checking through the menu that show as the main content first. Then the Canonical system would know which link should be chosen as the
first one. And the selection is based on a rule of canonical documentation.

And another difference, other components (third party) can be added into the system by the determination rel = "canonical" correctly as well.