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Qlue Broken Link Checker ComponentPlugin

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What's changed in version 3.0.1?
Bug Fixes

In some instances whilst scanning for broken links, the component would time out and not complete the scan. (config.xml & scan.json.php)

Additional Features

"Scan Log" implemented for degbug purposes. Option to save an Error Log has been added to the "Options" in the component settings. The log will be saved to your /logs folder in your Joomla installation directory named "link_scanner.php".

This unique Joomla! component checks your website for broken internal and external URLs and lists them for you to update in an easy to read report. Super fast scanning means no need to wait, even for fairly large websites. Comprehensive parameters allow you to select exactly what you need to scan.

Report Extension




Reviews: 4
While the plugin shows broken links, the majority shown on my site were links from unpublished menus and articles. There were also hundreds which showed the problem "No Host" which were actually working links. It was too time-consuming for me to go through and work out which were actually the dead links.
Reviews: 6
You say there is no reference to a free version and that it's soley a commercial product. When I went to view the video for it there is definitely reference to a free version but I can't find it for download anywhere
Reviews: 6
First of all: it says commercial, but on their site they suggest they also offer a free version, which turns out not to be the case. There is a currency converter to show how much the component costs in your currency, but it shows a much too low price, which is misleading.

Once you've paid, you don't automatically get a download link and it takes time and effort to get your download. After that, the support didn't answer my mails untill I started threatening.

As far as functionality is concerned, I was most disappointed. When you work with SEF url's it's of no use to you as with cannonical links. It only detects dead links in your menustructure but no dead external links. I use Eventlist, but it doesn't check on any link in any event, even with all parameters turned on. When you see the possibilities to set parameters in their video, you think it can do anything, but when you test it irl on your site, it's really disappointing. Look for 'free broken link checker' in any search engine and you will be much more happy and moreover it's for free.

This is the first component in 2 years that I'm really dissatiesfied with and for which I demanded my money back.
Owner's reply

This review is inaccurate and was deliberately written after we refused to react to blackmail.

To simply suggest it does not work disagrees with the vast majority of users working with it, including the majority of those that have reviewed it. It works exactly as is shown in the video. There is no suggestion anywhere that there is a free version (hence the word 'Commercial').

This user bought in haste without seeing whether it was the right product for his needs then demanded a refund on this basis. When we did not oblige, as per our terms and conditions of sale, he was appallingly abusive and threatening.

Reviews: 1
I uploaded the scanner without a problem. Because I have RSFirewall installed I had to change my permissions to allow the scanner to work. But, once I did that it has worked perfectly. Great job guys!
Reviews: 1
1 - Install
2 - Scan
3 - Fix
There you go! :)
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 2
I am very happy with this extension.
Now I am prepared to put links from members on our community site.
Before, I was was to blame when the link, changed, into broken.
Checking all links, say every month is not so much work.
And repairing or deleting is less work compared with checking all links.

A built in scheduler with a report to webmaster would make it excellent.

Thank you, all the best!

Dank U Wel.
Reviews: 1
Bought this for ver 1.5 and ran..
the link checker never completes and gets stuck at 96%..
asked the developer how to fix and he claimed he is working on a fix..never heard from him again..
please dont waste your money..
spend the money and hire a person or use google webmaster..
my 2c..
Reviews: 11
I manage an extensive online rulebook for a gaming system, with heavy cross-linking within the documentation. Needless to say, broken links are a regular problem for me.

This extension helped me locate a ton of broken links I was not able to find on my own, and saved me the frustration of having my users find them for me. Along with DB Replacer, I was able to quickly and efficiently mass-replace broken links with working ones, or otherwise fix them.

The only problem I've had is with some links that were SEO enabled, that did not get picked up - the author responded to a support request in a very timely fashion, and is currently working on a fix. The level of support offered makes this issue a non-issue to me.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very helpful in quickly locating link errors in my Joomla site. Qlue Broken Link Checker (BLC) provides essential functionality that, in my opinion, should be part of Joomla's core features.
Qlue BLC can easily scan all my Joomla content and help me narrow my searchs to specific error types (e.g. 404) and even what type of content (e.g., articles, menus and web links).
I wish there was a way to filter for articles that are archived. Articles identified with broken links that are in archived status must first be changed to active or unpublished status before editing.
All in all Qlue Broken Link Checker is a great utility - easy to install - well worth the reasonable cost to purchase.
Reviews: 6
I have to say that my reviews are few and far between but this extension has been a great help in keeping a client site properly linked. With several thousand articles and ecommerce it is easy to miss some of the links that were typed into an article.

This checker took a few minutes to work through the site content and clearly indicated the problem links as well as highlighting 301 and 302 links on external sites.

A value for money product that I am happy to use on my larger client sites.
Reviews: 1
Works great! Awesome support. Qlue Broken Link Checker is easy to install and easy to use. It does what it says and is very practical. Just brilliant!
Thanks for a really useful extension.
Reviews: 1
It is full of bugs, and does not do what they advertise it for.
- it does not identify broken links that give error500 on front end (the last reply from the support was: you have to fix the link before the link-checker can see that it is broken ???!!!!)
- lists a lot of random 'host not found' errors, that the support didn't know what they meant. Each time I run a check, an other set of links were listed in this category
- does not even try to check links in modules
- doesn't support articles in joomfish

the only good thing it did found some 400 errors. Anyway, as they are not all, we had to click trough to check everything. So it was just a waste of time to try to get it working.

It is not a 'broken link checker' it is just broken.
Owner's reply

This is the first and only bad review we have received and it is factually incorrect. We attempted to help Eszter through a list of questions and issues with the configuration of her site including the fact that the site was password protected.

The link checker extension does exactly what it says it does and has no reported bugs at all. Initially we requested access to the administrator controls but were refused so we tried to help without being able to see what was being setup. We examined a report from the BLC that Eszter sent against a sitemap page and saw that all errors/warnings were reported correctly. There were certainly no "random" errors nor any non-existent errors.

It currently does not check links in modules nor does it support Joomfish (which, in conjunction with the site being password protected may be the cause of many of Eszter's problems), however, we do not advertise that it does. That said, we are developing a major upgrade that will allow it to work with many other third party extensions, including Joomfish.

Reviews: 1
My site includes numerous external links that will and do change frequently. It would be impossible to check each one myself. This extension did all of the work for me. Easy to install, easy to use, and very accurate!
Reviews: 19
I knew I needed a good link checker tool that would check all the links inside my Joomla website, and that I could recommend to my clients as well. After all, good SEO practices (and just good sense!) tells you that it's not good to have broken links of any kind on your site. It makes you and your business look less than professional.

When I did a search online for just such a tool for a Joomla website, and found the Qlue Link Checker extension, I figured it couldn't be that good since no one had recommended it. So I kept looking online, and just didn't find anything else that claimed to be able to do what this extension does.

I installed it, and was more than pleasantly surprised when I ran my first scan on my own site. After all, how could I recommend it to my clients if I didn't use it myself! I couldn't believe the broken links this extension found. In fact my very words were simply, "Wow!"

This is going into my toolchest of must-have extensions for all my website installations I do from now on. I hope they keep the price low so it's affordable. Great job!