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Ninja Clicky Module

Ninja Clicky allows you to quickly set up on your website. With its simple setup there is no need to edit files.

Ninja Clicky allows you to quickly change the Site ID as well as customize the button and switch between the JS enabled and JS disabled code.

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Reviews: 5
Pros: Easy to install for the Joomla beginner. The fact that you only need you Clicky's Site ID, and nothing else makes it a breeze to set up. Great support, I immediately found the answer to my question I was having issue with it getting to track at first, but it turns our I just needed to put the module in a position that exists within my template.

Cons: No real control. Anyone more than a beginner in Joomla will find this module unnecessary. The parameters didn't seem to want to make any changes that I set. What I now have is the tracking code Clicky gave me in a custom HTML module. It works just as good and you'll have complete control over it.

Overall, this is a great module for beginner webmasters, anyone else can can safely pass on this.
Reviews: 1
I think Ninja clicky plugin helpful for new joomla user, and also have a very good support system.
Reviews: 3
Ninja clicky is amazing statistic module.
It does just what I was looking for

I ma now testing it on my two sites.
Particularly I am interested in tracking outgoing link click . If that will work I will vote Ninja clicky for module of the year ;-)
Reviews: 1
On the negative side, Ninja Clicky's documentation is a bit light, even though it's supposed to be a "no brainer" to install and get up and running. However, when I ran into trouble, I posted my problem to their forum. I got almost an immediate response from their technical support and he resolved this issue in a few minutes. I love Ninja Clicky and Switched from Entana Statistics when I upgraded to Joomla 1.5. Entana is not compatible with 1.5 and, though they've been promising a new version for months, now, Ninja Clicky has made it a moot point.
Reviews: 4
I'm not usually a review writer, but this little gem should be used on every joomla project you develop. So simple to set up and through Get Clicky, produces the goods. A small problem I had was addressed by a member of the team at Ninja promptly, politely and thoughtfully. Kudos to you guys - I'll be checking your products out first when I'm looking for add ons. Good customer service will get my vote every time.
Reviews: 1
excellent. very easy and quick install. very good replacement for google analytics. everything was configured with in one minute.
Reviews: 2
As a web designer, it's refreshing to come across a module of this caliber. Easy installation and setup, and the features... superb. I would highly recommend.

It lets me know exactly where internet visitors are entering and leaving the site, AND which pages are getting the most attention. It also let me know which sections of the site need to be more interesting.

Clicky has become a valued administration tool in a very short period of time. To the developers - "You done good!".
Reviews: 1
Had some problems in the beginning figuring a few things out, but the tech support was wonderful. They went in and made the correct changes for me, then explained what I did wrong. Great team, great product.
Reviews: 12
I had some issues right out the gate (Not to do with the module though) and the NinJoomla team was fantastic at helping me get everything up and running!

Great alternative to Google Analytics with more features!
Reviews: 1
Best alternative of google analytics.
Tanks for the module!