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External links Plugin

The external links will be redirected to a 3º page where you can make a frameset where add advertising or whatever you want.

Or you can redirect the links to an article where say something like 'You will visit other page...'

+ Added option: only registered users can look external links

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Reviews: 2
Excellent extension to solve the issue in Joomla outbound url.

Thanks Joni
Reviews: 2
I found this external links extension extremely easy to install and implement. Contrary to the JED "1.5" designation above, there IS a 1.6 version included in the download (I am using the 1.6 version). The only significant problem I have experienced so far is that I have not been able to get the external links to work correctly on the frontpage. So far the "_blank" target doesn't seem to be working properly either.
Reviews: 1
I was surprised reading all the good reviews and then not being able to get it work. However, on the developer's site somebody complained about not being able to get to work on the FRONT PAGE. I then tried whether it would work for me in any content page other than the front page and voila there it was. I would rate this EXCELLENT if it would work on the front page as well.
Owner's reply


In my web and local the plugin works in front page. I use 'onPrepareContent()', so it changes all articles loaded.

Maybe you use a plugin that is not compatible with this plugin.

If you want, you can post a message in my forum ( and we will try to find what's the problem and fix it

Reviews: 6
This plugin has very interesting options to manage external links adding to the site a professional look. It has also a very good support by developer.
Thanks :)
Suggestion: the support forum is in spanish language, eventually if you have trouble to reach the right section inside the forum, try to post a comment following the Demo link.
Reviews: 5
Very good plugin, easy to install and configure, perfect for keeping the visitor on your site instead of someone else's and probably better for SEO.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and configure.

Only links from content pages are changed, so you could have unchanged all the other links (e.g. partners links or link do developer's site).
Reviews: 4
I liked this plugin and I am surprised no one else has voted or commented for this plugin. I have been looking for an extension that can provide some kind of toolbar for site's outgoing links so that user can still stay attached to our site.

This plugin can be the one. Right now it doesn't do what I am looking for but I am pretty sure, someone can take this idea and make it work the way I want it.

Great effort!!