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Yireo SSL Redirection Plugin

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The SSL Redirect plugin is able to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Which pages need to be served through SSL and which not, can be configured through plugin parameters: You can select manually Joomla! Menu-Items to which SSL should be applied, or you can choose Joomla! components (like the user-component) to which it should be applied, or you can add custom URLs in a textarea. The plugin takes care of the rest.

The Joomla! Global Configuration allows you to configure SSL, but if a visitor enters a Joomla! page through non-HTTPS, this visitor is not automatically redirected. Also you can't enable SSL for just some pages, while all other pages are served through regular HTTP.

While the Apache htaccess file can be configured to contain RewriteRules for this, it is much more complicated and error-prawn. This is the main reason why the YireoTM SSL Redirect plugin was developed.

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Reviews: 4
Stop worrying about modifying your core files or your htaccess file! This tool does exactly what it promises and it is extremely simply to use. Well done to the developer and thanks for the support!
Reviews: 1
Very little configuration required, pretty sweet little plugin. Would have gotten 5/5 if the redirection would have worked with the caching plugin enabled as well!
Reviews: 4
I have to admit to being no expert in intense internet stuff and I knew I needed to have SSL, but had no real idea how to control switching between the http and hhtps versions of my site. I installed this plugin, clicked on the items and components in the parameters, and that was all. It worked perfectly first time. Plugins like this a really good in that they give a lot of control and peace of mind to Joomla users who are not PHP programmers. I can't speak to the support of this plugin, because I didn't need any. Simple to use and elegant in operation. Well done!
Reviews: 1
Simple and works as expected, what more could you ask for. Much nicer than messing with .htaccess.
Reviews: 1
This component is simple and does exactly what it claims. Thank you very much for this contribution!
Reviews: 3
This extension is simply fantastic! You only need to install it, choose the menu items / components and it does everything else for you.
Thanks for this great plugin!
Reviews: 13
If you have been pulling your hair out trying to get your ssl pages to stop jumping around, GET THIS!

Best invention since sliced bread!
Reviews: 13
This is a must for any site using Virtuemart. Works perfectly right out of the box. Great plugin.
Reviews: 8
Wow is all I can say :) Does just what it says. No conflicts with sh404sef! Simple, works, just great! Thanks!!
Reviews: 8
After all the mods - this is the easiest way to implement SSL in to a portion of your Joomla! site. Oh if I had of searched the extension directory earlier.
Reviews: 4
Exactly what I needed-installed seamlessly-worked first time. Can't ask for much more than that! Thank you Yireo!
Reviews: 1
I've been trying to hack JoomSEF component to force non-SSL pages to SSL without much luck. I have been playing with .htaccess also but it gets pretty messy.

I found this plugin and installed it in a flash and bang it work perfectly!

Thanks Yireo for this fantastic plugin!
Reviews: 10
Just one more review (if any doubt remained!) stating this is one of those perfect must-have extensions which really deserve to be part of the Joomla core.

Installs in seconds. Operates in seconds. Saves hours and hours of otherwise painful redirection efforts.
Reviews: 3
Fought with issues we were having with SSL and non-SSL pages on a CB site for ages. This plugin solved them in 2 min flat (install time included).
This also resolved issues we were having with IE refusing to go back to non-SSL mode on pages after leaving secured pages. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

One Extra note on Custom pages. If you want to use this for your lost password page - make sure to list it as https in the URL you paste into the custom list.
Reviews: 1
This small plug-in was the solution to hours of trying to sort out how to fix my SSL issues.
Reviews: 4
After spending the better part of a day trying to get an SSL Certificate working with my site I found this extension and was up and running in under 5 minutes! I'm using the extension to make certain pages on the front end of my site secure as well as the entire admin area. This extension is very, very easy to use. Great alternative to configuring your .htaccess file for switching between secure and non-secure pages. I highly recommend this extension to anyone looking for a simple solution for SSL integration.
Reviews: 2
Downloaded, installed & configured in under a minute...saved me tons of manual SSL configuration! This should be part of the core Joomla install.

Very nicely done!
Reviews: 4
This plugin helps me turn on ssl and turn off ssl. I had the same problem with ssl staying on...but this turns it off. It will also turn on pages were needed (though I haven't figured out how to make custom pages yet).
Reviews: 1
After getting SSL working on the shopping area of a site, encountered the problem of being redirected to https for entire site after virtuemart page. Found this plugin while searching for solutions and works perfectly just as everyone says. Installed plugin, enabled it, and problem solved instantly. Zero difficulty and fool proof!
Reviews: 4
I came to get the link to the extension to give to some else and then I noticed that I hadn't left a review from the last time I used it which saved me hours and hours and hours of debugging!

This extension is absolutely beautiful and it works great for ssl redirection. It does exactly what it says!

I had 0 issues with it! :-)
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