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Yireo SSL Redirection Plugin

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The SSL Redirect plugin is able to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Which pages need to be served through SSL and which not, can be configured through plugin parameters: You can select manually Joomla! Menu-Items to which SSL should be applied, or you can choose Joomla! components (like the user-component) to which it should be applied, or you can add custom URLs in a textarea. The plugin takes care of the rest.

The Joomla! Global Configuration allows you to configure SSL, but if a visitor enters a Joomla! page through non-HTTPS, this visitor is not automatically redirected. Also you can't enable SSL for just some pages, while all other pages are served through regular HTTP.

While the Apache htaccess file can be configured to contain RewriteRules for this, it is much more complicated and error-prawn. This is the main reason why the YireoTM SSL Redirect plugin was developed.

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Reviews: 1
Had a site with a single form + confirmation + front-end admin section. Needed SSL for all, but hated the idea of playing with .htaccess, or counting on other measures.

Main problem was how to direct links+menu items to https, and back once you're under SSL - and this extension did it *flawlessly and easily* - just what every developer asks for...

So thanks for a great free extension!
Reviews: 2
My heart sunk when I realized the client wanted an SSL Form on their site, I hadn't done that with Joomla/Godaddy. This plugin to the rescue, it couldn't have been easier.

I installed in seconds, configured in a few more and bingo-bango it works like a charm.

Thank you!!
Reviews: 3
After fighting with the SSL positioning for a component for days I installed this and after 2 or 3 clicks all my problems were solved! Excellent job!
Reviews: 1
My SSL domain ( is different than my non-SSL domain ( It would be nice in the plugin admin to be able to specify if your SSL subdomain is different. In the mean time I just hacked a hard-coded patch for my site domains right where the two URI Scheme switches and redirects occur

$uri->setHost(''); and
$uri->setHost(''); in their respective locations.
Reviews: 3
This SSL redirect plugin does exactly what it says. Before the plugin, when a user accessed an SSL url, all the other urls became https:// when there was no need. However, once this plugin was turned on, it fixed that problem. With the plugin, and when on an SSL page, and you click on another link that is Non-SSL, you visit the http:// version.
I had an issue on my server that caused a bug, but the developer came to the rescue and fixed my system - even though it was my error.
Great plugin and great service.
Thank you!
Reviews: 6
I've been trying to fix this on my own, little did I know about this plugin. Had it working in less than a minute. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Perfect example of a extension that does exactly what it's suppose to do.

If you need custom ssl/non-ssl redirects this plugin is perfect. I agree with the previous post; this should be included in the core.
Reviews: 1
Simple to install and configure. Works really well. Don't know why it isn't a core Joomla plugin.
Reviews: 11
In short, it does exactly what its supposed too. Very useful.

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