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Massive Redirects Plugin

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Joomla! 3 standard Redirect works great but what if we need to massive 301 Redirect URLs with some RULES?

This 301 Massive Redirects Joomla Extension will solve that problem with regular expressions. For example: if you want to redirect every page with .html to the same page without .html suffix.

301 Massive Redirects is useful for your Joomla site in the case you change your site URL structure and don't want to lose your SEO effort.

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I rebuilt an old site using Joomla and needed a solution to redirect any requests for pages with a .php suffix (which my old site pages had) to the new joomla urls with no suffix. This was essential to keep any link juice from external links to the old site.

When I first found this extension it had no reviews but I'm glad I took the chance and bought it.

The developer Thong was very helpful and responsive, assisting me with any troubleshooting such as getting the redirect syntax correct and fixing minor bugs.

So now it works perfectly and my link juice is saved. Massive redirects is extremely handy for migrating sites where the page urls are the same except for the suffix.

Especially with large sites it coudl save a lot of hassle by avoiding setting up individual 301s for each page.

It's working great in Joomla 3.2, give it a try!