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ReDJ allows to manage URL redirection (useful for creating URL aliases, and managing redirection from old to new URLs). No more error 404 (page not found). Managing associations from old to new URLs, all links to old pages will be redirected to new ones. Create an URL alias by now is so simple, just create new item and add both alias and real destination URL. Enjoy!

Please, to make the most of all the features of ReDJ you should take a look at the online documentation!!!

News for version 1.7.5:
- Added macros {urlencode} and {urldecode};
- Improved function sanitizeURL for UTF-8 support when multibyte library is missing;
- Fixed and issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference);
- Added a redirect URL for each error URL;
- Added a clean function for errors which saves errors with a redirect attached (unlike the purge function);
- Fixed and issue with {username} and {userid} macros;
- Added macros {urldecode}, {rawurldecode}, {urlencode} and {rawurlencode};
- Added macro {str_replace};
- Removed a wrong check on document type inside onAfterInitialise.

News for version 1.7.4:
- Changed the interface to support new filters and ordering (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue related to changes of JUri behavior (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue of compatibility of plugin with PHP 5.2;
- Fixed an issue with rule search filter;
- Fixed an issue with errors search filter, pages 404 and referers (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue on the custom error page (when the option is enabled but page is not selected);
- Improved macro {routeurl} for the unwanted variables removal;
- Improved function to manage redirect of all errors;
- Improved interface to manage errors and referers;
- Added new URL macros {queryappend}, {querybuildappend}, and {querydropappend};
- Added new site macros {username}, {userid};
- Added new string macros {lowercase}, {uppercase};
- Added rule condition to skip redirect;
- Added button to reset statistics (hits and last visit);
- Fixed an issue in the package related to plugin uninstall;

News for version 1.7.2:
- Improved trim text function;
- Improved queryfull macro;
- Added "shortcut extensions" option to plugin;
- Created installation package;
- First release for Joomla 3.0.

News for version 1.7.1:
- Fixed issue with custom error page.

News for version 1.7.0:
- Added support for placeholders and comments for redirection rules;
- Added support for new macros for redirection rules.

News for version 1.6.0:
- Completely rewritten for the new version of Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7;
- The redirection rules can work on the entire URL, including protocol and domain;
- It can be specified for each redirect rule whether or not to first decode the URL.

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Reviews: 14
Very nice plugin, does exactly what it promises. Just had some trouble finding out how to redirects where the original URL has questionmarks, like index.php?item..... etc, but found out that you need toescape these with a backslash.
Received reply from the programmer within an hour for my question.
Reviews: 2
I can't say enough good things about this extension or it's developer. Both have exceeded my every expectation. The plugin works very well (tested thoroughly on J 1.7 and J 1.5).

Installation is a breeze and using the extension is easy as well. The documentation is good. The forums on the developers site are good. And most importantly, I've never before experienced the level of customer support that I experienced with this extension.

This is a very focused, yet very flexible redirection tool. I say "focused" because it thankfully doesn't try to do 50 other things in addition to the redirection - it just focuses on redirection and does it very well.

Hands down, without question, I confidently recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
very very good plugin. it kind of saved my life ;-)
it actually saved me hours of work.
I need to mention the excellent support from Luigi who is more than helpful!
Reviews: 36
I'm using this on Joomla 1.7, it works as it says. Remember to enable and setup the plugin!
Reviews: 7
I have to agree with pwsheff, this is a must-have for any Joomla! site. Even though the developer is Italian the user's manual is in English (wow, thanks for that!) with clear, concise directions on how to use the extension. Not only does it do what it says, but it does so easily (and powerfully - I can't get over all the available options with re: regular expressions & macros) with no hassle.

I haven't had any problems with it so didn't need any customer service, but I have no doubt that if I did, the developer would be there to assist.

I wish more extensions were as well thought-out, powerful and had such flawless execution as this one.

If you, as a webmaster/administrator have: moved hosts, changed domains, altered your links in any way - you need this extension, plain and simple so you don't bleed Google Page Rank due to 404 errors, especially when it is so simple to rectify it with this fantastic extension.

Kudos to the developer(s) at!!
Reviews: 1
11/10 5*****stars the best of the best.
The developer is fantastic, Luigi is my hero. I have been using the internet for 20 years and in 20 years I have never had such fantastic amazing customer service. I never write reviews for anything, I mean anything, I just couldn't not write a glowing review for . A top guy who has gone the ends of the earth using his own personal time to help me. Needless to say he could have just done as other extensions and left me to rot. This guy deserves an open source award for really promoting the good spirit of open source. The extension in my opinion is much better than SH404SEF, he also does another extension TAGMETA, this allows you to setup a canonical page for every page. This extension should be on every Joomla website. Help the development of this extension and purchase commercial. I cannot fault the extension in any way, I cannot fault the forums and the developer is fantastic. BEST JOOMLA DEVELOPER AND BEST BEST JOOMLA EXTENSION BY MILES AND MILES. Thank you my friend for all your hard work and effort :)
Owner's reply

What to say ... I am genuinely moved. Really thanks!

Reviews: 8
Simple and does what is says...

Great extension
Reviews: 1
Something to look out for. If you had SEF enabled but not the extensions us ^/title for the from URL because nothing else works.

Also, there are settings to be configured in the plugin that enable the logging.

Finally, reorder your plugins so that it is at the top.

Once I figured out those three things, this plugin became awesome. I tried many others and I wasn't impressed. Still trying to get one of them out of my install.
Reviews: 5
A great extension is wonderful of course, but great support can be just as important (if not more so) a fact sometimes overlooked.

ReDJ offers helpful and active support when needed, making an already cool extension even better. I had problems redirecting url's with special characters in them, but Luigi helped me quickly solve the problem.

This is - in my mind - a must have ReDJ extension anyway, at least if you want to (continue to) enjoy the favors of mighty Google, which hates 404 just as much as users do. With ReDJ, you can easily remedy that.

Thanks again Luigi!
Reviews: 1
Great extension joomla!

I had to redirect an address to an address in shared hosting SSL (alert message when we arrived on the page), many others did, but all site site or 404 address.
ReDj help me to realize this redirection.
Many thanks you to developers and the active support
Reviews: 5
I had to move many categories from a section into a new category of another section. Well the component do it, and Luigi and forum's support was first class.
Reviews: 4
I love it, and it just works! Enter the local address of the old web page in the first field /example.html and then enter the new address in the next field /newname and you're done! Did I say I love it? I have a 2,000+ page site that's going from static to Joomla and I'm getting rid of all the old file names and replacing them with new, shorter Joomla names. This component has been an absolute blessing. I never read a manual, or tutorial and I never had to contact tech support, it just works and works every time. And it is FREE! They have saved me hours of time and frustration, plus, they make me look like I really know what I'm doing. I'll have to find a proper way to repay these folks for such a fine component! Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Awsome component .. good attention to details..

and fantastic support.

and did I mention simple to use. ..

really impressed !!
Reviews: 12
I am using ReDj now for some time. It does everything it promises and more. More? Yes! You want to know something about the extension as you encountered a problem that you caused yourself? Contact the developer and you get a speedy friendly response. Wow. Thank you. The product itself works perfectly fine, has good reporting options (log file), sorting the log file, purging it (handy if you have 10000 entries) and more. The redirecting with macros works too and is easy to understand.

All in all: way to go - keep up the excellent work.
Reviews: 2
I have moved my shop from one subdomain to a completely new domain and tried ReDJ for transferring customers to the new site.

It's very easy to set up and it works instantly, very nice plugin.
Reviews: 5
I wanted to change some of menu items and for redirecting URLs I've studies many articles about Apache redirect mode but unfortunately none of them work when SEF is enable.

But this awesome extension can handle any sort of redirect rules. perfect one, Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
I have been using ReDJ on a newly-launched site for a non-profit organisation, and have found it very useful for ensuring that visitors to the site are lead directly to the page that they need for event registrations, information about events etc. The extension is very easy to use and works well and its implementation and results have been very well received.
Reviews: 4
I have been using the free Community version of this component for some time now and think it's great. Does exactly what it needs to do and is quick and easy to install and configure. With ReDJ I can log into Google Webmaster Tools, check reported errors and then within 60 seconds, have a redirect in place on my sites to deal with the problem.

Even better than this great product though is the support from the developer. I had a small problem and he worked with me to solve it even though I was using the free version. That's commitment above and beyond as far as I'm concerned.

Keep up the great work Luigi and thanks!
Reviews: 3
Solved my redirection problem. Very good plugin. Thanks to the developer of this plugin.
Reviews: 2
Firstly I have to say a big thank you to Luigi, he fixed an issue I had with Unicode slugs in a flash, responding and solving my problem the same day.

Secondly this redirect mod beats hands down anything I have tried up to now as there is no redirect that I haven't been able to conquer.

Taking a URI instead of regular urls and combining it with regular expression is masterfull and very powerfull tool. There is a learning curve to master regular expressions but when you do you can have multiple pages redirected from one single redirect.

In combination with tag-meta you got a powerhouse in your hands. 5 stars!
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