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ReDJ allows to manage URL redirection (useful for creating URL aliases, and managing redirection from old to new URLs). No more error 404 (page not found). Managing associations from old to new URLs, all links to old pages will be redirected to new ones. Create an URL alias by now is so simple, just create new item and add both alias and real destination URL. Enjoy!

Please, to make the most of all the features of ReDJ you should take a look at the online documentation!!!

News for version 1.7.8:
- Fixed an issue with filter in search tools on errors and redirects;
- Improved route_url() function;
- Fixed an issue with drop_query_vars() function;
- Fixed code for PHP 5.5 deprecated preg_replace /e modifier;
- Fixed issue with {queryvar} macro;
- Fixed issue with {substr} macro;
- Added macro {pathfolder};
- Fixed an issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference).

News for version 1.7.5:
- Added macros {urlencode} and {urldecode};
- Improved function sanitizeURL for UTF-8 support when multibyte library is missing;
- Fixed and issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference);
- Added a redirect URL for each error URL;
- Added a clean function for errors which saves errors with a redirect attached (unlike the purge function);
- Fixed and issue with {username} and {userid} macros;
- Added macros {urldecode}, {rawurldecode}, {urlencode} and {rawurlencode};
- Added macro {str_replace};
- Removed a wrong check on document type inside onAfterInitialise.

News for version 1.7.4:
- Changed the interface to support new filters and ordering (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue related to changes of JUri behavior (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue of compatibility of plugin with PHP 5.2;
- Fixed an issue with rule search filter;
- Fixed an issue with errors search filter, pages 404 and referers (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue on the custom error page (when the option is enabled but page is not selected);
- Improved macro {routeurl} for the unwanted variables removal;
- Improved function to manage redirect of all errors;
- Improved interface to manage errors and referers;
- Added new URL macros {queryappend}, {querybuildappend}, and {querydropappend};
- Added new site macros {username}, {userid};
- Added new string macros {lowercase}, {uppercase};
- Added rule condition to skip redirect;
- Added button to reset statistics (hits and last visit);
- Fixed an issue in the package related to plugin uninstall;

News for version 1.7.2:
- Improved trim text function;
- Improved queryfull macro;
- Added "shortcut extensions" option to plugin;
- Created installation package;
- First release for Joomla 3.0.

News for version 1.7.1:
- Fixed issue with custom error page.

News for version 1.7.0:
- Added support for placeholders and comments for redirection rules;
- Added support for new macros for redirection rules.

News for version 1.6.0:
- Completely r

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Reviews: 6
I was failing to get a redirect working in htaccess and thought I'd give this a shot - it actaully took me a little work to sort through - but now really doign teh job

To redirect one article page to another url

put the from address as:
this covers all instances of the article ( I think! - change 7 to your article number.....)

to address I used:
(but just put entire url I think)

Reviews: 2
This is one of the most useful and easy to use extensions for joomla. It definitely fills a void and is a life-saver. I had trouble using other extensions and all the typing in my .htaccess file was getting overwhelming. This takes the pain out of managing any redirect and 404 page. Apparently this extension also has a custom 404 page to display but I wasn't able to get that to work. However, that's not what wanted this extension for.

Everyone should download this one! Thanks
Owner's reply

Thanks to you, but I'd like to help you with custom error 404 page. If you want you can post on site's forum and I'm sure I'll solve the problem. Thanks again for using ReDJ.

Reviews: 4
For those who have access to Google's Webmaster Tools, you may have seen the many static and dynamic web pages returning the dreaded Error 404, sometimes this runs into thousands.

One can use htaccess to redirect pages but no more than a few only, hundreds will slow your site down.

ReDJ provides the ultimate solution to redirect as may URLs as you wish and is ideal for maintaining that all important page ranking when changing your web sites menu structure. One of the best features is to be able to use built in macros and to be able to create custom 404 pages.

If you've used third party applications in directories inside the same root folder as Joomla, you may have experienced Error 404s with conjoined elements of the third party application and Joomla's static or dynamic URL structure. This sometimes happens and can be a nightmare to redirect but ReDJ can handle this.

My website had over 4500 Error 404s that had accrued over time due to migrating from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5, changes to menu setup, and because I did not set up the configuration.php file to include live_site details. The live_site setting in Joomla 1.5, although an option, can cause URL errors depending on your server setup.

I tried all the other available extensions without success but ReDJ came to the rescue.

I highly recommend ReDJ which is an absolute - must have - piece of kit and the developer at Sistemistica is very supportive.

Paul Stuart
Reviews: 5
Many thanks to Luigi for this great extension. I had a problem with about 6 old URL's giving 404's. I wasn't keen on hacking around in the .htaccess file so thought I'd search for a Joomla extension. Found this and within five minutes it was installed and the 6 url's redirected ... no 404's! Top Marks from me.
Reviews: 2
Wanted initially just to do a single redirection and came across this. Had some trouble getting it to work, but that turned out to be my fault for not reading the installation instructions carefully enough - in particular the bit about changing the .htaccess file. Once in place, it looks like a powerful and straightforward way to manage URL redirections both internal and external to the site domain.
Reviews: 7
I downloaded this extension, because it was the first of its type which seemed to have the ability to be installed and put to use quickly. I was not disappointed in the least.

This thing installed and was running in literally less than 5 minutes. It is broken down into both a component and a plug in. Activated the plug-in and then went into the Components area. Selected "Item," created a new Item, put in the relative URLs of both the page I was re-directing from and the one being re-directed to. Hit Save... typed in the old link... and it immediately worked.

In my situation, it was a case of having re-named a page that I'd already given potential clients links to. I needed a quick fix to avoid them running into 404 pages. ReDJ did the trick, instantly.
Reviews: 1
I registered myself to write this review about ReDJ. Its a wonderful plugin and very user-friendly. Does the job perfectly.

Reviews: 1
Installed the component. Took over my old 404 pages immediately with the ones that I redirected them to.
Had a problem with an interaction with UddeIM (or maybe SH404SEF), but the author was extremely prompt on my 'bug' report and corrected the problem within 1 day.
Great component, plugin and most of all: the best support I ever had with a non-commercial extension (way better than some commercial ones).
Reviews: 5
Had some troubles with Phoca SEF. Backend was scrambled so I couldn't get anywhere. Installed this and 2 minutes later my problems were solved. With SEF tuned on, URL maintenance can be a headache. If you need to change a menu alias, this will allow you to solve the problem immediately. Will make this standard on all my builds.
Reviews: 12
Having gone round in circles trying to get a redirection working with htaccess I found this extension and had the redirect working in 5 minutes!!! Hats off to the developer.
Reviews: 3
Well designed. Works great. Smooth all the way around.
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