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Social Sharing ComponentModulePlugin

Just install this FREE module and enable the following features on your Joomla website:

1) SOCIAL SHARING - Let users share your web contents on over 90 social networks resulting into dramatic increase in referral traffic.

2) SOCIAL COUNTER - Add social counters (Like, Tweet, Google +1, Linkedin Share, etc) on your Joomla site.

JomSocial, Community Builder, Jcomment, JomFish, Kunena, K2 content management, VirtueMart


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, Portuguese

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Reviews: 4
After some initial problems the extension works really well, definately a good social log in component!
Reviews: 1
I love this extensions. Easy to configuration and runs without bugs.

There was a little problem with the german language file and the support was very quickly at weekend.

Thank you very much to the support-team!
Reviews: 3
All I get are server time-outs wich makes it completely useless.
You have to depend on their servers working correctly. Wich they don't in my opinion. Had to de-install the component and look somewhere else.
Reviews: 4
Be prepared to be nickeled and dimed... 99 cents per month to remove the ugly icons. Setting it up is a bit difficult but it does function as it promises. There site on which you have to add API details for each service is slow. I spnt the time to setup Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But will likely remove it functionality from our site for the following reasons. No ability to remove backlink to author, no control over module width, no ability to add my own nicely designed icons. The deal breaker is that you have to pay .99 cents per month to change to icons they have designed.
Reviews: 1
I found this extension is very useful and very configurable, but the best part is amazing technical support!!! which solved my problem (about saving configuring parameters) in a half hour! I really didn't see so much professionalism as they show to me. I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great product and great technical support I think it's one of the most functional free products I've ever tried, but the most important thing is the availability, reliability, competence and speed of technical support to solve problems, excellent!
Reviews: 2
after updating extension. it's looking awesome with share and counter. so going to be build a complete social site.
Reviews: 2
The module was very easy to set-up and the website is very good at walking you through setting up the various apps required for social login to work.

The support group is very responsive.

**FYI - this module will help to keep spam registrations down if used as the sole login agent. check to be sure other modules are not allowing access to the standard joomla login. I had Kuena board allowing this. I have since disabled it.

Basic free use allows 5000 users. very generous!

Would have marked it excellent; however, it appears like the analytics portion of the service is still a bit wonky.

We still plant to keep this extension deployed on our website.

Nice Job!
Reviews: 5
This is a great product. It makes adding social login through sites like facebook and linked in super easy.

But the best thing about this component is that the service Loginradius offers is absolutely top notch. They explain how to get the API keys from the different providers step by step (you really can't go wrong) and offer quick and accurate support through their 'public question' system.
Reviews: 1
I really like how fast this is the only thing I do not like is all I want this plugin for is to login from other social networks but after you login the plugin is still there on the home page and it takes up alot of room. I sent a email to them last night and I am still waiting for a reply back. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you
Reviews: 12
I use this on a few sites and it provides a smooth and easy way for visitors to sign up and become a member. It is extremely easy to set up and configure and setting up the log in options to be available are a breeze. This barely takes 30 minutes to set up (depending how many options you need) and the benefits are massive. Two thumbs up to the developers! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
That was the extension, that I was looking for so long. Most of this social network connect extensions are commercial or just useless...but Social Login hits the Bulls Eye man....The page where they guide you on how to get API keys and Secrets from various networking sites is just amazing...totally step by step, helpful for newbies.... thanks team for developing such a nice extension.. Owe you man
Reviews: 1
Social Login is an excellent extension for any website looking to integrate easy social login. Registration in simple and easy, and adding different providers is well documented with easy to follow instructions. Support is available 24/7 and they responded to my enquiries promptly and effectively.

Wouldn't go anywhere else for my social login requirements. An excellent product.
Reviews: 17
This extension is the perfect login via social network solution. New users can stumble across your website and within seconds be using your website as a registered member. customer support is great, its easy to install with detailed instructions on the site. has made my members very happy not having to remember yet another username and password just to take part in forum discussions.
Reviews: 1
Per the subject title, it took me no longer than 30 minutes to setup and have this running. The only real issues were formatting the login to display in a popup box.

Pros: Basic functionality is FREE!

Cons: I'm afraid the cost beyond the basic functionality may be high.
Reviews: 1
my evaluation of the extension

i give it 5 out of 5
performance : excellent

Ease of usage and deployment : easy maybe took from me 15 around 15 minutes done with a cup of tea while iam relaxed .

Purpose of using the extension (i.e., "I used this extension for a family site where members dont like to create new accounts .")

Level of difficulty : easy
Reviews: 2
We was struggling with Jomsocial facebook login and twitter setup , many conflict . But now we have you guys , this concept is great . We requested invite , waiting on approval . Many LOVE to you guys . Now admin , IT or who ever having problem with Joomla FB login implementation , stop making your live harder , Facebook constantly changing/updating codes for bridge logins and developers for joomla like JomSocial have to adapt and update their code for it , and its not happening right away , so who getting bi*ch slap? yes YOU . So do you self a favor and make your life easy , LOGINRADIUS is the ultimate answer ! Lots hugs to LR . Best Regards
Reviews: 8
This is best login module for joomla ever. I put them on two of my websites ( and and everything working excelent. Just read carefuly instructions and thats it.
Note: For FB login, after seting up all parametars, you must wait fev minutes before this login start working.
It is my pleasure to having link on my login modul - "powered by LoginRadius".
Excelent job, excelent funkcionality, and everything for free.
Reviews: 2
5 star + 1 star more from my side.

This extension really do its work perfectly! And there customer support is also excellent! (the one additional star is for that:) )

A suggestion from my end is to also add netlog login in your list and create friend suggestion module also in which if people choose and login to their account they can select there friend list to send invitation to join to the site!
Thanks a lot for this gems in joomla's extension directory
Reviews: 10
This really is a great addon for Joomla, it lets you give your users the option of using a variety of Social networks to act as a hub so they can log into your site. Many extensions in the JED ..even the JED's own social login extension only lets you login using Facebook.

This does it all, I have added FB, Twit and Google to my site and it works even adds the user to the Joomla tables properly.


1. its a little confusing on the setup at first...but with a little reading and clicking you'll figure out how to add the app ids and api keys to your account...which is not on your site but stored on the account you create on their (loginradius) website.

2. There is no way to adjust padding or the style of the login module as it is pulled into an iframe from another source. You can buy other icon sets from them but they bill you monthly for an icon set...its not worth it, I understand why they do this is because they are hosting the script that generates the code to input into your iframe....great idea..but I dont need a 1 dollar a month bill just to get icons. I'll use the free ones.

3. as I mentioned above, there is no way to style the module at all, no class suffix ability so unless your site is white or grey, there will always be a display issue. You cant align the icons to the left/right or adjust them in any way.

you can however add a line of text above or below them, but the padding is HUGE and again there is no way to adjust.

4. There are login demos and buttons shown on the front page of their site that are not available for Joomla. They look slick with popups and overlays, but its not something designed for joomla, you can get additional icon sets or icon layouts but they cost between $1 and $2 a month. There is only one module layout and 3 icon sizes for Joomla.

5. no forum for support

6. no way to remove advertising tagline

7. The joomla login form doesn't have the ability to turn off lost user/pass or "create account" so in most cases it cannot be used in conjunction with any 3rd party user registration system since the "create account" link points directly to joomlas core registration

8. The Joomla login form provided doesn't use the styling of your joomla site, so it doesn't match.

9. No premium account to buy to gain everything in one package and remove advertising.

Due to these reasons above it makes the module difficult to reliably and seamlessly integrate into a live production site that has any custom styling to it at all.

The package works and works well, but lacks the flexibility to make visual design changes to create a smooth interface.
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