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ITPFacebookLikeBox Module

Simple and easy to use module that adds Facebook Like Box on your website. It uses a native Facebook code. Fast and easy for configuration.

* responsive
* show or hide the faces of people in the box;
* select renderer - iframe, xfbml, HTML5;
* select color scheme - light or dark;
* set width and height;
* show and hide border;
* display or not the header of the plugin;
* list the wall stream and last postings;
* select language;
* turn on/off auto language detecting;

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Reviews: 6
The best from the ones I have tested.
Firstly - very easy, a lot of parameters,
Secondly - multilingual (auto language feature),
Thirdly - responsive,
Last but not least - documentation,
Lastly - the module it's completely free.
Many thanks for the extension.
Reviews: 1
The module is very easy to use.
Some better explanation could have for the set up, but it is not that difficult to figure out what is where.
The only issue I found is slow response, it takes some time after the site has been loaded to see the box there. But this may be something from Facebook as well, since I've seen people complaining these last few days on FB being slow...
Reviews: 1
Works immediately. Thank you. Plugs in easily with existing styles unlike other modules.
Reviews: 4
The module works great but it is not responsive.

Yes, i enabled the responsive. it didn't work, sadly.
Reviews: 2
the module is very good, but when i tested it on my responsive theme, it didn't work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
To enable responsive functionality, you have to set option "Responsive" to "Yes".
You will find that option in the tab "Facebook Advanced Options".

Reviews: 1
This module seems to work well, but it is not responsive as the developer suggest (or if it is, there is no clear instruction on how to make it responsive)
Reviews: 2
So easy to install and with great options for streaming and showing people who like from Facebook site. Options for the size of the box etc ... but simple as... and all for free. Thanks so much to the developers
Reviews: 3
It was easy for me, i am pretty new with Joomla, to get it up and running.
The only thing is that on my computer it is not showing all the time wich i dont understand.
Reviews: 3
Up and running in a few clicks! So easy to set up!
Reviews: 2
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get this extension up and running on my website. It did exactly what I expected it to do and I have had no issues with it so far. Thank you!
Reviews: 31
I've been looking for something like this for a while, and does exactly what I wanted! :)

At first, I had some compatibility issues with the Facebook Article Plugin, but changing the rendering in ITP to HTML5 solved it.

A nice easy way of putting a Facebook 'feed' on a Joomla website!

Thank you for a good extension!
Reviews: 18
I've used this on 2 sites now and it works great. Very easy to install and use. I 100% recommend it if you want to have a FB like feature and feed.
Reviews: 1
This is totally what I've been looking for. The only thing I would have loved is if there was a option to disable the "like" box.
Reviews: 2
The module works like a charm, the documentation is good enough to clarify the installation, very easy to use. Thanks for your good work!!
Reviews: 3
It is a good extension that permits to insert in a module position the posts that you have in you Facebook Fan Page.
Reviews: 3
Hi, great extension! Just one thing, I am also experiencing w3c errors due to the attributes being unrecognized by my xhtml 1.0 doctype. Any way to get round that? I can provide you the link if that would help. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Minimalist, the right customization options, and works as advertised.
Reviews: 1
easy to setup, it works well in joomla 2.5.
Reviews: 9
And very easy for people all over the world! Tanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
User friendly and looks great. It's main advantage over other Facebook plug-ins is the ease of switching languages. Good work!
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