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Facebook Like Button Plugin

Replaces {flike} tag in any content with Facebook Like Button Module: Facebook Likes are tied to URLs. This plugin provides full URL of the article to the Facebook module, which effectively means that each of your article containing this tag will start a separate like. The plugin is language sensitive, it will detect content language automatically and pass it along to Facebook. Plugin parameters are configurable.

v1.0.2: Send button feature is added.
v1.0.3: New inline parameter 'lang' to force language locale. For example: {flike lang=en_GB} will force British English.
v1.0.4: Modification to treat https:// pages same as http://
v1.0.5: Facebook Open Graph properties added:
og:type, og:url, og:image, og:site_name
v1.0.6, v1.7.6: Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 support, migrated version
v1.0.7, v1.7.7: og meta tags bug-fix for blogs
v1.0.8, v1.7.8: New inline parameter 'id' to allow several flike on one page linked to different articles. For example: {flike id=1}
v1.0.9, v1.7.9: new parameter og:url meta tag can be switched off
v1.0.10, v1.7.10: Facebook Open Graph parameters are more strict, fix to handle this
v1.0.11, v1.7.11: Facebook reference updated to newest recommendation
v1.0.12, v1.7.12: method="upgrade" added to installation XML
v1.0.13, v1.7.13: Reverting back to older FB interface to coexist with fshare
v1.0.14, v1.7.14: New plugin parameters URL Replace From/To, for people using this plugin for some time and changing their base URL
v3.0.15: Joomla 3.0 version
v3.0.20: og:image metatag support from article intro and full image or from inline tag 'image'.
v3.0.21: bug-fix
v3.0.22: J3 sitename
v3.0.23: added inline tag 'url'

Your reviews are very much appreciated, it helps me keep up my efforts. Thank you all!

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Reviews: 5
Thank you!
Implemented in 2 minutes!
Very usefull and free :)
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use even for beginners, but very efficient and useful. Well done !
Reviews: 9
At first sight it looks like a simple plugin but it's a very powerful and flexible one which can for example be used inside a custom html module.

And moreover the author is answering e-mails very quickly to explain or resolve encountered problems.
Reviews: 3
Much appreciated. Does everything I need and more. Straightforward for a novice like me to implement and great results. Thank you :)
Reviews: 3
Easy to install and configure. Well documented.

Thumb up!!!
Reviews: 16
Most social modules and plugins out there just draw a series of icons one after another.
I needed to be able to choose where to place each button; this plugin (along with other from the same developer) helped me getting the result.
Well done!
Reviews: 3
This is perhaps the easiest plugin to implement, takes you about 5 seconds to get it up and running! and works Excellent!!
Reviews: 1
Just caught a Sep 15th update to the plugin and so far darn good. I had a previous problem with a similiar plugin..caused my blog page post to go blank but this one is working like a charm. I am working alot with facebook marketing and need something reliable. No need to buy facebook likes or facebook fans because you and I can just outsource fanpage creation.
Reviews: 1
Must say this. Absolutely amazing support I got on this one....
I tried pretty much all joomla 1.7 facebook like button plugin to find one who would work perfectly and ALL I tried had some errors and notices. But not this one, so i went with this but still discovered some bugs and missing featured. And with an directly contact to the author he fixed the bugs and built in xtra featured I asked for in a cpl of hours.... Simply amazing...

Another thing I like about this plugin compared to others, is that it's working with a content tag, so if there actually is articles where you DON'T want the like button, it's not a problem. I guess if you really want it in on every single article, one could override the article display and insert the tag in the display....

But most of all, amazing support... Thx
Reviews: 3
I want a plugin that allows me to add a facebook like button to any articles I want. This one is extremely easy to use and does the job.
Reviews: 9
Simple to install and it works! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I like this simple plugin. It does what it says without any fuss. Too easy to implement. You can place the LIKE button anywhere you want and can configure it to be a RECOMMEND button also.

The feed back into facebook works fine.
Reviews: 3
I'm been messing around with other plug-ins and modules for several hours to get a simple like button. This one was up and running within 60 seconds! I do have to add it to each article, but that's easy enough.
Reviews: 3
i say wow again because it is easy to install...i looked for so many fb like plugins and module but this one is very easy...I installed it without any problem and it reflects so easy in my article, i've seen so many module and plugin fb like but nothing works and this one really works.WOW again for this. so much thanks to the author.