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Flickr Suite Content Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
[SSL READY!] The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is a full featured, responsive (mobile ready) and versatile plugin to display flickr photos and flickr videos beautifully on your Joomla website using a simple expression:

[flickr set=xxxxx]

(where xxxxx is the set id, brackets can be changed to {})

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin supports various type of media from flickr:
- Single photo’s ( [flickr photo=xxx] )
- Sets/Albums ( [flickr set=xxx] )
- Videos ( [flickr video=xxx] )
- User photo streams ( [flickr user=xxx] )
- Group pools ( [flickr group=xxx] )
- Tags ([ flickr tag="xxx, xxx"] )
- Galleries ([flickr gallery=xxx])

Other high regarded features are:
- ALL YOUR FLICKR PHOTOS: Access to all your flickr photos (even the ones set to private on flickr)
- DOWNLOADS: Select which website users can download the original photos using Joomla ACL.
- RANDOMIZER: Display your flickr photos in a random order(great for use in a module)
- GEO LOCATION: Locate your flickr photo on google maps.
- VARIOUS DISPLAY METHODS: Thumbnail grid, slider or just one photo on the website. All linked to the set/album in the image viewer.

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin comes with an elaborate user guide freely available on our website.

Please visit our website for an elaborate demo of the features of the Flickr Suite Content Plugin.

(The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is the successor of the Flickr Slideshow Plugin)

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Reviews: 1
Making the best connection with flickr with this extension and the support off this team is excellent!
Reviews: 3
Nice component, easy to use, and a nice helpfull supportdesk. Worth the price.
My client, a big tennisclub, is using this component for private Flickr-sets, they don't want their pictures of their children free on the internet. This component did the job, and on my clients behalf the developer is going to make it possible to put the built-in download-function for high-resolution behind a login. Chapeau!
Reviews: 4
This is a fantastic way for my clients to display photos on their website. No more having to talk them through resizing and uploading, or worrying about GB of disk space being used. Now they just upload to Flickr and insert the shortcode into the article where they need it.

I had some problems getting it working, but the developer responded immediately and fixed the problem within a couple of hours.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 7
This extension is simply great.
Sexy design, that works on all types of devices (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone)
Fast and profesionell support and very well documented.
Thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
great plugin, it works in all! Much better than the other extensions I've tried! The support is really excellent, I had problems setting which were promptly resolved in less than 24 h from the developers! Great!
Reviews: 2
Perfect plugin. Simple to install but nevertheless a clear installation instructions.
Websites like Flickr, Twitter or Facebook regularly change their APIs or other issues. In my case it appeared that Flickr added an additional number to new users so the plugin did not show my portfolio. After I presented the problem to the developer (Jasper), it was solved immediately. I wish every developer has this kind of support.
This plugin is an absolute must. Firstly, because of the simplicity but beautiful display and secondly the great support.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best extension I have used.
1. Very easy to install (5 min)
2. The install instructions are very detailed with screen shots
3. I received super quick support even before I purchased the product.
4. After installing and setting up, it works perfectly and I'm still a novice at Joomla.

Highly recommend this extension
Thanks Jasper.
Reviews: 4
I was installing this plugin on a Sunday afternoon and ran into a problem. I submitted a support ticket to the author's website and got a fix in less than 5 minutes. 5 stars!!!
Reviews: 1
clean, clear way to display flickr photos along with titles and descriptions. Very convenient for a portfolio website, where the client can manage their work through flickr, and have a professional-looking website that displays the work.

support is excellent. I had a question, and the developer replied within 24 hours, and supplied an updated version of the plugin that fixed my issues.

highly recommend.
Reviews: 4
This plugin is exactly what I wanted. Trying to tap into social circles is vital for me and Flickr seemed like a better bet than Instagram for my business. This plugin calls photos in my Flickr business set, lays them out cleanly, and without fuss. Support is quick and friendly and the whole thing is easily worth the money. Super plugin.
Reviews: 1
Great Plugin. When I had a problem getting it to work for me I contacted Jasper who went above and beyond the call of duty to help me get it sorted. Highly Recommended, and many thanks to Jasper.
Reviews: 1
I have registered to post this review - not simply because the plugin is great and does exactly what it says - but above all, because the support from the developer is honestly exceptional - simply the best i ever had for any paid component/plugin. I had a few issues mainly of my own making which he supported in no time at all - and amazingly - i suggested a few improvements and hey presto - within a few days, he just sent me a new version with all the extra options i suggested. out of 10 i would sincerely give the software and support - 11!
Reviews: 1
The plugin is quite easy to work with.

I just had an issue on my webserver due to a very recent PHP config.

Jason kindly replied me (on holidays !!!) and a couple of days later, I had an update in my mailbox... what could I ask more ???
New quality extensions maybe ;-)

Michaël Frippiat
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. It is highly appreciated! :-)

Reviews: 4
Great documentation, and when I missed a step, I got a quick response from Jasper pointing out what I did wrong. Now it works exactly as expected. Top notch.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin. The documentation gives the right information to install the plugin and it is easy to use in the website. This is a great solution for me to put the photos on flickr instead of at my hosting provider. I always had problems with diskspace. The only downgrade is that site takes more time to load my website.

If I may give a suggestion for a next release: I am using the plugin in a blogsite and I am using the option to put one picture in an article. It would be nice when you put a small picture in the article, you can click on It to view the photo in normal size. You can use the set function, but I think the thumbnail is too small for the articles and then I need to make for each photo a new set in flickr.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. It is highly appreciated!

Since you posted your review I've uploaded a new version of the plugin to the website which includes the requested feature. Secondly in this version I also improved the loading speed of single pictures. (set image description to none for single photos. Loading titles or descriptions for single images requires an extra API call which takes extra time and slows down your site.)

Reviews: 3
I had some problems with the authentication process and Jasper emailed me back with a new version. The documentation keeps you on track with installation. Thanks Jasper! Plugin working nicely.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Kat, it was a pleasure helping you out. :-)

Reviews: 3
Not only a great extension.... but superb user guides as well!

Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Dick! It is highly appreciated. Over the last few months I spent quite a lot of time working on the new plugin, the new website and the elaborate user guides. It is always good to hear people appreciate the hard work. :-) Keeps me motivated.

Reviews: 1
Started off well enough but on final step to retrieve the token, the link produces a 404 response from Flickr.

The author's contact form does not work (mail function error when have written detailed explanation).
Owner's reply

I fixed the contact form and added my email address as well. Could you please contact me, so we can have a look on how to fix this for you. Thanks in advance.

Reviews: 1
I really was looking for a plugin like this one which is displaying, in a very easy way, pictures from Flickr with privacy options.
The authentication method is very easy.
I actually had a lot of problems making this plugin work but Jasper made himself avaiable to find where was the problem (turns out that the problem was in my provider's firewall).
Thanks a lot for all the good work!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Dr. Weiss. It was a pleasure helping you out! Besides that, you pointed out some issues for improvement, which improved the plugin. So thank you for the help as well! :-)

Reviews: 1
At last a flickr API based plugin for Joomla that really works neatly.

Thanks to Jasper (and team) for all the efforts they put into it.

I just stumbled into a small issue while installing as per the tutorial on the Website which mentions

[flickr install=authentication] should as rightly said in the image be [flickr install=authenticate]

Rest, all neat. :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. It is highly appreciated. :-)

As for the issue concerning the install statements. Thanks for noticing the difference between text and image. Although the plugin will accept both [flickr install=authenticate] and [flickr install=authentication], I'll change it in the text to avoid confusion. :-)

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