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ITPFloatingShare Plugin

This plugin is free, fast and easy to use. It adds social media buttons on the left or on the right side in your articles. The extension also adds floating box that contains sharing buttons of most popular social networks:

* Facebook Like and Send
* Google Plus One
* Google share
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* StumbleUpon
* Reddit
* Tumblr
* Pinterest
* BufferApp

Works with components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* Vip Quotes( com_vipquotes )
* Vip Portfolio PRO ( com_vipportfolio )
* HikaShop ( com_hikashop )
* JoomShopping ( com_jshopping )
* ZOO ( com_zoo )
* User Ideas (com_userideas)

Shortener URL Services

There are a lot of powerful options. You will be able to choose views for buttons rendering - in categories, sections, frontpage or only in the content of articles.

* positions - on the left or right side, floating position, custom position using indicator {itpfloatingshare};
* buttons styles - standard, boxes, counters,...
* display or not display widgets;
* you can rendered buttons - on articles, categories, sections or front page ( featured );
* you can exclude sections, categories and articles by ID;
* you can put additional HTML code
* multilanguage - you are able to select a language or system can detect it automatically.

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Reviews: 3
Excellent social share plugin! Exactly what I was looking for. Very simple to customize. Works perfectly on responsive sites!
Reviews: 4
Works great! Just as expected. Adds the long waited functionality to J 3.2
Reviews: 3
Functioned as expected, though I miss a way to reorder buttons.

Thank you sir!
Reviews: 4
Simple, user friendly, excellent extension for social thing..thank you developer for such a beautiful gift just like your this plugin.
God bless you team.
Reviews: 3
I use this plugin with ITPSocial Buttons, so in the article, the like, +1, twitter buttons are floating and in the bottom there are the sharing buttons. Easy to configure and customize, lots of options and so on. Best social plugin, along with the mentioned above... but now i'm going to write there a 5 star review too :) Thank you author, for this great piece of fine art, for FREE and WITHOUT backlinks or any ads!
Reviews: 9
Useful, good implementation, pretty clean code.

Keep up the good work, guys!
Reviews: 2
By far the simplest install and fastest configuration. I love it, took me all but 2 minutes for the basic install. But there is a lot of time to be spent on all the config options. Wish there was a way though to 'sort' the buttons in a particular order
Reviews: 1
I consider myself the below average user. It is not unusual for me to struggle when installing and setting up new plugins and modules. This extension is simply stunning. Easy to install, simple to configure, and does exactly what I need it to do. A HUGE thank you to the developers.
Reviews: 3
I wanted something that would float the share buttons outside of the content to avoid taking up room within the page and it worked flawlessly. It's very rare to have something work within minutes - especially a non-commercial extension. Also, great to have Google+. Lots of extensions haven't added that yet. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a plugin like this for ages. I tried several plugins but none worked like this one. Even though I am experiencing a little problem in Opera browser (the bar is flashing), this plugin deserves 5 stars.
Reviews: 4
Great product as I have tested them all non commercial plugin using Gavick pro templates and this one works. you cant move the bar to the bottom of the article which is a draw back. also i noticed the fb voting doesnt work some times. my fix was to re do the article and test it . It works then i deleted old article where it didnt. I have seen this same thing in others as well so it seems to be a common issue.