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Facebook-Twitter-Google+1 Popular Plugin

Facebook - Twitter - Google +1 all in one plugin for Joomla enable "Twitter button", "Google +1 button", Facebook "Like button", the Facebook "Share This button", the Facebook "Comment Box", the "LinkedIn button" and the "Pinterest button" on your published articles, with the following features:

To choose the position (before, after or both the content)
To choose counter or no-counter button style
To choose the button size and style
To choose the language for the social plugins
To include and exclude certain articles and categories
To set the CSS style for the container
To set the container type
To enable the views where the button will be show up
To enable the comments counter
To enable the moderation tool for FB comments
Facebook Opengraph support
Asyncronus load option for the plugins script
Autopublish content fot Twitter and Facebook
Auto resize Facebook comment box
Auto choose adapt the plugin's language to the current one
Video Youtube share support
Virtuemart support
Added Linkedin button
Added Pinterest button
Added direct photo upload to Facebook
Add custom icon

This plugin is the extension of the popular Facebook Like and Share plugin and it allows the user to share your content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin or Pinterest.

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Reviews: 7
Love this plugin. Easy to use, exceptionally easy to configure and still includes a tonne of options to allow you to tweak it to your needs. Page load times go up a bit, but that happens with any Social Sharing plugin. Not bad on that front though, and totally within normal expected load times, so I'm very happy! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Everythings works as expected, but to make the 5 stars full, there should be a possibilty to add content before and after the buttons. At the moment it's only possible to just display the buttons and that's it.
Reviews: 1
Getting this plugin to work was as simple as installing and enabling. All the settings are easily controlled from the administration interface.

Incredible set of features for a free plugin. Definitely recommend. It would be nice if it automatically shortened URLs when you Tweet an article, but I'm not sure how realistic an expectation that is.
Reviews: 1
Having spent two days trying to get a component to work that posts to Facebook and Twitter, and failing, I came across this when I was looking to put Like/Share etc buttons on. Turns out I needn't have bothered getting the other component, nor the comment system I'd got. This little plugin does it all. And it's a doddle to install and configure. The only bit that's remotely difficult is setting up the Facebook and Twitter apps. But that's not down to the plugin.
A brilliant piece of work!
Reviews: 6
I was looking for a Pintetest button on JED. Found a few and tried them out. This was the first that worked without any trouble. Thank. Great Job!
Reviews: 1
a great PlugIn... thank you so much.
i just installed it on a J25 local site with Helix-II template, unfortunately the FB buttons like, share, send does not appear!

All is good with other social buttons
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent plugin to get social sharing straight into every article / page of your site. Loads of options to customise, worked straight away and very easy to set up.
Reviews: 1
This plugin was super easy to install and works perfectly. I was getting an error but sent the developer an email about it and he responded in less than 24 hours with a fix. Love it!
Reviews: 5
Lots of thanks to the developer for this perfect free plugin!
But I think that now with Google+ it should include a Google Share button.
Owner's reply

We did it in the last release

Reviews: 1
Muy buena extension, facil de usar y muy completa, incluye el boton de "compartir en Facebook" que muchas extensiones ya no lo tienen. y sobretodo es Gratis!
Reviews: 5
I tried several extensions before finding this one. Some only provided a Facebook like button, whereas this allows sharing, including on a Facebook page. Plus it allows sharing on other social networking sites.
Reviews: 2
This is the best plugin ever for Joomla sharing network extension. It's very easy to use and customize. However, it works best in production server but fails to work in local environment. Anyway, thanks for your hard work indeed!
Reviews: 3
Some of the buttons don't respond to language settings and also the Facebook like, comments etc. isn't working. For the rest it looks like an OK plugin. Would like to have the option to have more control over the open graph data though.
Reviews: 2
This is the best solution for Social multishare the only one thing is that it doesn't work with k2 and virtuemart.
Reviews: 2
I like this extension because of its all-in-one solution for comments and social like buttons. I did run into a problem that when I activate the Google+ button, it keeps Google from reading my Google Analytics code. Cannot contact developer through site and there is no support forum.

Still, it's easy to use. Works, except for this weird thing. I think it's worth some money--but it's free!
Reviews: 1
It was simple to set up and worked Just as I wanted.
I recommend it to anyone who wants a simple but very powerful plugin.
Reviews: 9
This a well thought out, light-weight plugin. I had a small issue with youtube videos being shared, the developer promptly fixed the issue.

I have tried lots of the social plugins and this one wins on many fronts... quality!
Reviews: 4
It's just great, does everything it's supposed and more.
You can set up so that articles are auto published for facebook and twitter, wov.
The documentation on the website is also very helpful. It got me thru the auto publish for facebook.
So get this plg.

Reviews: 1
Really good plugin, does exaclty what its supposed to do. I did have a couple of issues with the spaceing of the buttons but this was due to faceback, twitter etc. The plugin would be even better if more buttons were added such as stumbleupon and Digg...
Reviews: 6
Yes, it's a nice extension but any functions are not usable in Joomla 1.5 like set display position. You must write a note like 'This Function for J!2.5 or Later' on description page. Other features ok and very nice.
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