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ITPSocial Buttons ModulePlugin

It is a simple solution for adding social buttons on your web page. You can choose from 30+ kinds of social media icons.


* positions - on the top, on the bottom or both positions in article.
* show or hide each one of buttons;
* interactive icons packages ( 30+ );
* you can choose where to be rendered - on articles, categories, sections or front page (
* fields for custom code and additional buttons;
* you can exclude sections, categories and articles;

Works with these components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* EasyBlog (com_easyblog)
* VipPortfolio (com_vipportfolio)
* VipQuotes (com_vipquotes)
* UserIdeas (com_userideas)
* HikaShop (com_hikashop)
* JoomShopping (com_jshopping)
* ZOO (com_zoo)

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Reviews: 6
Many designs of buttons, easy to configure. Very good!
Reviews: 3
Have enough and extremely easy to configure options. You can choose between different sizes and designs for the icons. And they display perfect without need to modify the css.
Reviews: 1
It does what it says. Easy an functional.
Well done!!
Reviews: 7
I have installed and it was absolutely easy to add the like button. I could add easy position as it does not distract the contents and images. So well done and great one to use it!
Reviews: 6
After fiddling around with several otehr solutions this my first choice. Integration with EasyBlog works like a charm. As other stated, get the Google+ code and set up a custom button. Highly recommended
Reviews: 3
I just installed.
By now I'm just using the plugin, and it's working without any issue.
Good Icons layouts, thanks!
Reviews: 3
Great extension installed without any problen in joomla 3.1 and easy to configure.
Reviews: 3
Use as a plugin is great - the styles also suit whatever you could need. I think the paid ones are too expensive for what they are this one proves it !

Easy to set up and configure I needed no support.
Reviews: 3
I've just wrote a 5 star review the ITPFloatingShare and i promised to write here too, because this plugin is also on the same quality of excellence! Lots of configurable otions, custom codes, lots of icon themes, and so on. Install and 10 sec of configuration and profit!
Reviews: 2
When you use the module or plugin's Center style css with firefox it adds 3-4 extra pixels of space to the bottom of the module. If you care about what your site looks like cross-browser this is not good. I only gave it a fair because of this lack of cross-browser friendlyness. If you want to post up on thier forum it appears you have to pay so I dont think this qualifies as non-commercial either.
Owner's reply

Thank you for great review!!! :)

It is open source and you are able to edit CSS styles easily. You will find them in style.css in the folder of the extension.

The Members site is for premium services, but you can publish absolutely free issues, ideas, questions on GitHub.
I have written that on the page of the extension, describing ways to get support :)

Reviews: 10
Easy to configure, fully customizable and nice icons.
Reviews: 1
Installed the module and plugin on my 2.5 site, set the parameters, added my own Google Plus code, and VOILA!!! Good work! Would that all extensions were this easy to use!
Reviews: 1
What a brilliant module, so easy to configure and looks great.

I just love the fact you have so many icon choices that you can display.

Whats even better is it just works.

Working just fine on Joomla 2.5.7
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the mod as wel as the plugin and I am not sure which i like more yet. It was easy to set up and does anything it says. I only have one issue with the alignment of the plugin. When I want the buttons to show in the centre of the article, it still shows on the left. When I select right it will align right though. I haven't figure out how to fix this, so if anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it.. Besides that little issue it is really a great plugin and I rate it as Excellent! Thanks for this great plugin/mod!
Reviews: 3
Over past year I've tried the top 5 or so social sharing modules in directory and this one takes the cake!
Here's why:
- Option to add custom buttons! (fyi you can grab ready-made Google+ buttons at "developers [dot] google [dot] com" and place right into this module)
- Fully editable [and clean] CSS
- Huge selection of modern icon styles
- It's not powered by "ShareThis," so there's none of that b.scorecard.research script that ShareThis forces on your site
- No hidden links (beware some less reputable modules surreptitiously place link to their site in your source code - check your source)

Reviews: 3
I'm shocked how good this plugin is! Many ways of modifications, many beautiful icons to choose! I haven't seen better modification. Works perfect with my template. And it's for free!

Reviews: 1
This plugin is great and simple for use, but I have one problem with thumbnail. When I submit on facebook, then I can choose thumbnail between all images which are on first page directly or indirectly.
I only want to have default image on thumbnail:)
Reviews: 3
Excellent !
I only suggest to insert the G+ button for every buttons type and it's absolutely perfect !
Reviews: 1
Despite the review from someone saying it broke their site I just downloaded, installed and marvelled at the output of this (plugin version) in under 5 minutes. I've tried a few free sharing extensions and this was the most hassle free. It's great, Thanks a lot :)
Reviews: 9
This module is easy to install, has multiple parameters that are easy to understand and configure and works right out of the box.
I used it on a 1.5 and 2.5 installation without a problem. Brilliant!!
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