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ITPSubscribe ModulePlugin

Simple module that adds icons of your social profiles on your site. You can choose from 160+ twitter icons and 40+ packages with RSS, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google icons.

You can put a FeedBurner subscription form. It is a better way your reader to subscribe by e-mail. The extension provides you a good and easy method your readers to subscribe for your news.


The Plugin
You are able to go "out of the box" with the plugin. The plugin puts a RSS feed and Feedburner form on the top or on the bottom in your articles. It is the best way for rapid growth of your RSS subscribers.

You can also put custom code to add additional icons or e-mail forms.

The plugin works with these components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* EasyBlog ( com_easyblog )
* VipQuotes( com_vipquotes )
* Vip Portfolio PRO ( com_vipportfolio )
* HikaShop ( com_hikashop )
* JoomShopping ( com_jshopping )
* ZOO ( com_zoo )

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Reviews: 1
While it does not have the links to Pinterest, Youtube etc out of the box, but it works. There are several nice looking templates available that you can use for your website. The only one that works for joomla 3.1
Reviews: 12
A very easy-to-use extension which works exactly as advertised. I'd like to see a few more media options (YouTube, Pinterest) but it's very good. Only complaint is that icons naturally wanted to rub edge of module, no padding. But I'd definitely recommend it.
Reviews: 3
A have upgraded my site from J1.5 to J2.5 and never tried to seek for other RSS sibscribing extension. This one is really great and stylish, I am happy it has been upgraded for joomla 2.5 finally.
Great module, plugin and job in overall. Thank you!
Reviews: 16
There´s lots of SM extension out there, but this one has alot of diferent type of icons. wich makes it easy for the webmaster...

an All in one I may say..

Reviews: 1
As a new Joomla user, I've tried various other extensions for per my use, but i can certainly approve it as the most friendly, I tried before.
Thanks to provide this.
Reviews: 8
Thank you very much for sharing this extension, which has an excellent presentation and above all very useful ... thank you, thank you very much
Reviews: 1
Congrats, very nice module!!!
Please!! ADD some more social network to be more useful!!!
Reviews: 6
What I like most about this extension (and what you don't really see in the screenshots) is that its easy to get a very simple result. I mean, you can get the big orange bar which screams "SUBSCRIBE!", but it's also very easy to just turn it into a very modest simple layout.

I have it running on my business blog, and its just a small block with a sign up (for feedburner) and two links (twitter and RSS). Works perfectly.
Reviews: 4
The module is the best I've tried so far. Looks great, very easy to instal and configure. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
This is the first extension that I have used as I am very new to Joomla. I wanted something simple and easy to use, that would look good on my site.
This extension was just that. I had it up and running in 2 minutes and links work perfectly. Thanks very much for making this available and so simple to use for noobs like me. 5*****
Reviews: 3
Easy to use - simply install and add in your details for facebook, twitter and email feeds. Sits nicely in a side panel and the icons are great too with a variety to pick from.

My only 2 suggestions would be: Add more social networks and have icons that you can see of the images rather than having to select them and view the site to see them first.

Well done - good extension.
Reviews: 3
Congrats, very nice module!!!
Please!! ADD YouTube to be perfect!!!

Many thanks
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this Great extension, works perfect and without issue, for twitter icons i got really excited and couldn`t choose between more than 155 Great icon.