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Are you interested in running your very own groupon clone, group buying or social buying website like En Masse is the solution base software that you are looking for. EnMasse is a Joomla component that allows users to install a coupon shopping feature to their website, create deals from both of front end and back end, manage order, social sharing rewards plan and many more features. It allows customers to purchase any types of coupons online or download free deals and vouchers for them or their friends as a gift. After our first beta launch in Dec 2011 we have sold many copies and setup numerous Groupon like sites internationally and new releases have been regular ever since.

[Basic Frontend Features]
* Allows salesperson to create deals with tier pricing features. (NEW)
* SEO friendly URL. (NEW)
* Have sub category and category page. (NEW)
* Responsive web design for mobile devices. (NEW)
* Users can check their orders in the frontend.
* Allows salesperson to create deals and view their sales.
* Allows merchants to view/update coupons status.
* Allowing of multiple deals on sidebar.
* Login by social account: facebook, twitter
* Share deal via facebook, twitter and email.

[Basic Backend Features]
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher. (NEW)
* Sending of coupon links to users when deal is confirmed, cancelled
* Payment gateways setting (Paypal integrated with many other payment gateway)
* Coupon editor to edit your own customized coupon
* Salesperson management allows you to manage a team of sales people who bring in deals for you
* Order management allows you to view all orders

[Mobile Application for Merchant]
* Scan QR code on coupon and update coupon status.
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Mobile Application for Customer]
* Buy deals onapplication
* Check their orders on purchased history
* Share deal via Facebook and Twitter
* Choose city to see all of deals of this location
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Facebook Application]
* Allow you to put up an Facebook Application for your fans to directly see the list of deals through Facebook and drive the traffic to your website.
* Share deal via Facebook, twitter and email.

[Feature Listing of new releases]

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.1*~~~~~~~~
* Multi cart function

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.0*~~~~~~~~
* Allow to create Tier Pricing deals.
* SEO friendly URL.
* Have sub category and category page.
* Responsive web design mobile.
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher.

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 4.4*~~~~~~~~
* Allowing of multiple deals on the side.
* Enhancing of slide show functionality.
* Display Merchant Logo on the front-end.
* This version now supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0

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Reviews: 1
I bought this extension today and I must say PERFECT. The support team is very fast. I am quite happy with the Product Features and quality of support.

I strongly recommend people use it
Reviews: 5
I recently purchased the latest version of Enmasse (3.0). The biggest reason I got the component was for the promise that 3.0 would have dynamic attributes. Doing my due diligence, i went into the pre-sales forum and confirmed that 3.0 had the attributes. I was told by the developer that it did. I bought the extension and quickly found that attributes were no where to be found. After contacting support and not getting any answers after 48 hours I asked for a refund and still have no answer on that. I have used the component in the past and believe it has potential but I really dont like being misled into buying something that doesnt do whats advertised and confirmed.
Owner's reply

Dear Sir,

Please re-check again the dynamic attribute feature in our LIVE DEMO site if it matches your need. If not, please email us in details what you really need so that we will consider to add into the Product for you.

By the way, I think there are some problems with sending/receiving your email as we asked you to send us the receipt as procedure for refund but we didn't get your reply too.

Sorry for inconvenient caused and thank you for your comment!


Reviews: 1
We purchased EnMasse a few months ago and after setting up our site, customizing design and functionality, they still provide excellent support to this day. We have needed urgent technical support and Michael is always responsive and Hung is a fast and professional programmer.

The product is great, but the service is far more important to us as we are not programmers ourselves.

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
It is the one of the best extensions in joomla community ! I love it!
I strongly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension a couple months back and I am very pleased with it.

There were some bugs and some adjustments which we needed, plus an adjustment to the payment gateway for which we paid a couple hundred dollars. The support and response time from the team cannot be faulted.

Yes, if you want to get this up and running as a profitable business then you will need to be serious about your website and treat it like a business and not a hobby. In any business you will spend a certain amount on various expenses. In launching our social buying website, En Masse has added the most value for least amount of money.

If you consider the potential of a social buying website, you will never complain at the price, the bug finding or any extra development of En Masse - it will help you make more money than you spend on it. Period.

If you choose to go with the component then good luck and wish your business to grow from strength to strength.
Reviews: 1
Our team has been using this component since the early stages. But now it's time for us to say goodbye.

User manual is very poor, what it says are just how to install the extensions, how to set up menu items... What we really want are the introduction, the instructions how the component works, what the flows are... Today is December 25, 15 days after they released En Masse 2.0, and now there is no document for it. What is "Partial payment"? How to set up "SEO for EnMasse"? How to configure "Mobile friendly template"? Their current document is too old, most of the screenshots are En Masse 1.3 on Joomla 1.5! So, we buy subscription just for questions and answers, asking them how to use the component.

User manual is only for subscriber to view online. So if your subscription is end you will not be able to view the user manual again.

They dropped support for Joomla 1.5 without any announcement on their website! There are still thousand or million Joomla 1.5 sites out there!

The source code is not good also. They not support Joomla 1.5 but the code is written in old style of Joomla 1.5. The component works with ACYMailing by inserting data to the database of ACY directly while ACY provides many API functions. So that's a headache for us to customize the component for our customers.

Do you know what is the description of their template? "The 3rd tutorial template from Joomla 1.6 - A User's Guide". This is how they build their products!

The thumbnail of their templates are, it seems they copied many things from So we must have changed many things in their templates to stay away for copyright issues when we built sites for customers from USA.

They are selling international product. But the language in their product is not good at all! I understand English is not their mother language. But is it really difficult to find someone good at English to review the product? We needed to translate the whole product again to make the product usable.

They only support So if your country is not supported by Paypal this will be a big problem.

This is my review. I hope this review will be useful for someome who will buy this extension, even that is a normal user or a developer. I hope they will improve the product soon but that's enough for me and my team now. This component brought to us so many problems.

Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

We are on the progress to revamping the Matamko website and have some changes on the website structure as provides the User Manual for publisher, which we are aiming to be up by 20th of Jan. The reason for the delay is that our team has being focusing on the improvement on the features and developed more templates for the users to choose from.

We don't drop support for Joomla 1.5, just that Joomla 1.5 doesn't support good future version. If you want to use Joomla 1.5, you can get our version 1.7

We'd like to support Paypal because it is supported nearly over the world compared to our payment gateway.

For your information, the main template is for demo purpose and we have 3 other templates to choose from.

It is regretful that we are not able to put up our documentation earlier, but we do help our customer through support ticket on resolving their issues. You prefer to read through or you will prefer to have someone to assist you to resolve your problems?

Thanks for your support and we appreciate feedback and we will take note that we will release documentation together with our stable release.

Reviews: 1
At first, it may seem overwhelming, but with Matamko's support, you will not be let down. They work harder than any other extension support team I have worked with.

On top of that, there were some "extras" that I desired to have coded, and for a great price they created the extra coding in only a few days.

I am a firm believer that it is support that makes the difference.

Just be patient with it. A couple times, the templates were buggy, but after contacting them, it was fixed quickly, and I was able to redownload. They will also help as needed.

The new 2.0 template has mobile support and is very stylish.

I haven't had any issues with the emails or coupon delivery.

I just think it is important to understand that as with any component, it takes some thought, configuration, and followthrough.

Great job, and thank you!
Reviews: 1
The software only support Paypal payment. If you want to have another payment you have to pay them $300. So I need to pay $420 to have this software to be run in my country for 1 month subscription. The price is very expensive while other e-commercial softwares provide many payments free. I ask them for Pagseguro payment and they keep ask me for $300 while they post on their site that they worked to support it already.

They only support people have subscription, you only be able to access document when you have subscription, the forum has many ignored posts because the posters don't have subscription, so that's really unfair. So you need to be rich to pay them often to see the document and ask for support.

They launch a demo site for people to test the software but funny thing is they don't provide any document how to build and use the new features. How can we test to buy if we don't know the features are good? Really poor document!

Have many bugs in the demo site: the image and text overlap, not in line, check out takes so much time (2 min) and then the site dies....

This really not useful for me. This is the most expensive Joomla extension I ever known.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your feedback. The posting on Pagseguro payment gateway is very long time ago and there have being changes to the system. The reason why we only support Paypal is because we prefer to focus on 1 payment gateway and focus in improving the frontend and backend system.

We are going through a revamp of the website to improve on the product information. For us, we allow customers to refund if the extension is not up to the standard (They jsut need to provide us a good reason and so that we will able to improve) and we provide pre-sales email for people to ask question.

The reason why we only provide support for people who subscribe is to ensure that we have sufficient finance to develop the extension because we are serious into this business and we are growing the extension's feature and developing a professional team to continue to develop this and provide technical support for long-term...

For people who is running a professional groupon site, it is important for them to get long-term technical support and for the price, if compared that you hire a programmer to develop the features that we have and also with the other extension in the market.... We are consider a lot more cost effective already. On top of that, we provide constant update of features and patches to our system PLUS technical support with 1 day response time. (We are trying hard to maintain that)

We are trying to develop this as a long-term business with support, not as an one-time off extension or to work on it as a hobby.

Reviews: 2
Easy to install..good support with reasonable price!
Reviews: 2
I have a few years working with Joomla, and throughout this time, I could use over 100 different components.
I've seen everything, better and worse, but "en masse" is the only one that I felt cheated.
The software has bugs incredible that anyone with 10 days of experience does not write.
The mail system works randomly, sending less than 50% (on a ecommerce website!).
I have found documentation completely outdated and erroneous in several essential points.
In the documentation, you can clearly see that using the starter acymailing software can perform a number of features that do not exist and then forced to hire enterprise version (90 USD per year).
The translations are not covered at 100% and I have had tio change over 25 php source files when upgrading to a new version lost.
The window for uploading images is ridiculously small, and you can not manage it well, and wrote a series of unintelligible characters to manage the backslash in directories.

For almost all, the usual solution is that I should disable the "display_errors" or non-error, but features. All in all a shame.
In this situation, on november 10 I decided to request a refund to the sales department. He replied, Daniel Tang, "the Chief Techie" who asked me to leave 2 days to think. Today we are ending the day 23, 16 days later and still waiting.

Among the errors expected and has already spent almost the month for which I paid $ 120. They have cheated me and I will not see my money again, but I put this comment so no one else to fall into their trap.

Would that all the money I have stolen, they have to spend it on doctors.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

There are many other users that had used the same application and it is working well for them, seems to me that you failed to customize the extension yourself, due to your lack of understanding of the coding structure of our extension.

We did receive your ticket, but your issues that you highlight is general description of issues like you highlighted in your review. (The code is bad?)

For the email issue, I will suspect is from server setting issues that you are having, but you did not provide us sufficient information for us to assist you in.

For the issue of the Email system (ACYMailer), we are restricted by the ability of the components that you used for integration and this is highlighted in our website.

As for your request of refunded, we waited for a long time (I think is around 10 days) from you to give us a clearer explanation on what do you mean by poor code quality, so that our team could improve and do the refund, as this is also stated clearly as our refund policy.

If you are not happy with our products, we will be glad to do an refund, but we find that it is important for us to learn from each refund case the reason why.

On top of that, after a long, finally you replied and although the reasons are vivid again, we decide to approve the refund, which we need your paypal receipt for refund, which you have yet to send us.

We appreciate positive feedback on our system and coding and we have learn a lot through that for the past 12 months since we launched and we appreciate it...

I will personally appreciate that you could give constructive suggestion then to keep screaming around saying that the things is bad, but without clearly let us know.

Will hope for an constructive feedback and suggestion... and I am still waiting for your paypal receipt for refund.

Daniel Tang, Chief Geek.

Reviews: 3
With the exception of some inconvenient issues. This component has some great potential. Pros easy to set up and get around. Cons those issues I mentioned.

The sign up login for new users doesn't seems to work for me. Enter info and it just sits there staring empty back at you.

The other issue was on check out. En Masse does very well when it has only one item to total. But if your end users want to buy multiple coupons in one transaction then watch out for the check out to inflate the total. Example: Say a coupon is $5 and your end user orders 5, total is $25 check out and the total of $25 gets multiplied by the number of items again.

I have submitted a ticket, but my confidence in getting it resolved is not high, as the answer to resolving the sign up issue was "you can use En Masse without the need to use the sign up :-/

As pricy as this commercial Extension is, it should be better supported, have a searchable forum for finding answers on your own, and better documentation. Users such as myself have no problem looking and helping one another out.

I'd even be okay to set 1 transaction to 1 coupon,but would prefer it to work correctly or as configured.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your comment. For us, we provide the support through our support ticket and the forum is not supported by the technical team.

We need to provide support and complete documentation to users who pay for subscription.

For your issue you mentioned is on our beta version and our stable version, the issue is resolved in the latest version.

Reviews: 2
Had an initial problem with this componant displaying the checkout inside my home page rather than an individual page of it's own becuase it assumes you have set today's deal to be the default page of your site.
Support was excellent and the issue was quickly resolved! They also are now looking into changing this to prevent other people having the same issue in the future.
Now that's it's working how I want it to I'm loving it, thanks for a great component.
Reviews: 2
My client bought this extension and the support isn't good. I have posted a lot of questions in the forum, posted tickets, still no replies. It's not actually a clone of groupon if you may ask me. It only asks for location, it doesn't ask for the email address which is very important. A $120 extension with very poor support, doesn't exactly do what groupon does. I feel sorry for my client.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

I am sorry for your bad experience, we are doing an investigation into this issue with our service officers.

It will be great that you could email me directly at and let me know your username at the system and let us know more about your experience, so that I could trace back more on this so that we could improve our customer service process.

Once again we apologized for your poor experience despise we are getting good reviews for the same time, but we will like to find out more and improve from it.


Reviews: 1
I was amazed by their capability of making such a great extention. I strongly recommend~
However only concern I have is that it would be perfect if they also provide mobile version template of en masse.
Reviews: 5
En Masse was exactly what we were looking for - a better way to monetize our site. Installing was a breeze, setting up and managing content is straightforward, and what's more... the site looks great. In terms of bang for buck, it cost about 1/20th of what custom development would have cost us to replicate the functionality of a robust coupon site for the niche market we're addressing. Also, we were able to deploy really quickly thanks to their superb technical support team. However, it's a complex business process that they automate, so I highly recommend using their support team if you're not a Joomla guru. This last point is the most important - development on this extension is continuing at a very fast pace, so in a year, it'll be mindboggling. So get started early because En Masse isn't just an extension, Matamko is a partner you'll want to grow with.
Reviews: 2
This extension is a really wonderful tool for those who've already got some experience of administrating sites based on Joomla.
Reviews: 4
Oh dear. What a shame. The extention could have been what I was looking for. The poor quality of the component is shown on there own website's demo.
The first time when i install an extension,is saying me "succesfully installed" and when i try to run the program is giving me an error.Please verify the functionality before puting something here,even if it's a new extension.

However this did not put me off at first so I downloaded the extention anyway to do a few more tests..... it didn't take long for me to decide to un-install and keep looking.
Owner's reply


We are in the midst of moving our server and upgrading our demo site from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.6, which we experience some issues in our demo script.

Nevertheless, I am sorry about your bad experience with the demo site being in the progress of upgrading and also issues with your system.

We suggest that you email to our support team, so that we could assist you. As this could some issues with the server environment and setting, which we will try our best to assist.

We are very keen to help our client to launch their website successful as we have done for many of our clients, as we believe that your success is our success.

Reviews: 1
I been searching for this Social Shopping extension for my project for 5 months. Tried En Masse's demo, and the demo has everything I needed.

En Masse does everything it said it will do. As a new Joomla user, I can say that En masse is easy to use; supports and resources are great.

Plus the Developers keep improving En Masse.
What am really excited about is what and where En Masse will be in a year period.

Thanks En Masse
Reviews: 8
Thumbs up for this component. I was searching high and low for a way to use Joomla to make a deal site and this one, even though it has a way to go, is the ticket... or the coupon... so to speak. The price is well worth it. It is not expensive in any way shape or form when compared to what else is out there and how far this one has come.
Reviews: 1
I just purchased the 'en masse' component last week. I am a very unexperienced Joomla user and am always hoping that the components I use are easy to understand and if not that I get sufficient support. In both situations these guys deserve tons of credits. The patience the had with answering my questions is unbelievable.
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