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JEXTN Groupbuy ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

JEXTN GroupBuy offers attractive deals for each products,shop owners can show case their products here with best deal prices, deal available period and number of boughts.
This component is developed based on the popular of

Features of JEXTN Groupbuy:

1. Five different type of theme for Deal list page .
2. Add to cart feature for purchasing multiple products.
3. Product detail page theme like groupon.
4. Supports Paypal, Ideal, 2CO, ccAvenue,, Docdata and Google Checkout payments
5. Support Offline payment.
6. Support Cash On Delivery(COD).
7. Support Bank Transfer.
8. Support multiple currency.
9. Support Youtube videos to display.
10. Support Free Coupon purchase.
11. Categorised view for the product.
12. Only registered users can buy the products.
13. Automatically generated coupon will be send to the user after payment.
14. Option for resending the coupon to user.
15. Custom coupon template, the admin can modify the coupon template.
16. User can print and download the coupon from the front end.
17. Google Maps Integration.
18. Multiple Themes support, so that it does not need any customization.
19. Comments/Discussion.
20. Sending mail to the shop owner of that particular product.
21. Supports Pagination.
22. Email / Invite a friend option.
23. Daily Deals Email Subscription(Its support with ACY Mailing component for newsletter).
24. Auto calculation of the discount price for every products.
25. Show/Hide option for Copyrighttext.
26. Admin can add product from backend
27. Admin can add shop owner details at backend
28. Add different deals for a product from admin.
29. Admin can view the payment details.
30. Admin can add payment details manually for the products which are bought physically.
31. Supports Social sharing, Like twitter, facebook,...
32. Added user details in coupon template & "Orders" tab at admin
33. Display shop details at the products listing page.
34. Supports Module for listing the products.
35. Cross Browser Support [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.]
36. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, Greek, Chinese, etc..

Please do not use this reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Please contact us using support menu in our website.


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Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure. I was even with a few tips from their forum able to add my own currency. Initially I had some difficulties getting the component layout to work with a Gantry template I am using, however their tech support was fast, professional and resolved all the layout problems. Thanks Sam :)
Reviews: 2
Purchased this extension on 23rd July and is now up and running on my website within 24hrs.

Installation was a breeze! I needed a few alterations for it to blend nicely into my site and also had a few scripts on my site that were interfering with the extension. I contacted customer support and within a few minutes I had a lightning response to my issues. In no time the developer sorted out my issues and further more altered a few parts of the script to suit my own needs which they did not have to do.

I would not hesitate to purchase any extensions from this developer nor should anyone who is looking for great customer support which is second to none.

Highly recommended Thank you Sam :)
Reviews: 1
best component that I have ever used and the best support
Reviews: 5
I have to give a review for this Excellent support and fast responding from customer service!
They covered every little detail and helped me through each and sigle issue and/or doubt I has having.
I Highly recommend this awesome extension and excellent support!

Christian Carrillo.
Reviews: 1
Amazing extension! Works great. Backend is simple and logic. I had my first product published in less than 5 minutes.
Reviews: 1
I purchased the extension as it presented well out of the box and had a different slant from other Daily Deal websites. It was very simple to install for someone with low to mid range experience. I had a couple of minor issues and these were addressed within several hours. They actually supplied the code for me to fix a minor problem.
AS AN OPTION: In the future, I would like the ability to have a choice of dedicated templates for this excellent extension.
Reviews: 2
That's a very good extension and well supported by developers that help you to increse your online business. After some little adjustment for my web site the extension is almost perfect and work well. I received quick answers from support service to all my last recent issues.
Reviews: 1
very good support team,highly professional guys,good extension!
Owner's reply

For customization or modifications please contact us or open a support ticket we will help you with that.

Reviews: 1
This extension is worth every cent!
First of all the have quick support and the solve every issue you have.
Second the component is just easy to install and easy to work with!
Thank you guys again!
Excellent Job!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 1
i request support team
-1st to fix one bug that i had with categories (where the deal price was the same with the begin price), and they fix it.
and 2nd i ask them change the coupon way that number shown, and the user to see only the number that remaining,
and they succeed it in very short time.

very good support team..
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 2
We have a complex website with lots of components and features..we had some initial compatibility issues (not surprising with the complexity). The issue was fixed within 30 minutes of opening a ticket. That was impressive.
Great product... great support...
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 1
Purchased the JEgroupbuy extension - installation was simple. Usage was intuitive enough, as i never referred to any documentation. I was unable to create a category and after asking for a refund i was advised that STATE/CITY is actually the Category tab - so if you are battling to create a category - you must do it under STATE/CITY tab. That little issued cost me more than a few hours - as the developers obviously haven't changed the underlying code from a city groupon base in which they use the category in place of the city - you have to physically start coding the project if you want the right label on the tag. Then a few more emails to try and add my local currency to the project - after a few hours I eventually figured out that the numerical currency code had to be changed in the the currency.php file under admin/models/fields - by the time the developer actually got this information to me I had already basically figured it out myself - a good few hours of searching through the code and analysing the database writing process to track down the source of the currency symbol. Now we are on to the paypal function - the test sandbox account shows the payment was successful and is reflected in the users paypal account - however the return to the wesbite says in rather poorly crafted english that the payment was unsuccessful and the deal does not update - I have emailed the developer again , and will wait for the response, in the meanwhile - I will potter about and see what I can determine. The developer is eager to help out with temporary access to my website - given how locked down my site is am not even going to consider giving anybody access to my site - even if it's temporary. I think I can get this to work for a local site in South Africa, But i can see that it will take a substantial amount of effort to do so. I am of the opinion that if you live in USD, Eur, GBP, INR which are the stock currencies offered, you could get it working with minimal effort , and if you are prepared to tolerate categories labelled as State/City and go through at least the english version - correcting quite a few poorly crafted english statements, as well as changing some labels deep in the code you could do so and have it look professional - i will need to comment on the paypal option later. For those outside of the stock currency areas, be prepared to work somewhat on the code and language if you want this to work.
Owner's reply

For your reference the below link is the documentation of our extension: found in the page

The text "STATE/CITY", displayed at the administrator can be changed using the language file as per the user needs. And also the payment status text is also changeable by using the language file.

For the currency display option, we have currrently listed some of the oftenly used currencies that are supported by the Paypal payment method. So in our future upgrade version we are going to list all the currencies that are supported by the Paypal Payment.

And please use the ticket support for posting additional features and reporting bugs.

Reviews: 4
I agree with the other reviews:

Clean and easy installation, it does what it promises to do. And also looking forward to new updates...

Normal i wont to give *****, for a higher price component it is a "must" to have the possibility to hide the copyright at the frontend - thats more user- and customerfriendly. And my page its not an advertisingwall. Thats the only one thing wich makes me angry...

Also in future it will be more firendly when it will be possbile to hide some of the payment companys - not all are needed for everyone...

And as last - the documentation is very poor...
PayPal doesnt work and also where i can set the payapl payment details....
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for giving us your valuable suggestion - We will surely consider it in terms of improving the customer freindliness with our next update.

Regarding the copyright in front end - Its possible to hide it from the backend.
For JE GroupBuy Joomla 1.6 Native :-
Go to Admin >> Components >> JE Group Buy >> Options tab >> Show Footer Text >> Show or Hide ==> If you select No then copyright wont be displayed in the front end.
For JE GroupBuy Joomla 1.5 Native :-
Go to Admin >> Components >> JE Group Buy >> Settings >> Show Footer Text >> Yes or No
We hope this will solve your major concern and your support will always be needed for us to improve our services.

Regarding hiding the payment company name - This is also possible from the backend panel. Plugin Manager >> Groupbuy payment >> List of all payment company will be available here and you can disable the ones you want to hide.

Setting up paypal payment details - Plugin Manager >> Groupbuy payment >> Paypal >> You can find the parameters in the right hand section of the backend.

We will be improvising our documentation as suggested to help our relationship with our esteemed clients like yourself.

Reviews: 1
Excellent product and support is very available.

Reviews: 1
Clean and easy installation!
It does what it promises to do!
Help from the support team was very instant when i thought i was facing a problem!
Do recommend!

Looking forward to new updates...
Reviews: 5
I have been waiting for such an extension for a while. In fact I actually created a module using a combination of different components - this is much easier though and certainly has lots of possibilities. It is easy to use right out of the box - I did have a question though which was answered promptly (even though I figured it out as soon as I hit the 'send' button.), nonetheless, the reply was quick. I am sure that we'll be seeing some major improvements in later releases. Keep an eye out for this component!
Reviews: 6
This extension would be perfect with a pay to download feature.
Hopefully it will be added in the next release.
Owner's reply


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. We will consider this feature in our upcoming version.

If you have any other suggestions, please contact us.

Reviews: 5
I bought this extensions the day it came out and must say NO regrets. I have tested many "groupon alike" scripts but was hoping to stay with Joomla!. Easy install and easy to navigate & make new deals in admin.

Tested with YOOtheme Nano and faced 1 small error. Feedback & support after reporting error was within 30 minutes and solved by Balaji.

First version is very basic but seeing the features planned for next update, this is definitely becoming a winner. Price wise a worthwhile deal!