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  • This extension requires registration to download.
CMGroupBuying is a Joomla! component which helps you add social buying / group buying feature to your Joomla! website.

Current version's main features (version 2.8.0):


* Customers can buy for deals, print free coupons or get free coupon code
* Menu items lists of deals and free coupons.
* Menu items for shopping cart, user's orders and coupons, RSS feeds
* Partner (merchant) area for checking and updating coupon status
* +1 button for Google+, share deal via Twitter and Facebook
* Each deal/free coupon has its own background image
* Insert deal into Joomla! article, ability to design your own template
* Facebook comment
* Side module for listing of deals
* Search for deals
* Integration with ACYMailing component for a mailing subscription system
* Integration with sh404sef for friendly URL
* Integration with Joom!Fish and Falang for multilingual
* Provide customizable XML structure to connect with deal aggregators
* Deal map/Category browsing: use Google Maps to browse for deals
* Multi-option for deal: every deal can have many options (prices)
* AlphaUserPoints integration: earn points by referring deals, use points to buy deals
* Support Alipay,'s SIM,'s AIM, Gold (Cardcom), Cash, DineroMail, eWAY's Shared Payments, eWAY's Direct Payments, Faturah, Fortumo (only support Mobile Payments / Premium SMS API), iDEAL (via Mollie), iPay88, Klarna, MercadoPago, MOLPay, PagSeguro, Payfast, Paypal Web Payment Standard, Paypal Pro's Direct Payments, PayU, Payza, PesaPal, Setcom, SystemPay, 2Checkout, VivaPayments
* JomSocial integration: pre-fill JomSocial profile when checking out, buy deal with JomSocial point, get bonus JomSocial point for referral, post an activity on user's wall after buying deal
* Integration with Community Builder user profile
* Free developing new payment gateway
* Merchant can submit his deals and free coupons by himself
* Geotargeting (using IP database from MaxMind, IPInfoDB)
* Joomla Content plug-ins are supported in deal/free coupon detail page
* Advance payment: buyer only needs to pay to group buying site a small amount of deal price, the rest will be paid to merchant
* Ability to buy without registration
* Ability to buy multi deals at the same time
* Responsive template and layout (mobile friendly)
* Integration with K2, Akeeba Subscription component
* Discus comment integration
* Coupon in HTML and PDF format


* Control layout, email notification and other settings
* Design coupon by drag-and-drop.
* Compose mail content
* Manage categories, locations, partners, deals, orders, coupons
* Report for deal and partner, export report to Microsoft Excel file
* Integration with ACYMailing's tag system and auto-newsletter to send daily deal to subscribers
* Administrators preview the deals, free coupons from merchants before set them published
* Administrators can modify buyer/coupon receiver info.
* Resend coupon to receiver.

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Reviews: 2
I am far from a developer and just started using Joomla not to long ago. Hung and his group have nailed it not only on an amazing product that is very easy to use but on the support. And trust me I am sure that I have asked more questions than most. They really are by far the best product and support I have found on the web hands down.
Reviews: 14
First off, I have tried the two other group deals components currently available for Joomla and they don't even begin to compare to CMGroupBuying. They cost more (one of them costs MUCH more) and they do far less. Additionally, the other two components are full of bugs that the developers either refuse to or do not have the skills to rectify.

With that said, I give CMGroupBuying 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, 5 mics, whatever the highest ranking available on your scale of choice. It is quite feature rich and the developer releases a new version (with new features and fixes for any issues reported by license holders) every month.

Yes, paying for a new license every month can get a bit expensive but if you only need/want the features of the current version then you'll never need an upgrade/update. Of course, you can also pay for a license to a longer license (or even a lifetime license).

As for bugs, I only have found one. I had an issue with CMGroupBuying and Jomsocial but the developer responded to my support ticket within an hour, pointing me to the forums where the fix had already been posted.

I also happened to run into two other issues but both were a result of issues on my end. Still, the developer explained the cause of the issues and provided the solution to each.

I recommend this extension 110% to anyone wishing to run a group deals site. Keep in mind this won't give you a "groupon clone" but for the most part, you should be happy with your purchase.
Reviews: 1

I have been following these developers since beginning. Their support is excellent. You just contact them and they help you without asking to know you have a active subscription or not. Email, forum, ticket support, everything is fast, they often reply my email in just 15 minutes. Just visit their forum, you will see what I mean here.

CMGroupBuying, I am very happy with it. Easy to use, useful features and the most thing I love is it has a new version every month, new features are from users's requests. The developers never ask us for customization project. Just ask them new features, they will develop them in new releases for FREE!

I agree with most people here. These kinds of developers are really rare.

This is my first review on this website, and I do it as a thank to developers. Thank you for a great service! You make me love Joomla and its community!

Reviews: 1
I tried CM GroupBuying demo earlier and found a lot of mistakes in the system. There were dead links and on some deals, the buy button didn’t work at all. I only spend a short time testing it and found quite a few issues with this component.
Bottom line is this system has a lot of logic work flow problems and I don’t think its ready for commercial use yet.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review but if you check on our website, there is a showcase which lists many websites using CMGroupBuying for their business. And we don't see any issues like you said in our demo site.

Reviews: 1
A few weeks ago I started searching around for ways to start my own deals website. There were many options on the market but one really caught my eye because of its low price and seemingly professional design. And the fact that it was a joomla! component was a plus as I had past experience working on the Joomla components.
I was really excited to get started so I hastily bought the CMgroup buying product thinking it was everything I needed to start my site.
Once I started to use the software, I suddenly realize why the price of the product was so cheap. *Sigh* the template was really poorly design, and the code was structured in a way that made it extremely hard to edit and customize the template. I emailed them for support but never really got a response for several days. And when they did finally respond to me, they didn’t even know what I was talking about. It was like I was speaking English to them and they were replying to me in Chinese. I was really frustrated and unhappy with their support. I guess the principle of the story is you get what you pay for or as we call in our business world “trade offs”. I want the world to know about my experiences with this product in hopes that they will change their product and their way of doing business.
In conclusion I can sum up this review and CMGroup buying experience in 2 words 'Rip Off'. Literally, I felt like someone actually stole my money.
Owner's reply

Your review makes me laugh.

I don't know if you really bought our extension and asked us for support. Because, we here are all Vietnamese, and we don't know any Chinese at all :).

Reviews: 2
I have used CMExtension for a while and with this great component together with the Dealsaggregator I have now developed 3 "Deal"-sites in about 1 month. This thanks to the support and developers. The support normaly replyes within 30 minutes.
Reviews: 1
recommended to use this component, very nice, UI, features, support, etc,...
Reviews: 3
CMGroupbuying it's excellent component and support very fast. RECOMMENDED !!!!
Reviews: 1
I have been working with joomla for a few years now and besides for this being a very Good and powerful extension that is very easy to setup and use, the developers' support is fantastic, very quick to respond and eager to help. I will be using this extension for a very long time. Great Work Guys!!!
Reviews: 1
Those guys are awsome!! Great support and accept suggestions to develop another gateway payments (to suit to your country) and other things, all included in support fee. I am really amazed with them. You should try this tool and also the other extensions they have. :)
Reviews: 5
From the first version 1.0 already a winner. Support is incredible fast and new features requested have been implemented without asking to submit a customization request ($$) as another competitor does.
Developer is listening, understands the needs and solves every bug found within the hour.
Easy and error free installation.
I like the backend, simple and not overdone with huge icons. These kinds of developers are rare and I am more than happy to continue my support by renewing my membership.
Well done Nguyen Trang!
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