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Facebook Social Comments ModulePlugin

KA Facebook Social Comments enables your users to easily comment on your site's content — whether it's for a web page, article, photo, or other piece of content. User can share the comment on Facebook on their Wall and in their friends' streams and then user's Facebook friends click on the link and come to your website.

Social Relevance: Comments Box uses social signals to surface the highest quality comments for each user. Comments are ordered to show users the most relevant comments from friends, friends of friends, and the most liked or active discussion threads, while comments marked as spam are hidden from view.

Distribution: Comments are easily shared with friends or with people who like your Page on Facebook. If a user leaves the "Post to Facebook" box checked when she posts a comment, a story appears on her friends' News Feed indicating that she's made a comment on your website, which will also link back to your site.

Friends and people who like the Page can then respond to the discussion by liking or replying to the comment directly in the News Feed on Facebook or in the Comments Box on your site. Threads stay synced across Facebook and on the Comments Box on your site regardless of where the comment was made.

Users can login via their Facebook account as well as Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail accounts to comment.

- Moderation tools support.
- Latest Facebook comments layout
- Settings to show/hide on selected Section, Categories or Articles.
- Settings to show/hide on selected Menu items.
- Support/Integrations for many popular components is added.
- Comment settings in backend to modify
- Facebook meta tag support.
- Open Graph tags support.
- Documentation.
- Tutorials.
- Support

Read full list of features and test demo on product page.

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Reviews: 1
It's a paid extension, but: no support (only on forum, but after six day without answer), poor documentation - broken links, unexisting files. I was not able to fix. Extension didn't work.
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had to experience problems, we are right in the middle of migrating our website and there were broken documentation links that we have fixed now. Please get in touch and we will help u with any issues you have.


Reviews: 2
Great extension - just what I was looking for. Not too hard to setup, many thanks.
Reviews: 12
Great extension, thank you!
Reviews: 11
Looks nice, but not working. Do not count on support, you will be wasting your money. Could not even register on their forum or got a reply back from the contact email address.
Owner's reply

Plugin works fine. If you having a problem with registration then make sure to read the error messages shown, probably user name you trying is already taken etc.
We reply to every single post in our forum:

Reviews: 1
From the beginning he has worked very well. I had no problem. But it would be better if it had option to twitter.
Reviews: 2
We have toiled with MANY MANY social integrations, and invariably they have all fallen short with error, bugs, etc... but most importantly most of them were under-developed, with limited functionality and flexibility for the user. Then we struck GOLD. KA Social plugins are thoroughly developed and very flexible. They have clearly taken much thought into giving the user options (parameters) that allow YOU to control how to use the various plugins and modules, and that is where all other developers have fallen well short. If there was something we couldn't figure out, we received support to help us through. We are now using Facebook FanBox, KA Social Share, and KA FaceBook Comments.. all working together in perfect synergy and without issue. Great work indeed!
Reviews: 3
I must say this plugin has some nice features and it comes with a module version which is nice, but I noticed that it interferes with other plugins and it is rather temperamental. Especially the Facebook sdk plugin, seems to interfere with cb log-out. I noticed that some other plugins stop working as well. Overall I give it a fair rating cause I think it has potential after the bugs are worked out. I purchased this but had to UN-enable it beacuse The facebook sdk was causing to many problems for me.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks for the review.

The SDK plugin adds Facebook API scripts and we have made it as a separate plugin so that you can disable it if another extension is already adding Facebook SDK scripts into your site.

We are working on to add new features of auto detection of other scripts to avoid conflicts as well and should be ready in coming versions.


Reviews: 8
Great work! It is worth the $15.
Reviews: 1
very good extension, thanks for that.

I wunder if there is any possibly to show latest comments from all articles in one module? I can't really look at each page in the site to view all comments!
Reviews: 1
All I need to not stress customers with captcha, bbcode and so on. The system is well done. Simply well done!!!
Reviews: 7
The product itself is good, but there are a few problems with it and the support is awful, you have to use a forum and it takes them days to reply to you. And to make it worst you don't get any email notification when they finally reply to your topic on the forum, so you have to keep checking it...
Reviews: 4
A lovely product. Integration with K2, ZOO and Virtuemart is flawless!
Reviews: 2
The extension works, both in firefox and explorer. Why, then am I giving such a poor rating?
After getting the fb app. and the extension working, I realized that in order to be able to post comments, Facebook displays the "this extension is requesting access to" window. This is fine.
The problem is that according to the window, my site is asking for nearly EVERYTHING on the users profile.

Customer service inexistant.
If you know EVERYTHING to need to know, this will work, otherwise... choose another developer.
Owner's reply


AS YOU WAS TOLD IN SUPPORT, this extension does not require any information like that. Demo are proof to play around and test for that.

Our developers provide support via support forum.

Read rest of the reviews and decide yourself.


Reviews: 7
I like the plugin. It works well and does the job, which it is supposed to do. The plugin opens the comment box directly under the article (therefore enter one or two paragraphs to have a little space under it).

The developer is very responsive and helpful and has just informed me that there is a challenge with the Opera browser and Facebook. The plugin works well with all the other browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Reviews: 3
Wow, probably the easiest plugin I've ever installed and it works wonderfully with easy to use controls. Wish every plugin could be this easy and robust!
Reviews: 36
good documentation on the web site, the plugin is enabled and set in a few minutes
Reviews: 4
the plugin itself is great, and easy to implement with clear instructions. There are a few improvements that can be made and the developer knows about it, and looking to implement it in the next version. I give it 5/5 as it does what I want!
Reviews: 8
The cost is to low and it does what it says.
Look no further!
Reviews: 1
A MUST have plugin, look no further.
This is by far the best and most simple plugin to set up and works right out of the box. It is exactly what we were looking for. Customer service is top notch. Thank you so very much.
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin! simple to use it :)
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