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FaceComments Plugin

FaceComments plugin allow you, webmasters to place comments box of popular social network on your sites.

Installation is simple - install, type your apiId in plugin settings and publish!

Some settings available - choose width of comments div, pages where plugin will work.

The main feature is you can choose - all pages or pages only with {fbcomments} text inserted will display this comment box!

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Reviews: 1
Where to get and what is apiID. Cant get it to work here. No info on your web site and contact form does not work in your web site.
Reviews: 3
Works perfect. Thanks for developers.
Reviews: 24
Great plugin indeed, simple and useful... but there is now way delete undesired comments, please add this which is important, I have seen this possibility in other plugins for j1.5
Reviews: 1
I tested it in 1.6 and it simply works great!
Facebook comments, plain and simple.