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FaceComments Box Plugin

FaceComments Box plugin allow you, webmasters to place the code of NEW facebook comments box of popular social network on your sites (example:

This is not old comments code. In this plugin your comments will be shown like a tree.

Installation is simple - install, type your apiId in plugin settings and publish!

Some settings available - choose width of comments div, pages where plugin will work.

The main feature is you can choose - all pages or pages only with {fbcommentsbox} text inserted will display this comment box.

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Reviews: 24
many compliments for this extension that is the first plugin made for joomla 1.6 and thanks as well, as I was needing it but unfortunately it is no possible to delete posts from users that are not appropiate and such an option is really very useful and needed. Other plugins for J1.5 have it why this not? Please upgrade it is great extension it works great and is simple and has the option to apply comments to all articles or only to those where the code is written at the bottom of the article.