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Facebook Comments Plugin

Replaces {fcomment} tag in any content with Facebook Comments Module: Facebook Comments are tied to URLs. This plugin provides full URL of the article to the Facebook module, which effectively means that each of your article containing this tag will start a separate comment flow. The plugin is language sensitive, it will detect content language automatically and pass it along to Facebook. Plugin parameters are: the Width of the module and the Number of posts. If you provide a Facebook Application ID then you will be able to moderate the comments, see the plugin description for details.

v1.0.15, v1.7.15: new parameter og:url meta tag can be switched off
v1.0.16, v1.7.16: Facebook Open Graph parameters are more strict, fix to handle this
v1.0.17, v1.7.17: fcomment_sendmail.php path bug is corrected
v1.0.18, v1.7.18: new inline parameter url to override FB url
v1.0.19, v1.7.19: method="upgrade" added to installation XML
v1.0.20, v1.7.20: sendmail bug corrected, now it sends mail again!
v1.0.21, v1.7.21: new inline parameter num_posts
v1.0.22, v1.7.22: new inline parameter width
v1.0.23, v1.7.23: bug fix, to remove PHP warning for undefined variable
v1.0.24, v1.7.24: added plugin parameter "User-agent"
v1.0.25, v1.7.25: AppID bugfix for "plain" interface
v3.0.26: first release for Joomla 3.0
v3.0.27: security vulnerability removed from sendmail()
v3.0.28: J3 sitename

Your reviews are very much appreciated, it helps me keep up my efforts. Thank you all!

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Reviews: 2
All of the functionality works as intended and I really like the plugin - easy to install and set-up and comments are working great. What is NOT working is the emails to notify me of new comments. I get several emails per day notifying me of new comments on various articles but when I go look, no comments are posted. Seems buggy to me.
Reviews: 18
Downloaded, installed and configured in 5 minutes. Works great. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin, and it's working , i have lost hours testing other plugins with no sucess. This plugin was easy enough for me to install and endly users can comment with their facebook account, this will for sure raise my social buzz.
Reviews: 1
I have to admit that the ease of install is what got this onto my website - and it seems to work -I have to test it over time however from what I can see of it - its working so far and I have to give it top marks because of that - most of the other plugins I tried to install for the same function were a nightmare - I couldn't install them - this one installed straight out of the bag and the instructions that the developer has left on his download website are easy to understand and quick to use for a novice.
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension, took my 5 min. to get it set up and working on my site. Thanks for making it free!
Reviews: 1
I liked it a lot since the first moment. But I noticed that sometimes the plugin did not display correctly or not at all. After some testing I concluded that facebook users do not have issues at all (the box always shows and works well) but when you are logged in fb as app admin/moderator the issue appears. So far I couldn't fix it but one can survive, I think it's worth it.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for something simple and flexible, I found with this plugin, recommended!
Reviews: 2
Easy to install (into joomla 1,5!), works fine, no problem with anything...and FREE! Good job!
Reviews: 2
Excellent thanks for this plugin. i just needed like this. Essential, quick install and embeds good in articles. Thank you very much!!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure and it works such as developers says. Good job!! Thank you very much!!
Reviews: 4
Easy, quick... perfect! absolutely recommedable. Just one question. How can i add it to all articles by default?
Owner's reply

There is another plugin for that called Facebook Article Bar.

Reviews: 1
I made a profile just to make this review!!

The Facebook comment plugin was exactly what I was looking for. The download was easy, free, and after following some simple instructions I had it working on my site. Thank you for the awesome plug in.
Reviews: 9
...easy to install, easy to configure, just works, non-commercial.

KISS (keep it simple and stupid) perfect!

The author also has a couple of other plugins for facebook and other social networks. All non-commercial, of course.
Only thing missing from him is sharing content with own app-id :D.

Seriously, great work, all the plugins!
Reviews: 9
This plugin does two important things, providing a comment feature to your articles, and creating inbound links to your site from the facebook pages of people who leave comments.

Works straight out of the box, looks good, recommended

Reviews: 2
This component is sure to spread the word about our website through Facebook. Does what they say and non-commercial too! Kudos
Reviews: 2
I Installed this plugin, at first I had some problems with a non-standard language file I installed on my site (local dialect). I asked for support via the site of Within 5min I received help from Gyula Komar. Within a very short time I had a solution and this plugin worked perfect. This is the best support I ever had, even with the commercial extensions I never experienced such a fast and efficient support. If could give 10/5 I would do it.
Reviews: 2
Nice and smooth even i must add fcomment on my articles...
Reviews: 1
Great, easy setup! Took a few moments and it was working. Now I just have to figure out how to address this OD:image issue and it should be working flawlessly! (an FB issue, not developer).

Thanks for the great plugin!
Reviews: 9
Simple to install and it works! Thank you!
Reviews: 19
simply add a {fcomment} tag in an article anywhere you want the popular facebook comment widget. no need to create a facebook app and messing with id keys and codes, this works straight out of the box and you can even set the width.

to the developer(s) - thank you very much for this absolute MUST download for an easy way to add facebook comments inside your content articles.

mark my words - this facebook comment plugin and possibly even the facebook like button plugin from this developer WILL be the top download because it is one of the easiest ways to get lots of traffic with facebook free with a few clicks!
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