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Editor's Note
  • Requires a commercial subscription
Cackle comments plugin adds comment form Cackle, that allow leave a comment login via the following social networks:

Google, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Вконтакте,, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Rambler, LinkedIn, Yahoo, MyOpenID, Live Journal, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Verisign, Dropbox, Foursquare, Instagram. Live, 500px, Stackoverflow, Tumblr, Yammer, Soundcloud

Using Cackle comments for the site(

* Increasing traffic to your site by attracting new users through social networks (crossposting comments) and search engines (indexing).
* Reduces the load on the site through the use of third-party systems
* Instead of dull standard comments, you have a beautiful and powerful solution for creating Cackle active communities

Opportunities Cackle

* Crossposting - posting your comment with a link to the site on the wall through the authorization Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter,
* Share on Vkontakte,, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
* SEO - Ability to display html for SEO
* Design customization: Editor inscriptions and style editor with the ability to change any item css widget
* Single authorization - logged on to the site the opportunity to leave comments polzyaovatelyam widget on their behalf and avatar without re-authorization through soc. network (widget)
* Multimedia attachments - add pictures + video youtube, vimeo, vk + presentation Google, slideshare direct mapped in comments.
* Anonymous commenting
* Threaded comments and replies
* Customization of widget text labels
* Notifications and reply by email
* Additional widgets: Widget authorization, last comments, comments counter


* 3D Cackle Antispam Protection: flood detector, spam detector, spam shield
* Powerful tools with real-time moderation widget
* Ban by IP, User
* Nasty words filter, akismet
* Pre-moderation
* Moderation comments through widget, without leaving your site
* User Info: name, links to social networks, email, ip, browser, operating system, country, city
* Search by sites and channels

Among other features - [see opportunities](

The possibilities of this plugin

* Adds a widget Cackle comments to each post or page
* Comments are indexed by search engines
* Automatic synchronization (backup) Cackle comments in WordPress database
* Built-in counter to the announcements of each article
* Connection / disconnection of comments for a post or page through the "Quick Edit"
* Integration allows logged on Joomla users add comments to the widget on their own behalf without re-authorization through social networks

For a free 5-day trial period, you must tick "Try it for free for 5 days" on Pricing page and click "Try it for free."

Please, send all questions to

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Reviews: 11
I have no idea how to rate this plugin. As you read through the description there is no mention of their service. There is also only a "Download" button. Thinking that the description sounded good I decided to install it on my latest dev site hoping for some documentation in the plugin.

Once installed I see "siteid" as an option. Brakes on I head over to their site to discover that the plugin might well be free but the service is a paid service.

Negativity over I would like to add the following for the owner. Your solution does look good and your pricing model isn't outrageous. I did not sign up as I can't trust you because of what I stated above.

Be up front about this supporting a paid subscription service and we might well see this is the positive light that we should.

I will keep an eye on this in the future and may well come back and review again. Good luck with what seems to be a great service.
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.
This plugin is really free, but the service is paid.
I am sorry for that inaccuracy, and I marked it as commercial in plugin's description.