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iBook Module

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With iBook Mod for Joomla 1.0.x, 1.5.x and 1.6, your website can join & form social network with our high page rank website.

Here some of the points:
Enhance your existing website or personal blog with more interactive feature for your visitors and start to build you own social network through them by building links together and benefit you and them all together, have heard about Link Building, Link Baiting, Network Marketing? You can think of iBook Social Network indirectly is remixing those features to legally improve your website and personal blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The difference is we give it free to you rather than charge you.

My iBook Social Network's concept is with network building through referral (YOU and your network member), you can expect an exponential growth of N levels to be exptected from your own network or sub-network.

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Reviews: 5
Good to see a developer making valid comments. I've used this on several sites for different people and its always worked well.
Reviews: 2
but it seems to be more of a wrapper component.

it only includes blog or entries from that network, although you may be able to tie a "book" to your site, it all seems to be managed, stored, ... on their site

it looks good, if that is what you want to include

BUT : I strongly suggest to include that in the description, as it may be an unpleasant surprise for some people. As this touches the thin lines around privacy and security

e.g. sites which have disclaimers on what they do with the data of their registered users, have no control on what iBook will do with their registration information.

Owner's reply

pls scroll down to the bottom of the main page. thanks for the feedback.

Reviews: 4
This would be very cool if it resided on my own site. I do not want my users being taken to the eshiok site even if they are directed back after signing up. Oh well. It installed perfectly and worked as advertised. It could be a great tool for some sites.
Owner's reply

hi, it is a nature of iBook, a social network guestbook. It s like other social network community, you share together your content, i.e. you share your bookmarks with others. Because you share with others, you grow your traffic with others.

You can still export all your data out (in XML format), same as social bookmarking such as:

if you need a standalone version of guestbook, browse through Joomla ext., and many nice free guestbook component for you to try out.

thanks for ur feedback.