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"Disqus Comments for Joomla!" integrates the Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla! based website. Disqus (pronounced 'discuss') is a service and tool for web comments and discussions - currently the most popular comments-as-a-service provider worldwide. It makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

In short, the most important features of the service are realtime comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration with Twitter, Facebook & other services and great moderation & anti-spam tools.

You can learn more about all Disqus features at:

Signup for a free account at:

Web comments can be difficult for both websites and their readers. We think Disqus is the solution. Disqus makes it easier for people to comment and track their contributions on a single profile which they can display as a comment blog. After all, there is no difference between a great comment and a great published article.

Disqus makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. With a powerful and intuitive admin interface, Disqus allows website owners to spend time elsewhere while Disqus takes care of the comments.

Key benefits for Websites, Publishers, Bloggers
* Threaded comments and comment ratings
* Powerful moderation and admin tools
* Filter out spam, trolls, and unwanted commenters
* Enable your visitors to become a real community
* Moderation by email or mobile
* More comments and increased engagement
* Connected with a large discussion community
* Increased exposure and readership

Key benefits for Commenters, Readers
* Track and manage comments and replies
* Verified commenter reputations across sites
* More control over your own comments on websites
* Never lose your comments, even if the website goes away
* Build a global profile, or comment blog, to collect and show off what you're saying
* Easier to comment on websites using Disqus
* Reply to comments through email or mobile
* Edit and republish comments with one click

- Options for comments counter/anchor link for listing and article pages
- Choose to integrate Disqus comments in specific categories and/or menu items
- Neutral design for easy integration on any template design. Use CSS for total design control:
- Fully MVC skinnable. Just copy the /plugins/content/jw_disqus/tmpl folder (in Joomla! 1.5) or /plugins/content/jw_disqus/jw_disqus/tmpl (in Joomla! 2.5+) inside your Joomla! template's /html folder, rename to /html/jw_disqus and start tweaking the HTML and CSS!
- Option for testing Disqus comments plugin locally before going live.

Enjoy one more fine release from JoomlaWorks!

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Reviews: 7
Just works... Good, small, smart extension!
Reviews: 9
I install this on all of my sites - a whole level better than TinyMCE (even in extended mode). Thanks guys - Joomlaites applaud you!
Reviews: 1
Muy buen plugin, perfecto para todo tipo de web. A Favoritos.
Reviews: 1
I recommend this extension 110%. It's easy to use and allow people to leave their comments with the most common social networks (facebook, twitter, yahoo...)

It's easy to install and use.

One of the best extensions!
Reviews: 2
Its really nice extension.I hope it will increase traffic to my tech Blog

5/5 rating.
Reviews: 2
Possibly, the easiest extension I've ever installed, and everything worked perfectly. Plus it's Google, Twitter etc friendly! An excellent choice!
Reviews: 1
I looked thru many of the comment modules and settled on DISQUS! I'm glad I did! This works exactly as stated and how I wanted it to work!!
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin, works seamesly with Joomla even in 1.7. Just enter your disqus id, select the categories and you are done.

The only comment to do about it is that, despite the developer has a plugin for their big component K2 in their website, that plugin is not compatible with Joomla 1.7 yet, what is really a pity.
Reviews: 6
Great job to Joomlaworks. I have been waiting for the J1.7 Version of this, and it's finally arrived today. Installation and Configuration is as easy as one, two, three... and the comment system starts working just after it. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 2
Great plugin. Quite an issue to figure u have to register first on their site.
Works fine, doesnt conflict with any ajax plugins (which I cant say for the crap I ve tested last 10h of trying to setup other comment plugins - REAL pain)
Reviews: 3
Works flawlessly on 1.5. Any word on a 1.6 release date? Kinda waiting on you guys to deploy :)
Reviews: 1
This comment system is fantastic! It has everything a comment system needs! But there is only one bad thing, it's not available for joomla 1.6.x. Why? Can you tell me please when is Disqus system comming out for J1.6? I seriously need it! Thank you.
Reviews: 3
Im a user of several pages that use this commentsystem, and its easy and useful. I want to use it on my own site, but waits for the 1.6 compability, who should already been released... :-)
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for a great plugin and a great addition to my site!
Reviews: 1
I don't yet know the impact this will have on my site, but super A plus for being lightning fast to install (after registering with disqus first). Hopefully this will be the magic solution to the long fought "commenting in joomla" war.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension and sadly only lacking in one thing - the ability to accept certain comments before they are displayed, i.e. ones from sources other than users registered with Disqus. This is the only reason I didn't give it 'Excellent!'
Reviews: 6
Another great plugin by the JW team!
installed, configured, seamless integration into J! websites.
from download to registering with discuss, configuring settings and enabling the plugin, it was all completed inside 5 minutes.
Reviews: 24
It isn't the easiest thing to get to work but when you do it's outstanding!! Beats the old commenting systems hands down! A professional service right on your site.. What could make your site better!!

Thank you! Great work!
Reviews: 1
I was impressed with this plugin until I had issues with using SEF URL's and showing the number of comments made on an article. I read up on the issue in the JoomlaWorks forum, but the posts weren't helpful. I've switched to using RokComments with Disqus and I have not had the same issue.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and works great!!
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