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RokComments Plugin

★ RokComments is a complete rewrite of the ever-popular RokIntenseDebate plugin. We've added support for Disqus and JS-Kit, as well as the original IntenseDebate support. RokComments can be enabled via menu item, Joomla category, or even a RokComments editor button for complete control.

★ Supported Systems

- IntenseDebate (
- Disqus (
- JS-Kit (

★ Typical Comment System Features

- Comment Threading
- Reply-By-Email
- Importing/Exporting
- Commenter Profiles
- Reputation Points & Comment Voting
- Moderation/Blacklisting
- Widgets
- RSS Readers & Tracking
- Twitter
- FriendFeed
- OpenID
- Gravatar
- HTML Formatting


RokComments requires Joomla SEF is required to be turned on for this plugin to function properly and interact reliably with these comment systems. This is because the comments are associated with the URL and non-SEF URLs with & in them are truncated by these systems.

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Reviews: 5
I like this but it has one massive flaw for me which is in integration with Joomla login or jomsocial login, meaning your users have to create a disqus account to leave comments which is a bit counter intuitive to me.
Apart from that looks nice and seems to work well but I will be hunting for other options with more integration before I go live.
Reviews: 12
I like to use Disqus on my blogs, and I think this plugin is just the best option IMO.

Took just minutes to install and is really intuitive...thank you very much!!!
Reviews: 3
Hey guys. This is the greatest comment system thus far available to joomla. I've tried them all. Simple, sleek and efficient. The only issue right now with this plugin is that my older comments are missing from certain posts. This may have been due to localhost testing with xampp. Some of the comment links in my Latest Comments module from Intense Debate, link to my localhost/sitedirectory/contentpage. I was hoping to submit a bug on the forums but found no place to register for free. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Reviews: 6
This is pretty nifty. Allows for you to use your intensedebate accounts. Which is nice. I ended up not particularly liking the off site approach and purchased Jomcomments/Jomsocial for the purpose.

But if you need a good integration for off site commenting services, this would be the real deal.

Downfall is, every time you load a page, it connects to the off site service and slows down the load access times. If the off site service is having issues, you may not have a page load. That is certainly not the issue of the plug however, but I found the outside service to not be acceptable.

Nice work.
Reviews: 1
This is properly the best free native 1.5 commenting system you are going to get for Joomla, I used it to install IntenseDebate which has been running on my site for about 3 weeks now.
It was dead simple to set up with just one plugin and the whole thing was up and running in less than 5 minuets.
It’s possible to control which articles have comments in the plugin parameters by either the menu and individual articles or by an extra plugin that is a comments button, which once installed, appears on the bottom bar of your text editor.
The only downside I have found is that IntenseDebate itself doesn’t allow much in the way of customisation; personally I’m fairly happy with it straight out of the box but if you read their forum posts, customisation and how to achieve it is always the main topic.
IntenseDebate also includes half a dozen or so gadgets to add to the commenting, including a most commented sidebar, but the one I really liked and am now using is the social networking links tab which allows visitors to link your article with any of the many social networking and other similar sites out there.
One other thing I particularly liked was that when notified of a new comment, the email notification included the option to moderate via a return email and also the IP address of the person who commented, which could be really useful if you needed to block someone for spam or abuse etc.
Thanks to the team at rockettheme for this great free plugin which couldn’t make adding commenting to a Joomla site any easier.
Reviews: 1
After having the same problem with the comments showing up on every article, I did a little digging and found this...

Basically you have to change your SEF settings and then it works like a charm. I'm not worried about a third party having "access" to my comments. Nothing that sensitive is going to be on there anyway. In short, it's a great little plug-in but the power comes from the intensedebate engine itself.
Reviews: 2
I was super excited about this plugin because it seems to have everything and i added it to an article and it looked great because intensedebate is designed very well.

Then i added the code to another article and noticed that the comments are the same on every article. If this issue is fixed, this plugin will be amazing. But at this point it is worthless.
Owner's reply

SEF is required for this plugin to work because of the way the comments are stored for IntenseDebate, Disqus, JS-Kit etc, they don't like URLs with & in them, so default joomla URLs are truncated and don't work properly. Just enable SEF and it will work fine.

Reviews: 1
After installing it and setting it up, I see that every article that has the plugin attached will show the same comments... The comments posted at the article no1 are shown at the article no.2 and so on.. That is really not what I wanted!
Owner's reply

See comment above, SEF is required due to limitations in the comment services themselves. This is not something we can fix in the plugin.

Reviews: 1
intense debate its awesome, i ahve in blogger too, andd in joomla looks more great
Reviews: 4
An important thing to note that is not mentioned in the description that one must join their club and pay a fee to use this plugin.
Owner's reply

That is not the case, you don't need to be a member of RocketTheme or even register to download or use this free plugin.

Reviews: 1
I dont have anything to say against the plugin itself. But it should be more clearly stated that comments and users are shared with 3rd party - intenseDebate. This fact should also be stated as a part of privacy policy on the site using this extension.

Although it looks very nice I won't use it because I don't like the fact that 3rd party has access to user comments and that my site is depended on them.
Reviews: 8
Having tried all of the other components in this class I have to say that this one is far superior in both functionality and looks!
Reviews: 1
I love RokINtenseDebate..

The install was pretty easy, although it took me a bit to find my IntenseDebate user ID.. I had to pretend I was 're-installing' at the intensedebate site.

Once again.. another great Rok app..
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic resource! By far the best commenting system I have found so far and glad that we can now use it in Joomla.

Thanks for making this happen!

David J.
Reviews: 4
Works just as advertised, however there was a snafu that was user error. In the plugin where you input your intensedebates user #, I had initially input what I thought was my usernumber from the address in the addressbar - wrong! Your user number can be found in the code that is generated in the Blog Settings area at intensedebates.

Very nice plugin.