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Edocs - Embed Documents Plugin

Embed documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt etc.) into any article! Visitors can view the document online without the need to download. Just upload the document to your server and use the code below to embed into your contents.

Supported document types:
Word (.DOC and .DOCX) | PDF | PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX) | Apple Pages (.PAGES) | Photoshop (.PSD) |
AutoCad (.DXF) | PostScript (.EPS, .PS) | XML Paper Specification (.XPS) | Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR) | Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) | Illustrator (.AI) | TIFF | Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) | TrueType (.TTF)

Basic usage
To embed a documents in any content article use the following code:




By default edocs consider as root the path [ROOT OF YOUR WEBSITE]/images/stories so everything you embed with edocs will have this path before (in this example the final path is [ROOT]/images/stories/documents/whitepaper.pdf).

To change the default path or to bypass it, read the documentation

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This plugin makes use of a super fast viewer, Google Docs Viewer (

It seems that IE8 has problems with the viewer used by Edocs (Google Docs Viewer is the viewer). The problem could be a matter of management of a cookie from IE8 to Google. Google is fixing this issue and soon the plugin will work fine also with IE8 without making any change. To test the behaviour of IE8 just open the demo page with IE8. IE7 works fine for the moment, other browsers too.

In this new version (1.1) a new compatibility mode was added, so when the compatibility mode is active, if a user is browsing your pages with IE (6,7,8) instead of an empty viewer, the plugin will show a link to a new page where the document can be viewed online also with IE. Google is gonna fix this IE problem, so check often the demo page with IE browser to see if it is solved.

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Reviews: 2
Hi Guys,

I was using Edoc with joomla 2.5 , it's an plugin génial.. it work realy great :))

But i've upgrade recently my website, now i'm with Joomla 3.xx , is it working with or do you know an equivalent at Edocs - Embed ?
Thank's a lots in advance,
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and use and looks great. Thank you for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 1
I really like that extension. It is very small and because it uses Google Viewer many documents are supported. I also needed the feature to jump to a specific page of the document, which I could add in a few hours (mainly because of missing API documentation from Google Viewer).
Thank you very much.
Reviews: 6
Plugin works well but as has been mentioned below, the code needs to be entered into an article in html mode or all you will get in the front end is the code.
This really should be in the docs.
Reviews: 1
My friends, this is an excellent extension, It is easy to use and very helpful, I recommend It
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension. Had to struggle initially to find the way to give path. The path do not work with editor. We need to edit in html mode.
Reviews: 8
This plugins worked like a charm! Simple, cross - browser and fully customizable!

It gives the perfect solution for embending files in articles or k2 articles!

Well done
Reviews: 1
A good reader for chrome, firefox and IE. Also good for mobiles
Reviews: 11
This extension is quite good for simple embedded of documents however I find that it is only limited to desktops which in today's world is frankly not good enough.

When viewed on mobile devices the viewer does not work and the pages are just blank.

I'd rate this 5 stars if it worked on mobiles too.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for your plugin!
It works very well, except of course with some version of IE9. But I hope to solve it soon. thanks again.
Reviews: 15
This plugin uses Google Docs to drive it. At first, it would not work - just a blank spot in my web page where the pdf should have displayed. I tried several things to fix it. Documentation wasn't very good. Using debug, the path was correct. Finally, I logged into my Google account and went to I had it to generate code to insert an iframe. I left the edocs code in my page and added the iframe from Google, and voila, both appeared on the page. I removed the iframe and edocs kept working. I even tested it with ppt and doc files, all on one page, and all worked.

My reservation is that as quickly as it started working, it might stop. It seems to be an issue with the communication with Google. Also, if Google should change something, I could be left scrambling to get it fixed. I love the concept of being able to use one plugin to display multiple types of documents, but will probably look for something else.
Reviews: 3
I didn't read it all before installing, then thought it was weird I was getting a "this page is trying to redirect you" message from my browser (I have that set up due to unrelated virus issues before). Then I was shocked to see it was redirecting me to google docs. *sigh* If you don't have an issue with redirects/google docs viewer then cool... but it doesn't work for me.
Reviews: 1
Google has apparently closed to use google doc if you are not open to third-party cookie, so they can track all activity, therefore I will not use this extension movements, although I have been very happy with the previous
Reviews: 1
I tried several extensions able to publish pps files.
This one was definitely the best and the support team is huge when you need help.
Good documentation on line, easy to implement.
On regret however, is that Google doesn't make available all the functionality of there engine (no audio returned from the slideshow for instance)
Thank you guys for your job.
Reviews: 2
This would be great! Only problem is that when I type in the code in my article it just comes up with the codes string, rather than the document... what am I doing wrong?
Reviews: 4
hi .. thanks for this great plug in >> just wat i needed... at the begging i had issue coz i couldn't embed my pdf file... and i figured it was coz my name was in Arabic language so i changed the file name to English and woow worked perfectly...
Reviews: 4
Got it to work within a minute... THX a lot!

Any chance to get it to work under J1.7?
Reviews: 2
I was looking for some extension that could help me to show online embedded content, and this is exactly what I was looking for.
It's very easy to use, and work with several extensions like PDF, PPT and etc.

Reviews: 2
I tried this plugin in order to make comparison with similar plugins I found here, worked good and fast on J1.5. I like the fact there is no option for user to download or print document ( I hope I'm in right for it). Please keep development. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This in fact is a great plugin, the only problem is displayin the pdf's in internet explorer, but i got it working with internet explorer thanks to the proxy tweak.

Keep updating this great plugin, so far is the best ive tryied!!!
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