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Edocs - Embed Documents Plugin

Embed documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt etc.) into any article! Visitors can view the document online without the need to download. Just upload the document to your server and use the code below to embed into your contents.

Supported document types:
Word (.DOC and .DOCX) | PDF | PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX) | Apple Pages (.PAGES) | Photoshop (.PSD) |
AutoCad (.DXF) | PostScript (.EPS, .PS) | XML Paper Specification (.XPS) | Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR) | Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) | Illustrator (.AI) | TIFF | Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) | TrueType (.TTF)

Basic usage
To embed a documents in any content article use the following code:




By default edocs consider as root the path [ROOT OF YOUR WEBSITE]/images/stories so everything you embed with edocs will have this path before (in this example the final path is [ROOT]/images/stories/documents/whitepaper.pdf).

To change the default path or to bypass it, read the documentation

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This plugin makes use of a super fast viewer, Google Docs Viewer (

It seems that IE8 has problems with the viewer used by Edocs (Google Docs Viewer is the viewer). The problem could be a matter of management of a cookie from IE8 to Google. Google is fixing this issue and soon the plugin will work fine also with IE8 without making any change. To test the behaviour of IE8 just open the demo page with IE8. IE7 works fine for the moment, other browsers too.

In this new version (1.1) a new compatibility mode was added, so when the compatibility mode is active, if a user is browsing your pages with IE (6,7,8) instead of an empty viewer, the plugin will show a link to a new page where the document can be viewed online also with IE. Google is gonna fix this IE problem, so check often the demo page with IE browser to see if it is solved.

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Reviews: 15
Well, there's not much to say about this extension. Install it, use it. Nice display of docs on your website. Easy easy easy.
Reviews: 5
the module is excellent there is no double about it although i have one thing to say .. is to workout using SWF (FLASH) files also in this .. .

and then your module will be must for us into our applications ..

thanks for this
Reviews: 4
Very good extension. Does exactly what is expected. No issues with google login or any of the other issues listed here. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
A number of people have complained that they get the error "unable to retrieve the document". I did also but I figured it out.

The plugin uses Google Docs to view it that means the document must be accessible from the outside world wide web and will NOT work if you are running the web page on an internal network or on your local PC (like I was for my testing purposes)

Now that I have that figured out it works great :-)

PS Hope this tip helps anybody else having "unable to retrieve the document" errors
Reviews: 4
Works beautifully when I'm in Google Chrome, however when looking at it in Firefox (both on mac) it wants me to log into a google account to be able to see it. Is that how the plugin works - do you have to be logged into Google for the viewer to work? Other than that it was flawless and painless!
Reviews: 8
Easy to install and easy to use. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 5
wow i must say great plugin it does exactly wht it says & very useful for displaying documents for a school or any other website.
thx for the devs for this great ext
Reviews: 3
Perfect, easy and does just what it says. i am new at joomla and this worked first go! thank you so much
Reviews: 1
I just installed the plugin on my first Joomla website. Installation was a breeze and almost everything worked smoothly.
It seems there is a problem when running on apache (local service), but once I installed it on the site that I have published, works perfect.

It's exactly what I've been looking for. It's easy to install, easy to use, and thanks to its simplicity, it integrates perfectly within my website.

Thank you for this great plugin!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, simple to implement, does exactly what it says. Who could ask for more? Well, being greedy as I tend to be, I will ask for more. A search function would be nice.

Other than that, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
Reviews: 8
Very easy to use and very beautiful! Download now
Reviews: 1
This was the answer to some prayers for our internal intranet. We have a LARGE document that we needed to make viewable, and eDocs fits the bill.

The quirkiness with Google Docs, IE and Word docs is a pain, but converting to PDF is easy enough and works like a charm.

There is some functionality I would like to see:
- If an edocs tag could be linked to a specific page within the document. I fully realize this may not be possible with the Google Docs API. Just some wishful thinking...
Reviews: 1

edocs plugin is installed and its "Default root folder" points to "images/stories". Put some pdf files in this directory ("images/stories") and at article, included the plugin tag as "{edocs}crux.pdf,300,300{/edocs}" but what I got shown is the tag text itself instead of the embeeded pdf.

I uploaded some images (edocs*.png), that shows the configuration and usage of the plugin, to a online storage. It can be accessed through this link...

...and using the fake email

I would like to use edocs to embed not only pdfs but also docx, pptx...The great advantage that see about edocs is that we don´t need to upload files to another online service. That´s why I would like to use it!

Can you help me? It seems that everything is rigth configured, can not get what I am missing!

Thanks for the plugin and any help you can provide!
Reviews: 2
Would be a great plugin, if it would work. I cannot get it to work, all i get is unable to retrieve the document. I'm sure i've installed it the right way and set the root path the right way. uninstalling
Owner's reply

Hi dccdegruijter,
never give up so easily! Simply ask, we are here to support users, not to forget them once an extension is published.

How can you say that the extension doesn't work for you?

Reviews: 1
Works superbly apart from IE8. I did manage to get this to work by adding to my IE8 tools - options - security - trusted sites, also removing require verification tick box. Problem is that this is too much for the average site visitor so had to look to an alternative. No criticism of developer though, these things are sent to try us as they say. Will definitely revisit if Google and MS stop fighting!!
Reviews: 4
From what most people are saying this is a good product. Unfortunately all I get is unable to retrieve document for viewing. I have checked and triple checked my paths etc and no joy. I have spent 4 hours trying to get it to work, reading through the owners website troubleshooting etc but nothing really in the way of solutions is evident or documented as far as I can see there are references to it but no solutions or at least the odd 1 does not fix my situation. As I said it could be something on my end so I won't criticise this component as that would not be fair.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that you can't make edocs work for. If you want, there's the project page where we can support you to make this plugin work. So ask us:

Reviews: 1
I created an account immediately after trying out this plug-in to add my kudos to the work you've done. It took me all of two minutes to install and view my pdf file.Would have done it sooner but goth the path wrong on my first try. Great job
Reviews: 1
Yes ist works and looks very nice. But in my case, when the pdf's are bigger then 500kb than shows allways "unable to retrieve document"! So its not usable for my and i hope it will fixed the problem quick, thank you!
Reviews: 1
great tool, really works fine. had some problems,but anyway good,
keep it up. i would like to suggest a pan button,because we have to scroll left to right and top to bottom, so please consider that,
thank you,
Reviews: 2
Hi all,

I have tried today several plugins for the job at hand as described as to what this plugin can do, all have failed but this one.

This plugin works brilliantly and with great effectiveness.

It took only minutes to get working as per the simple instructions.

Great job!

Glenn West
Owner - Keep it Simple IT
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