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Edocs - Embed Documents Plugin

Embed documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt etc.) into any article! Visitors can view the document online without the need to download. Just upload the document to your server and use the code below to embed into your contents.

Supported document types:
Word (.DOC and .DOCX) | PDF | PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX) | Apple Pages (.PAGES) | Photoshop (.PSD) |
AutoCad (.DXF) | PostScript (.EPS, .PS) | XML Paper Specification (.XPS) | Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR) | Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) | Illustrator (.AI) | TIFF | Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) | TrueType (.TTF)

Basic usage
To embed a documents in any content article use the following code:




By default edocs consider as root the path [ROOT OF YOUR WEBSITE]/images/stories so everything you embed with edocs will have this path before (in this example the final path is [ROOT]/images/stories/documents/whitepaper.pdf).

To change the default path or to bypass it, read the documentation

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This plugin makes use of a super fast viewer, Google Docs Viewer (

It seems that IE8 has problems with the viewer used by Edocs (Google Docs Viewer is the viewer). The problem could be a matter of management of a cookie from IE8 to Google. Google is fixing this issue and soon the plugin will work fine also with IE8 without making any change. To test the behaviour of IE8 just open the demo page with IE8. IE7 works fine for the moment, other browsers too.

In this new version (1.1) a new compatibility mode was added, so when the compatibility mode is active, if a user is browsing your pages with IE (6,7,8) instead of an empty viewer, the plugin will show a link to a new page where the document can be viewed online also with IE. Google is gonna fix this IE problem, so check often the demo page with IE browser to see if it is solved.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks, very usefull.

I have a suggestion, you mus include the text search box of Google Viewer!
Reviews: 2
Very good extentension, easily to install and use,far superior to similar extensions and you view a lot more documents,the last reviewer just has the path wrong.

Good work.
Reviews: 97
This is the only one Joomla extension which can embed multiple formats of documents inside Joomla article, not limited to PDF alone.

I had tried the v1.0 and reported the IE bug to the author, and he worked out a solution so quickly. Impressive!

Thanks to the author! (and hope Google will fix that bug soon)
Reviews: 2
I'm sure this would be a great plugin. however like the reviewer above, I keep getting 'unable to retrieve document'. I have followed the supplied instructions to the letter and made sure the directorys are correct
Reviews: 9
Some my clients prefers upload PDF or DOC files, but they don't think about end users, who won't see immediatlely those files (old computer or internet cafe for example). This plugins creates fast preview and both my clients and visitors are happy :).
Reviews: 1
firstly i haven't any problem in installation and showing the preview box in the article but it give me this message " Sorry, we are unable to generate a view of the document at this time , Because of there is no support I don't know from where the problem .


I really should encourage you because i searched a lot extension like this but i hope to enlarge it and enable upload in front-end and make some option .
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for the delay, I answered on my website, if you need support please ask us! Now we can support users on this plugin.

Note, I've just updated the plugin, to upgrade just download the new version and install on the old one. The upgrade process will be automatic. No need to uninstall the old one.

Reviews: 6
Simple,works and just to what it says.
Just download install and u have the best pdf reader on your joomla site.
Thanks for a great plugin
Reviews: 9
Extremely easy to use and set-up, and the documentation was very clear too. Just what I needed to embed documents in an article, I add my praise and thanks to the developers.Congratulations to the developing team...!
Reviews: 3
Thank you so much! I was looking quite a long time for a way to embed documents in such an easy way.
I installed and got it working in a few minutes. It looks good and it does what it should.
Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
Thank You so much! I was waiting for such a plugin since the dawn of Joomla. It works flawlessly and is so simlple to use. Now I am able to teach my clients how to embed and show their favorite documents instead to rip my hair teaching them how to transform them into HTML in order to show them as article.
Again, thank you so much and God bless you.
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