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Issuu Smart Look Plugin

Issuu™ Smart Look is an online service provided by to convert pdf documents into online publications, without the need for the user to download the pdf file anymore.
Issuu™ Smart Look system plugin adds the required javaScript code to the web page in order to enable the Issuu™ Smart Look functionality on the site.
It is very simple to use.
In the Joomla Plug-in manager, just fill in the two required fields in the plugin:
- Domain name: Your domain name, like
- GUID: This is the code provided by Issuu when you open an account with them.
Enable the plugin and you're done.
I have developed this plugin to make the integration of Issuu™ Smart Look easier on Joomla sites, and I hope it will be useful to others too.
But I am not affiliated in any way with Issuu. Any question and matter regarding their services should be addressed with them directly.

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Reviews: 1
A great extension that works well with Issuu. One grumble, hence the loss of full marks, is there is no explanation as to how to enter the pdf information onto the site for this extension to work!
It is as simple as 'linking' text or image to your pdf and this extension 'will do the rest' brilliantly.
Solid recommendation BUT please update your instructions for Joomla virgins like me!
Reviews: 1
It worked straight out of the box. All the PDFs hosted on my server, and handled by this plugin are all turned into fancy flipping books.

You can customize your flipping books/publications online using your ISSUU account on their website (add music, keywords...)