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SlideShare Plugin

Simple plugin that let you show your slideshare presentations within content.

1.4.0 for J3.3 and J2.5 (21/6/2014):
Fixed issue to allow multiple different slideshare embeds in same article. for J3.x and J2.5.x (27/4/2014):
Added update server and corrected image path for editor button image, and adjusted for bootstrap CSS.
1.2.1 for J3.x and J2.5.x (20/7/2013):
Updated to use latest embed code, and tested for J3 compatibility. Editor button plugin can be downloaded, installed and activated on its own.
1.2.0 for J!2.5.x (05/2/2012):
Initial release of J!2.5.x compatible version. Added Italian language files.
1.1.8 for J!1.5.x (17/7-2009):
Corrected an error notice by adding a missing isset check.
1.1.7 for J!1.5.x (1/4-2009):
Version 1.1.7 updated to use new player url, and added support of new PDF type and to switch to correct player when slideshare shortcut url includes type=d.
1.1.5 for J!1.0.x and J!1.5.x (7/3-2009):
Correction to allow new embed url from slideshare.
1.1.4 for J!1.5.x (feb. 2009):
Fix to avoid PHP error notice.
1.1.3 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (31/01-2009):
Added param to choose if related slideshows are shown after the last page of your presentation.
1.1.2 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (28/12-2008):
Corrected to generate valid XHTML by excluding the standard slideshare embed tag. Minor correction of typo for 1.5 to allow alignment to work properly.
1.1.1 for J!1.0.x and J1.5.x (30/11-2008):
Mambot and plugin modified to fetch correct id and url from slideshare.
1.1 for J!1.5 (10/1-2008):
Plugin for J!1.5 added. Language files added.
1.1 (6/1-2008):
In new version 1.1 its no longer needed to use only part of embed code.
Now you just add the full 'Embed from wordpress' code between your {slideshare} tags.
+ added option for choosing size and alignment.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin, works very well !
But there is a problem with multiple instances in the same article.
The second iframe loads same content as the first one !
If there is a way to avoid that, I'll give you a 5 stars ! ;)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for also reporting the issue directly at tracker. :)
The issue has been corrected in 1.4.0 to allow for multiple different instances.

Reviews: 5
Needed a simple way to show slides on both 1.5 and upgrade to 2.5. Developer helped me with self-made problems I had with each.

He was quick to respond with full explanations and instructions via email.

Both developer and program are the best of what we'd expect.
Reviews: 26
I needed to show my slideshare decks on my blog when I was writing about events I've spoken at, and previously it's been a nightmare - I stumbled across this plugin and it works perfectly. Took me a few seconds to read how to use the plugin, and then plain sailing!

It would be awesome if there was also an editor button to make it easier for clients, but as it is I found it fit my needs perfectly!
Owner's reply

Thanks. Great feedback, appreciated.
In return, you can now find the requested Editor Button in the download area. Freshly brewed.

Reviews: 1
Simple to set up works like a charm. Truly awesome plug in that does what it says on the tin!
Reviews: 2
in my website on this url you can see that the plugin embeds the slidehare frame but it doesn't load any content displaying a white slides. It worked until 2-3 days ago and no no more...can you help me? I say it's excellent but now it's not working
Reviews: 1
Appreciate if there is are a setup guide so that it could help us configure better...
Reviews: 1
The plugin works for 1.5 but I can't see a new version for my new site with 1.6. Do you plan to release another version soon?

Reviews: 5
This is as simple as it can get, and it works! Plus, he responds to emails for support unlike others.

Ole has created a super tool for making your slideshows available on your Joomla web site.

Simply, enter {slideshare}Your WordPress embed code{/slideshare}, and you're slideshow is on your page. (!Slideshare for Dummies Like Me note! Copy the 'WordPress' embed code from the site. You have to click 'Custom' next to the default embed code to see the WordPress embed text.)

Ole is my new hero!
Reviews: 1
Well, the presentations work pretty,however the documents (.pdf) are not working, I read in the bug track that bug had been solved but still not working.
It could use a better interface though..
Reviews: 1
Really easy to install without any problem.
It should works with power point but do not know how and need help. Looking for documentation or guiding. Please help!
Reviews: 3
Excellent Plugin !

Unable to play in full screen mode. The Play button at the center is missing. The Prev and Next Slide buttons work. But what if the slide has more than 100 slides ? Clicking 100 times is a pain. Help in this regard will be great.
Owner's reply

The embedded player should show a Menu icon a bottom/left.
When clicking that, more options shows, and one of these is Autoplay Presentation.

Should that not work, please feel welcomed to open a bugreport at the bugtracker you can find by following the download location at joomlacode.

Reviews: 1
I couldn't get the plugin to work on install but the issue turned out to be with permission settings on an unrelated component we were using and not with this plugin.

We are now up & running quite happily thanks to assistance of Herr Ottosen (even tho' it wasn't his problem in the end!).
Reviews: 1
Initially had the same problem as the previous poster with the Joomla 1.0.x version, but a quick request to the author, Herr Ottosen, yielded a fully functioning update.

It does work perfectly for me, but he suggests that there may be a potential "cosmetic conflict" on Joomla sites also using the Allvideo plugin, which can be avoided by demoting his Slideshare bot to below Allvideo on the Installed Manbot list.

Three cheers for great altruistic effort,
Reviews: 2
This plugin doesn't work in Joomla 1.0 sites despite being advertised as working in both 1.0 and 1.5.

I've emailed the developer to see if the current Joomla 1.0 bot can be fixed to work.

Overall this plugin does exactly what it says and does it well - in Joomla 1.5

Great way to display Powerpoint presentations!!
Reviews: 1
Installed & worked perfectly in joomla 1.5 without the legacy mode enabled.